JetBlue Pet Policy

Jetblue Pet Policy: Take your Pets Along when you Fly

Are you willing to take your pets to fly with you? Well, planning travel with your little furry friends isn’t difficult at all, especially when your air travel partner is Jetblue. You can freely book tickets for your pets if you abide by the Jetblue pet policy. The airline never differentiates between your dogs or cats; You have a pet, follow the rules and bring it on board! 

Moreover, Jetblue airways always try to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Therefore, they ensure that your furry friend travels with you like you are taking it to the park.  Still, before you make a Jetblue Booking, you need to know the complete rules and regulations associated with taking pets onboard.

Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy Guidelines and rules

  • Firstly, as per the CDC, beginning from 14 July 2021, you can not take your dogs on flights to and from Cuba, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti, Guyana, and Peru. For caution, the airline has applied this policy to cats too. Therefore now you can not take dogs and cats on Jetblue flights. 
  • Further, as per the Jetblue airlines pet policy, you can not take your pets when flying to Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, or flying to/from Britain(London)
  • Also, you may check the documentation or vaccination requirements of each destination on your travel plan before booking pets.
  • You may not forget to take the ID tag and license of your pet.
  • Your pet and the certified pet carrier count as one personal item. You must place it below the seat in front of you. Moreover, your pet carrier must not exceed 17 inches long x 12.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches high.
  • Besides, the combined weight of your pet and carrier must not exceed 20 pounds. Please note that you need to bring a stroller of pets or any pet carrier to pass through the airport and the boarding gate. Therefore,  if you haven’t bought one yet, you can buy it at JFK’s T5 at the boarding gate (only for credit card payment). A pet carrier may cost you 50 USD.
  • No carry-on luggage is allowed on Blue Basic Fare. However, as per the Jetblue in-cabin pet policy, you can also bring personal belongings in addition to a pet carrier.
  • Furthermore, JetBlue only allows one pet per carrier, and they must be able to turn around comfortably when closed.
  • At the airport and on the plane, all pets must be kept in a pet cage.

How can you book Jetblue Flights with your pet?

Your little cats and fidos can travel in the Jetblue cabin in a pet cage approved by the FAA(except for Mint), which can be comfortably placed under the seat in front of you. You can book your pet online via the official website or find the Jetblue Espanol contact number to contact our experts. Moreover, you need to know these are the terms related to making a booking for your pet on Jetblue flights.

Points to remember

  • The pet fee is USD 125 one way and can be added to the additional section when booking.
  • Each passenger can bring up to two pets, and each pet is in its own carrier. Still, if you want to take along the second pet, you must pay a pet fee and purchase a second seat to place the carrier.
  • On each Jetblue flight, there can be a maximum of six pets, so it is best to book in advance.
  • The airways know how much you like to take your pet along, but Mint class doesn’t allow it.
  • Jetblue pet policy strongly recommends that you sit in a window or aisle seat. You will not be assigned to an exit row, bulkhead seat, or any seat restricted to be loaded under the seat.
  • Regardless of the booking source (official JetBlue website, OTA travel agency, partner airline’s website, etc.), interline/code sharing bookings do not accept pets.
  • TrueBlue members can earn 300 extra points by adding pets to each flight segment.
  • Also, as per the Jetblue international pet policy, pet travel is always subject to the policies stated by your destination. Therefore, you may only book flights with pets if you are sure your destination accepts them.

Already paid the pet fee and have the pet’s SSR code? You can check-in online 24 hours before your flight, via the JetBlue app, or at the airport self-service check-in counter. Furthermore, after check-in, do not forget to stop by the all-purpose Jetblue counter to get the JetPaws bag tag. And also, follow the Jetblue cancellation policy if you wish to cancel your flights for some reason. You can simply call 1-800-JETBLUE to cancel the tickets.

Moreover keep in mind that if your pet is the last one to be booked on Jetblue, you need to visit the airport ticket counter within 24 hours of the flight’s departure to book it.