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Plan Holidays with Aeromexico Booking +1-860-374-7617 & Get Unpublished Deals with up to 40% OFF 

Want to fly without ruining your pocket? opt for Aeromexico Booking and get ready to have a wonderful journey. The airline always strives to offer what passengers want. The comfort and safety of passengers are the utmost concern of the airline. Choose Aeromexico as your travel partner and save on every booking. If you face any issue while using the services of the airline, connect to the air travel agents via the phone number of the airline. They make every possible effort to help you.

How to purchase Aeromexico flight tickets online?

Booking a flight ticket is not a complicated task, you can complete it with just a few clicks only. Well, gone are the days when we had to stand in long queues to confirm our reservation. These days, we can make a booking from the convenience of our home, office, or anywhere.

Looking for the best option to book tickets? Here it ios; below are the steps that you need to follow for booking flight tickets.

Steps to book Aeromexico Flights online:

  • Visit the official site of Aeromexico Airlines. 
  • On the homepage, there will be a section, naming “Book.” Fill in all your important details here. 
  • Firstly, choose your trip type. If you are facing any difficulty in implementing these steps, get in touch with the customer service of Aeromexico and avail instant guidance. On this official site, you can perform Aeromexico check-in online at much ease.
  • After this, mention the number of flyers going on the same route.
  • Make sure to enter your origin and destination city correctly. Passengers are needed to fill multiple destinations if they have selected multi-city as their trip type.
  • Next, pick the date on which you are departing. Enter return date also if you have selected round-trip.
  • Once you have provided all these important details, click on the “search” tab to retrieve all the available flights.
  • Choose the one that not only suits your budget but also your preferences.
  • Choose the mode of payment and pay to finish the reservation process.

Implement all these steps and get your booking done within no time. After making Aeromexico Tickets, you can, later on, manage your entire booking from the “manage booking” page on the airline’s official site.

Perks of Air Travel Booking with Aeromexico Book Flight

Aeromexico is a leading US airline based in Mexico City and is generally known for its low-cost airfares and amazing amenities. There are many reasons to choose Aeromexico for your next air travel. But here are some of the benefits of making flight bookings with Aeromexico Book flight to enjoy the comfort onboard:

Safety of Customers

Your safety is a top priority for Aeromexico. The Airline knows that your safety is very important when traveling. They have a health and disinfection management system, so you are protected at every step of the journey. Aeromexico has 24% fewer fatal accidents than average other airlines. For example, it is safer than most American airlines.

3-Star Airline

Aeromexico is certified as a three-star airline for the quality of its airport, on-board products and personnel services. Product ratings include amenities, seats, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc. The service level applies to cabin crew and ground crew.

Unlimited Entertainment options

Traveling with Aeromexico Booking is more than just flying. Their new in-flight service allows you to stay in touch with the world during the flight. Free messaging can be used with Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. You will be able to send text and emojis. Aeromexico is the world’s first airline with 2Ku, which is the world’s fastest airborne Internet service supported by Go Go Inc. also there is a seat back3 Silverscreen with lots of entertainment programs.

Complimentary Drinks

Aeromexico provides free alcoholic beverages and provides economy class service after 11 am. The airline cooperates with the famous chef Enrique Olvera, who provides passengers with many international long-distance meals

Weekly Flight Deals

Aeromexico has introduced a weekly deal on flights to and from different destinations so you can start planning your vacations accordingly. You can even check out their constantly updated travel blog Caminos for advice on food and attractions and also decide where and when to go.

Aeromexico vacations for a value-added journey!

Everyone wants a comfortable holiday. What else will you choose, Apart from booking your vacations with an airline people believe in? If you are still looking for a full set of vacation travel deals, trust Aeromexico and search for Aeromexico vacations. The airline’s holiday discounts will definitely add value to your ordinary holidays, and you can experience leisure with comfort.

No need to book everything separately, when you can try their vacation package.

  • Aeromexico offers its passengers incredible offers and discounts. 
  • There are many airline hotel partners who can help customers make reasonable reservations. 
  • The discount usually depends on the destination and the number of rooms you want to book. 
  • Through Aeromexico vacations discounts, you can find the happiness of travel, and there are many of them, you will have an unforgettable memory.
  • Through several famous destinations provided by airlines, you may also find your favorite destination in the list. 
  • Aeromexico also provides you with the best-unpublished deals and offers. 
  • And consider the discounted prices you get when booking air tickets and car and hotel services provided as part of the Aeromexico vacations and deals. 

Don’t wait immediately and make your Aeromexico Booking. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a perfect person for yourself on your long vacation.

How to manage Aeromexico bookings?

Did you forget the service you added to your booking? Or do you want to make any changes to the booking? You can then use Aeromexico Manage Booking to change your previous or recent booking very quickly, and you can manage the entire booking online through the above steps.

Steps to manage Aeromexico bookings:

  • Go to the official website of Aeromexico airlines.
  • Now click on the My Journey section, and the Manage your booking page will now open. You have to enter your Aeromexico reservation Number and the last name in the given fields.
  • Then click on the Find your booking tab. 
  • Click on the booking you want to manage, and then you must follow the instructions on the screen to complete the booking process.

Follow the steps above to use Aeromexico Airlines manage booking. As a result, you can easily make changes for multiple purposes.

However, if you don’t have enough capacity to manage your booking or have any other questions, please contact the Aeromexico Reservations phone number +1-860-374-7617. These experts give you a guarantee for perfect help to resolve your The problem is related to multiple queries about managing the booking.

Aeromexico Booking Phone Number

Aeromexico offers its customers various options for flight booking, seat selecting, and baggage, as well as managing the flight booking afterward. Even though the bookings are often made online through the website or via the mobile yet, they have provided a phone number for its Customers to use the Aeromexico Book Flight option and make their reservations on the phone. Aeromexico provided this number, which is entirely toll-free and available 24/7 for the convenience of the customers. So if you encounter any problems during your flight bookings or have any queries you want to solve, contact Aeromexico Tickets Customer service and get it resolved quickly.

Different Phone numbers for Aeromexico

US and Canada Contact number+1-860-374-7617
US and Canada Agencies Phone Number+1-860-374-7617
US and Canada Phone Number1-800-{800}-9999
US and Canada AM Contigo Phone Number1-855-332-(1455)
Mexico Airlines Phone Number+1-860-374-7617
Mexico Other cities0155 (5133 )4000
Argentina Airlines Contact+0800 888 2276
Brazil Agencies Phone Number
Chile Agencies Contact Number{800 392 674}
China Contact Number86 32 -6247-6281
Colombia Airlines Phone Number+ 800 {952 0533}
Costa Rica Reservations Phone Number+800 052 1447
Ecuador Airlines Reservations Number+1 (800) 000 227
El Salvador Contact Number(800 61 05}
France Airlines Contact Number
0800{ 9-16 -754}
Guatemala Airlines Contact Number+800-(835)-0269
Honduras Airlines Contact Number+800 (2791)9025
Japan Airlines Contact Number(81) 3 5-293-5945
Nicaragua Airlines Reservations Number001 800 226-0294
Netherlands Airlines Contact Number|+(800 0224) 008
Panama Contact Number+800 052-1373
Peru Airlines Contact Number+800-767 50
Dominican Republic Contact Number|1+888 7600-141
Rep. of Ireland Phone Number|+800 855 474
Spain Contact Number+900 {995} 282
South Korea Airlines Number+82 2 (754) 6336
United Kingdom Contact Detail0800 (9775) 533

Aeromexico Airlines in-flight services

Once you choose the airline as your travel partner, you will be facilitated with plenty of exceptional services that will help to make your journey pleasant and comfortable. Some of the services are-

  • Free messaging

Aeromexico understands that some conversations are so important that you can’t leave them in-between. This service will keep you connected to your near and dear ones. Use a free messaging facility with FB messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to the available Wi-Fi network of the airline. After this, open your browser and log-in to Choose the “free messaging” option after that. 

  • In-flight entertainment

In Aeromexico flights, there is a huge selection of addictive movies and TV series. You can get all the hottest hits at the palm of your hand. You can never get bored with the airline; enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music to have a pleasurable journey. Dial Aeromexico Telefono and know more about these amenities.

  • In-flight dining

If you wish to have an unforgettable flight experience, don’t forget to try some mouth-watering food on board. Travelling on a morning flight? Fret not, as you will be offered breakfast on your flight. You will get complimentary free beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Peanuts, baked goods, cookies, and other snack options are available for all passengers. You will love the Mexican hospitality during your flight. Aeromexico strives to meet all the specific dietary needs of passengers; request for a special meal 48 hours before the flight departure. 

  • On-board magazines

If you are a reading buff, try on-board magazines. You get two options to choose from that are Accent and Aire. Passengers can select as per their internet and fill their appetite for reading. Boredom is not a thing with Aeromexico Airlines as you have different options to make your journey an enjoyable experience. Aeromexico Airlines is an ideal choice for you; make Aeromexico Reservations now and make the most of your trip.

Aeromexico Infant Travel Policy: Flying with Babies

Do you wish to fly with an infant? Are you looking for an airline for smooth travel for your little one? Choose Aeromexico Booking for this purpose and enjoy flights.  With Aeromexico, at the beginning of the flight, any boy or girl under the age of 2 years is an infant and will not occupy his seat. Unless you have reserved an individual seat for the baby to place and have ensured the safety of your baby in a car seat.  Your infant is only allowed to travel on your lap or another accompanying adult. An adult can only hold a baby on his/her lap.

  • Passengers who must (that is, a passenger over 15 years of age flying with more than one baby) or who want to use a car seat for safely taking their infants on the plane must notify Aeromexico at the time of booking and pay a child ticket for the same child going to travel on the plane Price for a separate seat. 
  • You may also get a 25% infant discount on the adult fare, however, no discount will be given for flights between the U.S. and Canada). 
  • Babies should always fly with an accompanying adult. The tickets for infants will be issued to the final destination (one way or round trip) and will include transfers. 
  • Aeromexico will require a passport or birth certificate to verify the age of the baby. 
  • Children on the knees and babies in safety seats are not allowed to enter the emergency exit row. In fact, all passengers in the exit row must be over 15 years old.

Baby cot and car seat

A restricted number of baby cots are allowed on Aeromexico aircraft, but AM Plus seats must be purchased to qualify. Upon request and subject to availability, cribs can be provided free of charge for babies weighing no more than 24 pounds. The availability of baby cots will be confirmed at check-in.

  • Passengers traveling with two or more babies or wishing to use a car seat on an airplane must have their own baby car seat, which is fixed on the airplane seat. The car seat must:
  • Face forward, obtain certification from federal or local authorities, and show no signs of damage.
  • Use a complete seat belt to fix the knees, torso, and shoulders, and fix it to the aircraft seat with a two-point seat belt.
  • It is designed in such a way that the baby can be quickly and easily fixed to or removed from the seat.

All Detail International Destinations From the United states With Aeromexico

South KoreaSeoul


ItlayMilan, Rome
United KingdomGlasgow

Different fare classes offered by Aeromexico

Aeromexico has got something for every passenger.  Every trip with the airline is different and you are allowed to modify your ticket. Aeromexico has introduced a new family of fares, check out the fare classes and pick the one that suits you best. 


Are you a budget-savvy flyer? Aeromexico has got you covered. Get ready to have the luxury experience at the minimal fares with Basic. Limited flexibility implies the best airfares. Some points related to this fare class are-

  • The random seat will be assigned to guests of Basic fare.
  • They are allowed to bring one carry-on baggage.
  • They can upgrade to AM Plus or Clase Premier

Make Aeromexico Flights Tickets in Basic fare class and save on your travel expenses.


In this fair class, you get the comfort that you have expected. A great flight experience is waiting for you with plenty of upgrade options. 

  • Carry-on baggage and one checked bag are included in this.
  • In-flight beverages and food will be provided.
  • Elevate your flight experience with upgrade options like Clase Premier, AM Plus, and other features.
  • Accumulate more Puntos Premier.


Flexible is that fair class, which meet the changing need of your professional and personal life. You have the flexibility to change your flight date, time, and destination at no extra cost. Don’t waste your time and make Aeromexico reservaciones in this travel class for a complete luxurious experience.

  • Checked and carry-on baggage included.
  • Accumulate Puntos Premier.
  • An impressive amount of upgrades are also available.

AM Plus

Get more legroom, and fly comfortably. Avail of all SkyPririty benefits and enrich your travel experience. Whether it’s about taking a nap before landing or completing work, AM Plus has got you covered. 

  • SkyPriority benefits like a priority at boarding, Aeromexico check-in, de-boarding, baggage, and ticketing, will help you to save much of your time.
  • Premium snacks and drinks will be served.
  • Super exclusive baggage handling.


Comfort International is famous for offering exceptional amenities and services on long flights. The airline completely understands that comfort is the key to long flights. 

  • Various amenities offered to passengers are an exclusive in-flight menu, more space, and preferential treatment.
  • Checked baggage and carry-on are allowed on-board.
  • Flexibility and priority are the two major benefits of this fare class.


This fare class will give you the service and comfort that you deserve on international and domestic flights. Premier is the perfect choice for passengers who want only the best. You will be facilitated with top-notch services. Check out the Aeromexico baggage policy to avoid any stress at the airport.

  • Full flatbed seats are available so that you can relax properly.
  • Free time and date change are available on all domestic flights.
  • Preferential treatment that every passenger deserves.
  • Priority boarding, check-in, ticketing, and de-boarding will be provided to Premier fare guests. 

All these are different fare classes of the airline. Select the class as per your budget and preference and reach out to the airline representatives to confirm your booking within the shortest time possible.

Checking the Status of your Aeromexico Flights

Checking the status of flights is always a concern for the passengers. Since unexpected circumstances can happen any time, it is necessary to track the flight status. Nowadays, Aeromexico provides multiple ways to check your booking. However, the unfortunate reality is that some are convenient, while others are inconvenient. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which option is best for you.

Steps to check flight status

There are several ways to track the flight status of your Aeromexico Reservations. 

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico reservations to check the reservation status. After visiting the website, navigate to the “Check flight status” option.
  • Please enter some basic flight details to retrieve the flight. This is the most important information needed.
  • Place of Departure
  • Your stated destination
  • Your date of departure  and flight number
  • Click on the search option and retrieve the flight details.
  • You can see the current status of the flight there.

Contact the Customer service to check your flight status

In some of the cases, you cannot see the flight status online. So it is recommended to check and keep track of your flight status as early as possible. For any problems, you can connect to Aeromexico customer service. 

You are free to contact the customer service department to get information about the current status of your flight. However, one disadvantage of this approach is that you can only get customer service during working hours. Please make sure you provide accurate flight information to the agent and they’ll tell you about the flight status.

Checking flight status at the Airport

Some customers like to go to the airport to ask about their flight status. The good news is that the Aeromexico reservation desk has many airline agents. Upon arrival at the airport, ask any security personnel to direct you to this desk.

Moreover, the customer service agents do not charge for telling you the flight status and similar services. Still, if you choose to cancel your reservation, you may have to pay a small service fee.

Aeromexico’s Baggage policy

Compared with other airlines, Aeromexico Reservations has a straightforward and clear policy on baggage fees. Please note that if you do need to pay for your route, the first two pieces of luggage is relatively cheap, and you can pay at the time of booking (not at the airport) to save a little cash.

Aeromexico carry-on allowance

Passengers can take along 1 personal item for free  along with that; they can take 1 standard carry-on luggage bag absolutely free of charge

Size limit
  • Passengers can carry-individual: 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm)
  • Standard: 55 x 40 x 25 cm (21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches)
  • Weight: The maximum weight of the two-piece combination is 22 pounds (10 kg)

Aeromexico’s checked baggage allowance

All checked baggage must comply with the maximum linear size of 62 inches (158 cm).

Passengers Flying Within Mexico:
  • Basic fare: not including luggage
  • Main cabin-including 1 bag (55 lbs / 25 kg)
  • Clase Premier – includes 2 bags (70 lbs / 32 kg)
For Passengers Flying Between Mexico, U.S., and Canada
  • Main cabin-not including luggage (50 lbs / 23 kg at the time of purchase)
  • Clase Premier – includes 2 bags (70 lbs / 32 kg)
For Passengers Flying Between Mexico and Central America
  • Main cabin-including 1 bag (50 lbs / 23 kg)
  • Clase Premier – includes 2 bags (70 lbs / 32 kg)

Aeromexico also allows prepaying of luggage fees. Passengers can prepay for their luggage in the following ways:

  • Log in to your reservation from the Aeromexico Reservations website and add other features.
  • Log in to your booking via Aeromexico’s mobile app and add other features.

Aeromexico Unaccompanied Minors Travel Policy

Children of age from 5 to 13 years who are not going to be accompanied by an adult on the flight are considered unaccompanied minors. Children below five years can not be accepted as minors traveling alone. For the specified age groups booking an Unaccompanied Minor service is essential. Minors from age 14 to 18 years can also be booked as Unaccompanied Miners on special requests from their parents or guardians. But taking this service is optional. Aeromexico has a separate Kids Relax zone on the airports specially designed for kids where they can receive personal care while waiting for boarding.

General guidelines for Unaccompanied minor Service

The unaccompanied minors service includes 

  • support provided at the check-in counter
  • transporting the child to the departure lounge
  • taking care of kid before boarding
  • coordinating with a flight attendant before and during boarding, 
  • Carry out nursing care during the flight
  • guide and supervise the child during the connection process
  • hand it over to the person in charge of the destination airport.

Rules for Unaccompanied minors Bookings

  • Aeromexico Reservations does not accept children below five years of age.
  • Taking Unaccompanied Minors Service is obligatory for children of age 5 to 14 years.
  • This service can not be taken on codeshare flights or connecting flights as well as the Skyteam alliance members.
  • Minors traveling alone can not be given seats on Aeromexico Plus.
  • Premier Class can be allotted to Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Moreover, the person who is coming to drop the minor should remain at the airport at least 15 minutes post departure until he is informed about the plane taking off.
  • A Mexican minor who is a minor under the legal age, traveling alone on an international flight from Mexico, must provide the SAM format (approved by the immigration department) or a notarized document authorizing the minor to travel, and a copy of the document for airline Must be kept in the station file.
  • Also, make sure the form has been filled with emphasis on the data and phone numbers of persons who transport and receive minors.
  • Further, the passengers who use the unaccompanied minor services to check-in at the airport must pay attention to the seats allocated for their services.
  • Suppose it is an international flight. In that case, make sure that the person delivering the minor should complete the immigration and/or customs form.
  • For domestic flights, 600 MXN per minor applies as a fee regardless of the number of minors traveling in a group.
  • For international flights, 150 USD is charged as a fee for Unaccompanied Minors.

Aeromexico Check-in Policy

When traveling by making Aeromexico booking, there are many options available for passengers to do check-in before or after arriving at the airport:

Web Check-in

Using the web check-in prospects, Aeromexico customers can print their boarding tickets for domestic flights 48 hours prior to departure and the boarding pass for international flights 24 hours in advance. For all flights, web check-in procedures are closed 2 hours before flight departure. Web check-in relies on the following conditions:

  • It should be an electronic ticket, and the number of passengers booked must not exceed six people and 4 flight segments.
  • The whole route must use domestic or international which is operated by Aeromexico Reservations and Aeromexico Connect option, and all segments have been confirmed.
  • The booking must not have special services, such as babies, unaccompanied minors, pets, wheelchairs, oxygen use, etc.
  • Passengers must arrive at the boarding gate of all travel documents on board at least 45 minutes before flight departure.

Mobile check-in

Using the Aeromexico Reservations Mobile Check-in option, you can obtain a boarding pass directly on your mobile phone or tablet to board the plane faster. Aeromexico Mobile Check-in can be performed 48 hours before domestic flight departure and 24 hours before international flight departure to 1 hour before departure.

Airport Kiosk machine check-in

Using automatic kiosks can save you time at the airport. At the Aeromexico airport, this service is provided between 1 day and 2 hours before flight departure. You can also get boarding passes for international and domestic flights on the same. Moreover, you can get it done within the same conditions as Web sign-in,

Aeromexico cancellation policy

Like every other airline, free cancellation is offered by Aeromexico also within 24 hours of the initial booking. The airline knows that the travel plan can change any minute, thus it provides a simple and decent cancellation policy for the ease of passengers. Some points related to this policy are:

Follow these terms and process for flight cancellations
  • Passengers can cancel their bookings for a full refund within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • As per the Aeromexico cancellation policy, booking must be made seven days or more before the scheduled departure time. 
  • If you want to cancel your reservation after crossing this time limit, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. 
  • If you are eligible for a refund, then request it online. Your refund amount will be sent in the original form of payment. 
  • To cancel your purchased ticket, you are required to browse the “Your Trip” option on the official site of the airline. 
      • Firstly, click on the “My Trips” tab on the home page of the airline.
      • Then, retrieve your flight details by entering the e-ticket or reservation number and the surname of the passenger.
      • After that, click on the “Search my booking” option.
      • Further, you will be redirected to the manage booking page where you will discover plenty of options. 
      • Then, Choose the “cancel booking” option and click on it.
      • Also, follow the prompts appearing on your screen and cancel your booking.

Before initiating the cancellation of Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking, you must go through the comprehensive cancellation policy of the airline to ignore any last-minute ado. 

Aeromexico Flight Changing Policy

Aeromexico offers a completely flexible approach to its customers for flight changes and cancellations. In order to go through the flight changing procedure, you must understand Aeromexico’s Flight change policy completely. Before you make your Aeromexico Reservations read out more to check how can you make flight changes if needed?

How can I request to Change my Aeromexico Flights?

The fact is that the flight change policy provides different ways to modify the booking. For example, you can directly contact the customer service center to ask them to change your reservation. Technically, the Aeromexico  Reservations flight change policy allows customers to receive help from customer care executives. Therefore, you can send an email to the airline’s agents to change your reservations for you. However, you must be aware that the flight change policy will apply.

The flight change policy applies to both domestic and intercontinental flights. This is good news: airlines have canceled flight change fees. Therefore, even if you wish to change a non-refundable ticket, you do not need to pay any service fees.

How to change the Aeromexico flight Online?

To make an online Flight change Request you first need to visit the Official Aeromexico reservations website.

  • Firstly, Scroll through and look for the Manage My trips tab,
  • Then, Open the tab by clicking on it.
  • Now, Click on the Find My Trips Option
  • Enter the flight details such as the Confirmation number and last name of the passenger.
  • Further, Tap on Find Trip Button.
  • Also, select the booking you want to change and click on the change option.
  • Next, Navigate and find the new flights which suit you.
  • Once done with selecting, go further for payment options
  • Then, Pay for the change if applicable
  • After you are done, Lastly, you’ll receive a confirmation email to your registered email ID along with your new ticket.

Additionally, if you have any questions, you can contact Aeromexico Telefono for the assistance needed to change your reservation. In such a case, you will need to pay for any changes to the day or time. However, you can make changes for free in many ways.

Group travel Policy of Aeromexico

Are you looking for a Group travel booking with Aeromexico? Suppose your group has ten people or more (including children), and you travel together from a common starting point to a common destination using the same fare basis code. In that case, you can request group services on making Aeromexico Reservations.

Aeromexico airline has the most customer-friendly group booking policy. Therefore, you are free to book air tickets and spend an unforgettable family holiday. The fact that the airline flies to many famous destinations is incredible.

How to make a Group booking in Aeromexico?

  • Open the official website of Aeromexico in your browser.
  • Then, enter your departure and destination information.
  • Now, give the date of travel and number of passengers( max 7).
  • After that, click on the search flight button and select the desired flight.
  • Next, fill in the passengers’ details on the next page.
  • Then, click on continue.
  • Further, choose the preferred payment mode and pay for your flight.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation on your email or phone.

For a group that is bigger than seven passengers, you need to follow a different booking procedure. You can call the Aeromexico Reservations number and book your itinerary.

Aeromexico Pet Travel Policy

Aeromexico is a flag carrier airline headquartered in Mexico. The airline knows that pets are important and allows you to fly with them on its flights. But before you bring your furry companions with you, it is essential to check all the vital guidelines that must be followed. Aeromexico Reservations has a straightforward pet policy that states how you can bring your pets along on board with Aeromexico.

Conditions for pets to be accepted on Aeromexico flights

  • They only allow pets and dogs in the cabin.
  • Also, the maximum weight of your pet, along with its carrier, can be 9 Kg.
  • Additionally, emotional support or service pets can be an exception.
  • Furthermore, your pet should at least be eight weeks old.
  • Besides, young animals and breastfeeding animals are not allowed.
  • Wounded pets are not allowed. 
  • Pets who need a vet are not allowed.
  • Pets that do not meet the boarding requirements will be considered pets as check-in, but it depends on the situation. 
  • They must otherwise be boarded the plane through Aeromexico Reservations Cargo under corresponding requirements.

Pet transport Rules

All carriers in the cabin must be healthy, adequately Ventilated, and installed under the seat in front of the passenger. Additional fees are required when booking air tickets. After booking, please indicate whether you plan to travel with your pet.

  • The pet must be kept in the cabin throughout the flight
  • Also, the pet Carrier must be large enough so that your pet could stand, turn, and sleep inside.
  • Furthermore, you should not give any food or beverages to your pet on board.
  • Pets carriers must be leak-proof and with a secure lock.
  • All the required documents must be presented for special support animals.

About Aeromexico Airlines


Founded on 14 September 1934, Aeromexico was established as Aeronaves de Mexico by Antonio Diaz Lombardo. The first aircraft of the airline was a Stinson SR Reliant 5A. It is one of the founding members of the SkyTeam Alliance. 


The following are the subsidiaries of the airline.

  • Aeromexico Contigo
  • Aeromexico Servicios
  • Connect Aeromexico
  • Aeromexico Express
  • Aeromexico Cargo

Destinations and fleet  With a fleet size of 68, the airline serves more than 90 destinations. Select your favorite destinations and make Aeromexico reservations to fly to them.

Headquarters – Aeromexico maintains its headquarters in Torre MAPFRE, Mexico City, Mexico. 

CEO – Andres Conesa Labastida is the CEO of Aeromexico.

Employees – Around 16,660 people work in Aeromexico as of 2019.

Hubs – The major hub of the airline is Mexico City and secondary hubs are Monterrey and Guadalajara. 

Present – Aeromexico is one of the reputed airlines in the aviation industry, serving passengers for 85 years now. Dial Aeromexico Telefono +1-860-374-7617 and book your flight tickets without much hassle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aeromexico provide refunds after flight cancellations?

According to the refund policy of Aeromexico, passengers may receive online refunds after canceling Aeromexico’s scheduled flight tickets. Passengers can cancel the scheduled flight tickets of Aeromexico. Passengers need to submit an online refund form to obtain a refund for canceled tickets.

Does Aeromexico provide food?

You can enjoy free food and beverages prepared with the highest and strictest quality and health standards on all Aeromexico flights.

Are alcohol and mocktails free on Aeromexico?

No matter how long you take the plane, you will always get free drinks, and after 11 o’clock in the morning, including alcoholic drinks.

Does Aeromexico have a TV?

Fortunately, Aeromexico offers in-flight entertainment on most of its flights. This includes movies and TV shows, which you can play on-demand on the rear seat screen, and onboard Wi-Fi provided by GoGo Inc.

Does Aeromexico allow car seats for infants?

A separate seat can be booked for babies on the Aeromexico flights. However, If a separate seat hasn’t been booked for the baby, the baby can only travel on the lap of the parent (or other accompanying adults) in order to place and secure the baby car seat. A 25% discount for a child, of the adult fare, may apply (no discount for flights between the US and Canada).

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Aeromexico Airlines

I really like this airline. I am a frequent flyer of this airline because they offer excellent business class service from San Fransisco to Buenos Aires. I always make my Aeromexico Reservations in business class because they have the most modern planes and comfortable seats. Their services are on par with all those expensive airlines. We can also enjoy coffee onboard. The lounge at the airport is also better and we get the best facilities when in the air.

 by Daniel Sams
Aeromexico Airlines

I am not a frequent air traveler, but I always make Aeromexico Reservations for my once in s while air trips. The recent journey with them was to Cancun for a beach holiday, and the flight was exceptional. It was a completely relaxed trip ever. We were offered soft drinks on the flight, and the flight attendants were so amicable. It was an approximately 2-hour flight and these two hours were my best in the air. I will always fly with Aeromexico for my vacations from now onwards.

 by Andrew peterson
Super Services

Great first experience! This is our first flight with Aeromexico Airlines and we were pleasantly surprised by the service. The plane is in good condition and clean. The waiters are pleasant and professional. There was a great meal, which was unexpected. In view of so many negative comments on air travel, I am happy to give Aeromexico Airlines a positive review. We will definitely fly again.

 by David Jackson
Good service

We flew to New Orleans from Aeromexico Reservations, and it was a great flight. The flight attendants have provided significant help to us in solving any problems. We enjoyed a delicious meal and a free glass of beer. Aeromexico Airlines is enormous, and the customs clearance at the airport is straightforward. It does not take a long time for a three-hour flight on a connecting flight. Stopped, so we had dinner. When we went to dinner, we chatted with the waiter and found our boarding gate, and each of the airport personnel was very helpful.

 by Jacob Lucas

Now I know why Aeromexico Airlines is considered one of the best airlines to travel in. I had a fantastic experience while I traveled with Aeromexico Airlines. They offered me free snacks and beverages. Apart from their in-flight amenities, the airport staff was also excellent and understanding. I really had a wonderful experience!