Which Airline has the Best Pet Policy?

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Pet-Friendly US Airlines- Bring your Furry Friends OnBoard!

Is it your first time traveling with your pet? Or haven’t flown with your furry friend since the pandemic began? Everything changed since before and has now become way different. However, US airlines are still trying hard to remain pet-friendly like ever. But what will be the ideal airline to travel with your pet? Which airline has the best pet policy? These questions still stay in our minds while trying to book a flight.

Furthermore, lots of travelers prefer trains and subways when traveling with their pets because of difficult pet travel procedures. But it should not be that difficult. There are several airlines that perform their best to provide amazing services for both the passengers and their pets.

But how will you know which airline has the best pet policy? We have done detailed research among several US airlines and put together a list of the most pet-friendly airlines. So, let’s have a look!

US Airlines having the best pet policy ranked top to bottom

The number one in the List: Alaska Airlines 

Having taken references from numerous websites online, we have come up with the conclusion that Alaska Airlines are the best. Therefore, when traveling with a pet, Alaska Airlines Pet Policy is the most generous. In terms of fees, they have the lowest requirements and allow pets both in the cabin and cargo. 

In-Cabin pets on Alaska

Alaska Airlines allows pets in the cabin for only a 100 USD fee one-way for each kennel. However, they will enable you to carry two pets in the same kennel if they are of the same species and size, making it 50 USD each. 

Furthermore, a passenger has permission to take two pet carriers with him onboard, making it four pets per passenger if we consider the carrier requirements. But in that case, it will become costly because you have to take an adjacent seat.

Meanwhile, several airlines have limited the pets in the cabin to dogs or cats only. Alaska still allows you to take rabbits or household birds along. But your pet carrier will fall under your carry-on luggage, so pack your other stuff accordingly and avoid excess baggage fees.

Cargo Pets in Alaska

If you are transferring your pets in cargo, you have even better advantages. The airline allows you to take cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits in checked baggage and cargo. Moreover, you can even transport ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, non-poisonous reptiles, tropical fish, and pot-bellied pigs. However, the cargo fee on Alaksa is different, starting from 250 USD, and varies based on the route.

Besides, Alaska airlines have different size requirements for kennels:

  • Hard kennels: 17” x 11” 7.5”
  • Soft kennels: 17” x 11” x 9.5”
  • Cargo: 30” x 27” x 40”

So, you must bring your pets onboard with Alaska Airlines, and you may also get access to the Alaska Airlines lounge with your pets. However, this only depends on your Elite Status level.

American Airlines Being the Second Best!

After Alaska Airlines, American Airlines also has the most generous pet travel services. You will find the most interesting benefits under the American Airlines Pet Policy. Moreover, they will transport your pet for just USD 125 to fly with your pets in the cabin. Let’s find out more about their services:

In-Cabin Pets

If furry, pawed, or winged friends need to travel with you on AA flights, they must meet the travel requirements specified by American Airlines. First, they must have an FDA-approved carrier with a waterproof surface. Moreover, it may have enough space for your pet to turn around and stand properly.

Furthermore, the allowed pet carrier size should be no more than 19 X 13 X 9 inches. Besides, for trans-pacific and trans-Atlantic AA flights, your pets can not travel in the cabin. However, on all other US flights, your pet should remain in its carrier throughout the journey.

Cargo Pets on AA

If your pets are huge or do not fit the cabin travel requirements, you must transfer them via cargo. American Airlines charges a 200 USD fee for cargo pets or as checked luggage. However, you need to ensure that your pet is harmless to fly.

Besides, if you are willing to access American Airlines Admiral Club prior to the taking-off, you can even take your pet. But on the condition that it must remain in the cabin throughout the flight.

Delta Airlines with superb Pet Cargo

Many passengers have been highly pleased by the Delta Airlines pet policy and all because of their excellent cargo services. The only difference is that after the pandemic strike, they have stopped transporting pets in Cargo.

However, they still transport pets in the cabin. So let us take a look at their in-cabin pets policy.

In-Cabin Pets

To take pets on Delta Airlines flights, you have to pay a certain fee which varies based on the region. Hence, you have to pay a 125 USD fee for travel from or to US Canada and Puerto Rico, whereas 75 USD on travel to or from Brazil. Furthermore, if your pet will travel internationally or to Virgin Islands USA, it will cost you 200 USD for each pet carrier.

Furthermore, you can only take small cats, dogs, or household birds in the Delta Airlines cabin and only allowed in the FDA-approved pet carrier.

Allegiant Airlines and their Pet Travel services

Apart from the airlines that we mentioned before, Allegiant Pet Policy has also been at the top of the list. Therefore, you can also choose to take your pets along on Allegiant flights. The only requirement is that your pet’s carrier must be FAA-approved and should fit beneath your seat.

Furthermore, the airline allows domesticated pets and dogs on each cabin class under the following conditions:

  • You should transport all pets in a hard-sided or soft-sided airtight pet container.
  • In addition, Allegiant Airlines clearly recommends the use of sophisticated transport aircraft.
  • The container must not be larger than 9″H x 16″W x 19″ D
  • Each pet carrier approaches two pets.

Allegiant Airlines In-Cabin Pets

If you book an Allegiant Airlines ticket for your pet in advance with proper approval from the airline, you can bring them into the cabin. Besides, these Cats and dogs should be over 12 weeks.

Furthermore, you may have them properly vaccinated. Also, your guid\e dogs are allowed on Allegiant Flights. However, you have to pay a little attention to their weight and size.

In addition, the size of the pet container should not exceed 19 inches x 16 inches x 9 inches. Moreover, Your pet’s health certificate does not apply to pets traveling with you in the cabin.

Flying Blue with Your Pets with JetBlue

Jetblue airways have always been offering the best services to all the passengers. Therefore, how could they prevent themselves from being at the top in terms of best pet policies? The JetBlue Pet Policy has been the most beneficial to the passengers since its launch, and you can freely take your furry friends along.

Jetblue Pet Policy Rules and permissions

  • The pet’s weight and its carrier must not be more than 20 pounds.
  • A passenger can only take one pet along with them on Jetblue Booking.
  • One Jetblue Flight only has four pets allowed, and the seats are given on an FCFS basis.
  • Also, the One-way transfer fee for pets is 125 USD per pet carrier.
  • Further, You can only book your tickets at the airport at least 24 hours prior to the pet if it’s the last one to be booked.
  • If you are taking more than one pet on a Jetblue flight, you need to purchase an extra seat to place the container on that seat.
  • Mint Class customers can not take pets along on Jetblue.
  • You must have all the vaccination documents of your pet to take them onboard.
  • Besides, the maximum allowed dimensions could not be more than 17” x 12.5” x 8.5”.

Moreover, “it has been the best experience” are the reactions recorded by our travel experts when we asked them about their pet flight on JetBlue. Therefore, it is clear that Jetblue can also be a good choice to take pets along.

Spirit Airlines- May not be the best but still up on the list

Spirit Airlines has been in the industry for ages and serving the passengers with the world’s best amenities since then. As per the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy, you can take a pet along onboard as long as it is eight weeks old or more for just 110 USD fee one-way.

And also, despite their baggage restrictions, the airline is the most spacious when it comes to keeping pets in the cabin. The maximum allowed dimensions for pets can not exceed 18 X 14 X 9 inches. However, the combined weight of the pet and its carrier shouldn’t be more than 40 pounds.

Though Spirit Airlines does not allow checked luggage options, it still accepts small Household birds, dogs, and cats in the cabin. But if you have a too huge dog breed, you won’t be able to take them. Check out their carrier requirements on the Spirit Airlines official website and know more about their services.

Frontier will let your Furry family be with you; But for a fee

Pets are like our family members. Hence, if you are traveling with the whole family, pets must be a part of the trip. And, Frontier Airlines understands your concerns. Therefore, it allows you to bring your pet on board. 

Also, They have committed to making your dogs, cats, and hamsters safer and healthier throughout the journey.  However, you must be aware of the Frontier Airlines Pet Policy before you choose to take your pets along on their flights.

What is the pet fare?

When traveling with you, animals that are not emotional support dogs or service dogs will be charged. They must also travel on a carrier approved by the airline, which can be placed under the seat in front of them. 

Besides, with Frontier Airlines flights, you can not transfer your pets as checked baggage. Therefore, airlines will never put them in the cargo hold together with your checked luggage.

The cargo compartment may pose a risk to your pets, and most importantly, for short-nosed dogs, so you must carry them with you in the cabin to ensure their safety. In addition, your pet container, you can also bring a personal item or carry-on luggage at an additional cost.


Finally, If you must fly with a pet, but these restrictions are burdening you, try skipping commercial airlines altogether. Furthermore, many personal and semi-private jets also allow pets to fly freely, without restrictions on breed or size. Besides they will not allow you to drag your pet through security. Although expensive, it is not as cheap as taking a pet on a commercial airplane.

Also, When it comes to air travel with pets, you don’t have the choice to choose trash. As per our above list, Alaska is the best, but even pet travel in Alaska Airlines has limitations. Please check your situation before planning a flight with pets.

Of course, there are many other things that animal owners should consider before flying with their pets. In addition to airlines, pet parents must also make important decisions about the right type of carrier, where they live on arrival, and whether their pet needs to fly.