American Airlines Pet Policy

American Airlines Pet Policy: Plan Safer Air Travel For your Pets

Are you one of the pet lovers who never wish to leave their little friends behind? Well, generally, people take their pets along when going somewhere near. However, if this location is somehow far, they feel insecure about taking them along. But you may be glad to know that you can even fly along with your pets. There are many airlines that offer you generous policies to take your pets to fly with them. And you can feel at ease as they will be in safe hands. If you live in the USA, you may have traveled with American Airlines at least once. And you may be glad to know that American Airlines pet policy allows you to take along your small domesticated pets on board with them. Their pet policy rules are simple yet adaptive, and you can fly comfortably with your furry friends. Let us take a look at the American Airlines pet policy further.

Can I take my pet on American Airlines Flights?

Yes, definitely you can! American airlines promote pet travel and offer you great advantages onboard. However, you may abide by the pet travel rules thoroughly. If your pet doesn’t fall under the specified category of pets or you do not follow the conditions, the airline will deny your pet to fly. Therefore, you have to take into account that before you purchase American Airlines tickets for your pets, you have a clear idea that they will allow your pets on board.

Travel Guidelines for Pets on American Airlines

  • Passengers should properly vaccinate their pets and show their pet’s health certificates.
  • American Airlines only allows dogs and cats.
  • The airline will not accept the pet for travel as cargo if the predicted or current temperature is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the ground temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • American Airlines does not allow pets on flights with a flight time longer than 12 hours or flights departing from Bolivia, Chile, Hawaii, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, or Paraguay.
  • If passengers wish to bring a pet while traveling, please remember to notify American Airlines in advance. Moreover, the airline will rigidly not allow any instant travel with pet requests.
  • Furthermore, American Airlines allows 5 kennels at most on American Eagle flights and 7 kennels on American Airlines flights.
  • Passengers can call the American airlines pet policy phone number to reserve their pets as cargo.

American Airlines Pets in the Cabin

Are you considering taking the pets as checked luggage or carry-on and keeping them with you? Do you want to know the American airlines pet policy in the cabin?  If your furry friend, such as a cat or a dog meets the cabin travel requirements listed in the American Airlines Pet Policy, you will need an approved airline pet carrier. The harness must have a waterproof bottom, have space for your pet to stand and turn around, and must be firmly fixed and adequately ventilated. Maximum size: 19 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches. (The soft surface carrier can be slightly higher.)

American Airlines does not allow pets in the cabin of trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific flights. Pets can fly to most destinations in the United States in the cabin.

American Airlines Pet carrier standards and rules

  • The allowed carriers’ measures depend on the aircraft on the route. 
  • The rule stipulates that each passenger is only allowed to bring one pet, but the rule does not imply female cats and dogs. 
  • Two pets of the same size and species (kitten, puppy, or toy dog) can be placed in a cage, but there should be enough space for the two pets to stand and move around.
  • The total weight of the pet should not exceed 20 pounds. Birds are not allowed on American Airlines flights.

How to check in with my pets?

Passengers must check-in at the passenger counter and pets are not allowed to check-in at the roadside. You must pay the fee while you complete the check-in procedures, and American Airlines will count your pet as carry-on baggage.

What are the American Airlines pet fees?

As per the American Airlines pet policy, the pet travel fees depend on whether the pet is carried in American Airlines’ cabin (if it is eligible) or is booked as cargo. Read below to learn more about American Airlines’ pet policy.

Dog and cat carry-on fees

The airline will consider your pet as carry-on baggage, and the airline will charge a fee of $125. Since pets cannot check-in at the side of the road, check-in at the passenger counter. There is no charge for service animals.

Cargo charges for dogs and cats

American Airlines counts pet as one piece of checked baggage, and American Airlines will charge a fee of US$200 (US$150 to and from Brazil).

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