Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cancelations Flights is dedicated towards the privacy of its users. We recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions stated in the Privacy Policy of our company. We value the feedback of our customers, so in case of any issue related to our Privacy Policy, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Personal details we may collect

Personal details gathered by us are saved on SSL (Secure Socket Layer). With SSL, the security of your online communication and transactions is confirmed. 

However, we may need to share your personal information with third-party suppliers, business partners, and product suppliers, such as car rentals, hotels, and airlines, which may require your personal details for the successful travel booking. 

Personal information

When you navigate to “Cancellations Flights,” we may collect some information, including-

We may also require some additional details from you if you are making a reservation through “Cancellation Flights.” Details that we may require are-

By giving us your personal information, hereby, you are implying that you have all the rights to provide it to us. You also declare that the information you are sharing with us is complete and accurate. 

Different ways to gather personal information of our users’ are-

Deals, offers, discounts, newsletters, and amendments in Policy

“Cancellations Flights” sends updates and newsletters about the interesting deals and available offers to its users regularly. Users are liable to unsubscribe themselves from this service. In case of any changes in the Privacy Policy, “Cancellations Flights” would notify its clientele. 

Children below 18 years

Children under 18 years are not allowed to transact or deal with “Cancellations Flights.” All reservations and flight bookings of minors and travelers below the age of 18 have to be done by either their guardians or parents. 

Cookie policy

While any user visits “Cancellations Flights,” our site may drop a cookie via a third-party agency or directly. This is done for the purpose of-

Our site may also use advanced geographical location tools for the purpose of travel bookings. 

Bank and credit card changes

“Cancellations Flights” value its users, their business, and respect the privacy of their personal details. We suggest our customers to make payments after the completion of the process of the e-ticket. In case you receive e-mail or call from a person claiming to be from “Cancellations Flights,” or some other airline directly asking for gift cards, or payments, we suggest you inform us and verify only if you receive e-mails from our website.