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Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier of the USA, and it operates its flight service to 125 destinations. Every year thousands of passengers choose Allegiant as their travel partner so that they can travel to their dream destination at minimal fares. If you have also booked tickets with the airline, then use the Allegiant Airlines check-in option to save your time at the airport. Print your boarding pass at home and off you go!

As the airline offers numerous low-cost flights to various well-loved destinations around the world, plenty of passengers loves to travel with the airline. Are you waiting for the right deal so that you can travel without being harsh on your pocket? Come and have a visit on the official site of the airline to get hands-on some fantastic deals. Whatever be your requirement, all your wishes and desires will be fulfilled by making Allegiant Airlines Tickets. After making a reservation, passengers can check-in for their scheduled flight with different options available for check-in. 

Various options for check-in 

One needs to check-in to get a boarding pass to board on the flight. Save your bucks by planning ahead. Advance check-in opens 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure and ends up to 45 minutes before the flight departure. An e-mail will be sent to you by the airline to remind you of the departure. 

Online check-in

Online check-in is the easiest method you can use to check-in for your scheduled departure flight. It is available 24 hours before your flight departure. Before printing your boarding pass, make sure to check the bag reservations and seat assignments. If you are a special needs passenger (such as traveling with a pet or an unaccompanied minor), then you can’t use this option. 

During Allegiant Airlines check-in online, passengers are permitted to select their preferred seat; they can also change their seat assignment if they want to. If you want to check your baggage online, then drop your bags at the airport baggage drop prior to the check-in deadline for your flight. 

Mobile check-in

To have a paperless boarding pass, download the latest version of the free app of Allegiant Airlines on your Android or iPhone devices. It is the most convenient method to check-in for your scheduled flight. You can check-in for your flight 24 before the departure of the flight up to 45 minutes prior to departure time. By checking in via mobile, you have a chance to double-check your bags reservations and seat assignment. Just click on the “Allegiant Airlines check-in” option after opening the app on your device and check-in without putting in any additional effort. The boarding pass will be delivered to you on your mobile device.

Before starting the check-in process via the mobile app of the airline, make sure to check whether your departing airport accepts the mobile boarding pass or not. Also, if you are traveling with an infant, you can’t use the mobile check-in option; a printed boarding pass will be required for you. 

Airport check-in

Allegiant airlines check in

If you want to check-in at the airport, you are highly suggested to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. Complete your Allegiant check-in at the departure boarding gate and through the airport security at least one hour prior to departure time. All the passengers who are over 18 years must bring an acceptable form of identification such as a passport or a driving license. 

Unaccompanied minors are also required to show their birth certificate or any other identification proof with the birth date as proof of their age. Other important points related to airport check-in that you must keep in mind are-

  • If you want to check luggage at the airport, bring your bags to the bag drop or airport ticket counter at least one hour before the scheduled departure time. 
  • If you already have your boarding pass, you are carrying any checked luggage, and you have paid for your carry-on baggage reservation also, then directly head towards the boarding gate through the TSA airport security. To know more about this, visit the Allegiant Airlines official site.
  • Locate the ticket counter available at the airport to print your boarding pass. You have to show your government-issued photo ID and your confirmation number to the agent. You will be charged a small fee for this.

These are the three different methods with which you can check-in for your flight. Allegiant Airlines does not offer curbside check-in and kiosk check-in to its passengers. w

Printing boarding pass at the airport

You will have to pay $5 to print a boarding pass at the airport; if you are checking in at the airport, then this fee will be waived off. Airport check-in is available up to 45 minutes after the departure of the flight. Make Allegiant Airlines reservations and check-in for your flight without any extra effort.

Verify your bag reservation and seat assignment in advance

If you have not purchased your favorite seat, then the airline will automatically assign seats to all the passengers during the check-in procedure. During advance check-in is mobile check-in or online check-in, you will be prompted to verify your seat assignments and bag reservations. You are allowed to make changes to your preferred seat until alternate seats are available and as long as you have not printed your boarding pass. 

Navigate to the “Manage Travel” option on the official site of the airline to pre-pay for your bag or to reserve your desired seat. Choosing a seat in advance can help you to avoid any last-minute hassles. 

Allegiant Airlines check-in options are available for the convenience of all its passengers.