Can I add an Infant to My Flight Booking Lufthansa?

Infant to My Flight booking Lufthansa

Do you have a lap child and you wish to fly with them on Lufthansa bookings? Do you wish to know how can you add Infant to my flight booking Lufthansa? Well, you can simply visit the airline’s official website to add your infant to the flight booking. 

Lufthansa is a major airline in Germany headquartered in Cologne. It operates both domestic and international flights to several trending destinations across the globe. Therefore, the airline makes sure that passengers are not behind in any flight services. 

Furthermore, their infant flight booking service is an exciting facility that allows the passengers to fly with their little ones. Therefore, if you are also looking to fly somewhere with Lufthansa booking and take your infants with you, you must be aware of the airline’s service benefits. Hence, read further and find out whether you can add an Infant to your flight booking with Lufthansa Airlines or not.

Basic Guidelines before adding an Infant to your Flight booking Lufthansa

  • It is recommended to book nighttime flights for traveling with babies because they can stay in sleep mode. Resultantly, they can be more relaxed during the flight.
  • During the ascent and descent of the airplane, you can help your baby balance the air pressure by giving your baby a dummy or a feeding bottle.
  • The changing table can be found in the toilet on the ship.
  • There is also water suitable for baby bottles on board, so there is no need to buy water after going through the security check.

Besides, Lufthansa also has spare nappies on the plane if required during emergencies. However, we suggest you should have some spare ones already in your carry-on to avoid any such situation.

How do I add an Infant to my flight Booking Lufthansa?

The answer is yes. Well, according to the Lufthansa infant flight policy, passengers can easily add an infant to their Lufthansa flight booking. Henceforth, to add a baby, you must complete the following steps.

  • Firstly, Open your favorite web browser and visit the Lufthansa Airlines official website using the search console.
  • Next, navigate the homepage and click on the “Flights” option when you see it.
  • Further, enter all the necessary details to review a list of available flights at your convenience.
  • Next, you can choose the type of travel, such as round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flight.
  • Following this, you must add the necessary details for your air travel. For instance, this may include travel destination, Preferred schedule, your departure, and your destination.
  • After that, provide the travel class, number of passengers specifying the adults, infants, and children. (Here is when you select the infants to add in your new booking)
  • After you finish providing all the necessary details, you need to click the Continue button to retrieve the list of available flights for the journey.
  • Now, you should choose your flight according to your own convenience and travel, and don’t be stingy with your pocket.
  • Click on the confirm booking option and pay by providing the required details.
  • Finally, you will receive confirmation of your flight via your registered email ID or the phone number in your reservation details.

Does Lufthansa charge for infants?

Firstly, there is no age limit for babies. When booking a ticket, you must inform the airline’s agent that you are traveling with your baby. Besides, children up to 24 months in age do not require their own seats. And, it’s highly likely that you will keep them sitting on your lap throughout the flight.

Furthermore, if you have already informed Lufthansa Airlines that I need an Infant to my flight booking Lufthansa, the airline will confirm your booking. And to talk about the fare, almost every route requires 10%  of the adult fare as a charge for taking an infant onboard. But if you are flying with your babies on German routes, it is free of charge.

What do I have to think about when going with a pushchair or buggy?

At most air terminals, it’s feasible to utilize a buggy or foldable pushchair and to hand it over not long prior to boarding. The airline staff will return it to you just after you land at your destination.

Moreover, if it’s not too much trouble, enquire at things drop-off whether you can take your buggy or pushchair with you and hand it over straightforwardly at the airplane. If it’s not too much trouble, likewise make sure to let staff know if you will require your buggy or pushchair for a corresponding flight.