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Did you know that you can cancel your flight without an issue and get a 100% refund in many cases? JetBlue cancellation policy clearly defines that flyers can receive a full money back if they cancel their bookings within the 24-hour risk-free window.

Also, JetBlue cancellation fee waived across many of its fare categories. However, the charge is unavoidable sometimes, and you may not even get partial credits against your bookings with the airlines.

Hence, read and learn when you can rightfully ask and claim your full refund to avoid loss later.

Does JetBlue have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

If you’ve bought the ticket 7 days or more before its departure, you can cancel it within 24 hours of purchase and receive a full Jetblue cancel flight refund.

As per the US Department of Transportation, all flights originating from the USA are eligible to receive a 100% refund in the original form of payment from airlines. JetBlue cancellation policy also follows this rule, and you can receive money back if your booking follows these two basic conditions.

Non-refundable tickets, including the Blue Basic fares, are also eligible for such returns. However, the flight tickets you bought under JetBlue Vacations do not qualify for this deduction.

JetBlue Cancellation Policy — Direct Reservations

Award Tickets Cancellation Policy

  • When canceling tickets except blue basic purchased with TrueBlue points, members will receive the credits in their TrueBlue account for future travel on JetBlue.
  • Blue Basic tickets are non-refundable, and a cancellation fee will apply except for the same-day changes. However, the cost of travel add-ons is refundable.

Refundable Tickets Cancellation Policy Of JetBlue 

  • Except for basic blue, all other fare classes are usually refundable. For example, blue, blue plus, blue extra, and mint can get you money back against cancellations.
  • Even though JetBlue change fees are not applicable on these tickets, travelers need to pay the difference in airfare.
  • Lastly, JetBlue’s cancellation policy allows the full refund in the original form of payment to be available only when the flight was canceled from the PNR before the departure.

JetBlue Cancellation Policy on Non-Refundable Tickets

  • The entire amount will be forfeited when you bought a blue basic or any other non-refundable ticket and not canceled before departure.
  • For cancellations before departure, a fee of upto $200 is applicable.
  • Lastly, the rest of the amount will be credited with points for the future in the JetBlue Travel Bank.

Cancellation Policy on Jetblue Mosaic Membership

  • First, mosaic members must pay a fee for using the JetBlue change flight or cancel the facility on non-refundable (blue basic) tickets.
  • However, the same-day switch is free for Mosaic members on all fare categories.
  • Flyers will receive money back on air journey add-ons (pet policy, seat selection, etc.) if the flight is canceled before departure.

Policy For Cancellation In Case Of JetBlue Credit Card

JetBlue offers huge discounts on vacation packages, flights, and other shopping stores. Also, it gives flyers a chance to earn upto 80k bonus points. However, if you make a non-refundable purchase, such as JetBlue basic blue ticket, you will receive partial credits in your future travel bank.

JetBlue Cancellation Policy On Military/ Government Fares

Cancellation and changes are available for a full refund. However, new bookings will be allotted subject to availability. Also, any fare difference is chargeable as well.

Travel Bank Refund Rules Of JetBlue

The JetBlue cancellation rules describe that you can receive a refund as travel credit against non-refundable tickets. It will be reflected in the Travel bank account balance and the flyer can use them anytime to buy a new flight ticket.

How Do I Cancel My JetBlue Flight?

Flyers can visit, use the mobile app, or dial the customer assistance number to cancel their bookings and seek a refund with JetBlue Airlines.

Depending on your ticket type, you can use different ways to contact the live person at JetBlue and cancel your ticket. Follow these methods:

Direct Reservations From JetBlue Airlines Websites

When commuters have bought their tickets from the mobile application, JetBlue’s website, ticket counter at the airport, JetBlue phone number, or any other official source, these are the options as per the Jetblue cancellation policy:

Jetblue Cancellations Policy

  • Firstly, check out the official website.
  • After that, navigate to the top bar of the homepage, and click Manage Trips.
  • Next, enter details such as the last name and ticket # or confirmation number.
  • Further, you will have the option of cancel this booking.
  • Lastly, follow the rest of the prompts to cancel your JetBlue flight online, and you will receive a refund automatically within 7-14 business days, if eligible.

Alternatively, dial the JetBlue Customer Service Number 1-800-JETBLUE to cancel or change your ticket.

Travel Agent/ Third Party Reservations

Flyers must connect with their travel agent for any cancelation or change queries.

Award Ticket Holders

Mosaic members and others who have purchased a ticket with their flying points need to contact the dedicated frequent flyer arm TrueBlue directly.

Can I Dial JetBlue Customer Service Number For Cancellations?

To cancel JetBlue non-refundable Tickets or any other reservations, pay $25 to connect with live agents at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) for cancellations/ refunds.

Follow the step-by-step method to cancel a JetBlue Flights:

  • Firstly, dial the JetBlue customer service at 1-800-(538-2583) or +1-860-374-7617.
  • After that, wait for the IVR to connect your call with the travel expert.
  • Once you are connected with the live representative, tell them your query about whether you wish to change or cancel your booking.
  • Next, they will ask you about booking details such as ticket number and last name.
  • Upon identification of your ticket, they will inform you of any JetBlue cancellation charges that might apply.
  • Besides, if you have any exceptions to your cancellation, kindly provide that along with the evidence.

Lastly, they will analyze your case and cancel your bookings. Once your booking is canceled, you will receive the confirmation mail along with the reference number. Keep it secured for future reference.

How to Cancel JetBlue Flights via Mobile App?

A passenger can also access the benefits of JetBlue Airways cancellation via the official mobile app. For that, they should head to the google play store or apple store to get the app.

  • Initially, install the app and register on the app with your credentials.
  • After that, to use the JetBlue Cancellation Policy, go to the Manage Trips option on the side menu.
  • Next, you can access the existing flight details and choose to cancel them by clicking the ticket details on the full screen.

Once it shows the full itinerary, press cancel this reservation. It will cancel your ticket and inform you of the refund and processing time.

JetBlue Flight Cancellation Fees:

Passengers may have to pay upto $200 as cancellation charges per the JetBlue refund policy. The amount left will be provided as travel credit for future use.

JetBlue doesn’t charge a fee for canceling or changing the tickets on all other travel classes except for basic blue. This charge may vary as per the route of flight you’ve picked.

  • Cancel fee of $100 per traveler applies for JetBlue flights within the USA, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • A fee of $200 is applicable per passenger for all other JetBlue flying routes.
  • A non-refundable fee of $25 per person is chargeable for change/ cancellations via phone.
  • Same-day switch charges are $75 per person. However, this fee is waived for mosaic members.

When you apply for standby, a flat fee of $75 applies per person, and no other fare difference is charged from the passenger.

What are the exceptions to JetBlue Cancellation Policy Fee?

JetBlue cancellation fee waiver is available against exceptional cases to some fare categories that are otherwise not eligible to get full/ partial money back.

Know if your ticket has one of these exceptions or not:

  • Death: In case of death of the ticketed customer or traveling companion, a refund is available on the original payment when the death certificate is submitted within 14 days of cancellation. Flyers will receive JetBlue Travel Credit in the travel bank for any rebooking for a later date.
  • Illness: When passengers or their family members are seriously ill, their non-refundable ticket will be “OPEN” for use at a later date. However, the change fee will apply.
  • Mosaic Membership: Such members must pay a change/ cancellation fee on basic fare tickets, except for the same-day switches when members have a fee waiver. When canceling the JetBlue flight before departure, the airline will refund the amount on add-ons to the journey.
  • Non-Refundable Tickets With Military Orders: JetBlue credits will be available against cancellation/ change of tickets due to military deployment and orders (applicable for active military personnel and immediate family members). A cancellation fee will not apply to them.

Passengers must contact JetBlue customer service for assistance with PNRs, check the client’s status, and eligibility for a JetBlue change flight fee waiver.

JetBlue Refund Policy For Different Tickets

If you change or cancel your JetBlue flight online, the amount received as a refund will depend upon the fare category and your membership due to the frequent flyer program. JetBlue Cancellation Policy has the following provisions for a refund:

  • Refund Policy For 24- hour period: Passengers will receive a full refund against their bookings despite their ticket fare category. Get a full refund when you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchase and 7 days before the JetBlue flight’s departure.
  • JetBlue Vacation Refund: All the flights booked under the vacations program do not get a refund. Even if you book travel classes known as JetBlue Refundable Tickets, you would still not get a refund. Even if you do, it will be a partial amount and available as future travel credit for purchases on future vacations.
  • Automatically Canceled Flights From JetBlue: When the airline is directly responsible for canceling your ticket, you will receive a JetBlue cancellation fee waiver. Also, the airline will compensate you in any manner possible.
  • Delayed Flight Refund: If your flight is running late by more than 4 hours, you can cancel it for free, and you will receive the entire amount without any charges. Also, JetBlue refund requests, in this case, get quick processing.

Refund Policy Of JetBlue For Credits/ Partial Tickets/ Exceptions

  • JetBlue Refund Credit Policy: JetBlue cancellation policy allows refunds in the form of credits in case of non-refundable JetBlue flights. These credits are valid for upto 12 months from the date of issue and can be used for future travel. Read terms and conditions to know whether these apply to codeshare flights.
  • JetBlue Deceased Refund Policy: JetBlue flight cancellation requests due to the death of the traveler or their flying companion are eligible for a full refund in the original form of payment. However, one has to submit the death certificate within 14 days from the day of cancellation.
  • JetBlue Refund Policy For Partial Ticket: If a connecting flight is delayed and the passenger doesn’t wish to travel, they can cancel this flight and receive travel credits for the future journey with JetBlue.
  • Canceling JetBlue Award For Price Drop: If the commuters cancel their flight to purchase a cheaper version, the rest of the amount will be provided to them as travel credits for future use with JetBlue.

Whether you cancel JetBlue Award tickets or regular purchases, your award points or payment will be processed in 7-10 business days.

How to Request Refund as Per Jetblue Ticket Cancellation Rules?

Flyers can file refund requests by calling the number of JetBlue services or using the live chat option to get help. Award tickets have separate assistance numbers.

Follow these steps to request your refund from JetBlue online or offline.

  • Firstly, you must visit the official website. Log in with the credentials with which you’ve booked your ticket.
  • After that, check out the Manage Trips available on the top left bar of the homepage.
  • Next, open your booking history and click the ticket that you’ve just canceled.
  • You will see the option of claiming or tracking your refund against the booking.
  • If not, click the request a refund option and fill out the JetBlue refund request form online.

The JetBlue award cancellation fee will apply separately on basic blue fares. Login to your TrueBlue account for more details. For initiating a request offline, dial the customer service number of JetBlue, and your refund will be processed within two business weeks.

Prerequisites For Asking Refund Form JetBlue

Travelers must remember that all refund requests aren’t valid as per the JetBlue ticket cancellation policy rules. Hence, these conditions are written below to avoid panic situations later:

  • Firstly, if your refund request is valid and qualifies for money back, you will automatically receive a refund within 14 business days.
  • Also, only the cancellations made under a 24-hour risk-free period and some other exceptions qualify for money back in the original form of payment. Other requests usually receive travel credits for future journeys with JetBlue.
  • On almost all refundable tickets, the JetBlue cancellation fee doesn’t apply. Non-refundable tickets are subject to JetBlue flight cancellation fees, and only partial credits are available against them in most cases.
  • When JetBlue automatically provides payment in the original form when it cancels your flight. However, you can file your refund request online or use customer service if it doesn’t.

Before canceling the tickets, passengers must read out the terms and conditions section mentioned against their bookings. It helps avoid confusion later.

What Is the JetBlue Cancellation Policy If Flight Is Cancelled?

JetBlue Cancellation Compensation

When JetBlue cancels a flight, you receive credits between $50 to $200 as compensation. Otherwise, get a full refund or seat on the next JetBlue flight.

Apart from compensating for cancellation, it also gives a fair refund on flight delays. Here are your options:

  • Flyers can receive a 100% refund against their ticket.
  • Free re-accommodation on the next flight without a fee.
  • Also, if an alternative flight isn’t available for rebooking within 2 hours, you can request a full refund on the original form of payment.

When an alternative flight is unavailable within 1 hour, passengers receive JetBlue cancels flight refund as follows:

$50 Credit: Within 4 hours (s) of flight.
$100 Credit: After the flight has departed.

Pay $25 to call JetBlue and receive live assistance or other flight-related services from travel experts at JetBlue.

Flight Delays

When JetBlue changes the flight schedule, and your flight is running late, you can cancel it and receive compensation in the form of credits or full refunds for future travel with JetBlue.

Here is the delay compensation against cancellations from JetBlue in case of controllable delays:

JetBlue Delay Compensation AmountDelay Time
Between 3 to 4 Hours$50 Credits
Between 4 to 5 Hours$100 Credits
From 5 to 6 Hours$150 Credits
Above 6 Hours$200 Credits

Flight cancellation policies of JetBlue allow you to travel and receive compensation if you face onboard delay. It means that if your flight hasn’t taken off after you’ve boarded the flight, you receive payment on JetBlue flights:

JetBlue Delay Compensation AmountDelay Time
Between 3 to 5 Hours$100 Credits
From 5 to 6 Hours$175 Credits
Above 6 Hours$250 Credits

The JetBlue Website declares that it will distribute compensation when the traveler faces a delay after their plane has arrived at the destination:

JetBlue Delay Compensation AmountDelay Time
Between 1 to 2 Hours$50 Credits
From 2 to 3 Hours$125 Credits
Above 3 Hours$200 Credits

Flight Cancellation/ Delay Due to Weather

Fee Waivers: Passengers can file JetBlue cancellations requests for the same airfare by checking out the MY Trips section. However, it is available to the customer only when the airline issues a fee waiver. Contact JetBlue and provide details such as your confirmation number, flight number, travel date, and customer details.

No fee waiver: Unless the flight is running late by 30+ minutes, the flight won’t be canceled, and the fee waiver is unavailable until that time.

JetBlue Airlines No Show Policy

When passengers make a flight change request before departure time on the same day, JetBlue may award them a free same-day change option. However, the entire booking amount will be forfeited when the passenger doesn’t show up and doesn’t inform the airline.

This amount includes any other add-ons to the air journey. For example, the amount spent on seat selection, pet policy, additional baggage, priority boarding, and other facilities won’t be refunded. Hence, inform the airlines in advance to get relief from losing your money on the ticket.

Jetblue Cancellation Policy FAQs

Does JetBlue let you cancel within 24 hours?

Cancellation within 24 hours

If you have booked a flight that has equal to or more than 7 days left for the scheduled departure, you can cancel it for free within 24 hours of its booking. After that, you have to pay the cancellation fee, which ranges as per your travel class category.

Does JetBlue have cancellation fees?

JetBlue does have a cancellation fee for its most restrictive fare category (blue basic). You have to pay $100- $200 depending upon your route of travel. If you travel to North America, the Caribbean, or Central America, you must pay $100 to cancel your blue basic ticket. For all other routes, you have to pay $200.

What is JetBlue’s cancellation rate?

JetBlue does not charges any change or cancellation fee on all its fare categories, except Blue basic fares. You must pay $100 per head per leg of the journey if you travel within North America, the Caribbean, and Central America. Otherwise, you must pay $200 to change or cancel your flight on other routes. Additional fare differences and rules apply.

Does JetBlue have a Covid cancellation policy?

Changes & cancellations

You don’t have to pay any change or cancellation fee if you are affected by COVID (except Blue Basic Fares). You can easily cancel or change your flight before departure by checking out the manage your trip option on the official website. If you’ve bought a ticket online through an agent, kindly contact them to change your flight.

How to cancel JetBlue flight without fee?

To cancel your flight without paying the cancellation fee, you must cancel it within 24 hours of purchasing, provided more than 7 days are left before the flight’s departure. Also, if you buy any fare category except blue basic, you don’t have to pay any fee anytime before you cancel it before departure.

How to cancel a JetBlue flight within 24 hours?

To cancel a ticket under the Jetblue 24-hour policy, you must go to the manage booking option available on the website. Enter your booking ID and last name to retrieve your booking. Once you’ve done that, kindly click cancel this booking, and you don’t have to pay any service or cancelation fee.

Does JetBlue let you cancel within 24 hours?

Yes, it does. When you cancel a JetBlue flight of any fare category within 24 hours of purchasing, provided you bought it within 7 days of the date of departure, you will receive a full refund in the original form of payment.

Does JetBlue give your money back?

JetBlue provides full refunds only on refundable fares when they are canceled via their PNR before the flight’s scheduled departure. Non-refundable fares are refundable only upon certain exceptions, as listed on the website.

What should I do if make change my JetBlue ticket status accidentally?

If the passenger has unintentionally changed the status of their ticket, then they need not worry. They must contact the JetBlue assistance number, and they will check your case. If they find that the changes were not intentional, they will restore your previous booking.

How much does it cost to change flight on JetBlue?

It applies the JetBlue cancellation policy charge only upon blue basic fare tickets. For routes within the USA, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico, an amount of $100 is applicable. On all other routes, the charge is $200.

What is a JetBlue fee waiver?

Passengers whose case falls into JetBlue’s latest cancelation exceptions can ask for a waiver from JetBlue. Those whose flights have been canceled from JetBlue also receive a 100% refund.

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