Does Air France have WhatsApp?

What a Pathetic Service! You must have encountered your dissatisfaction with the airline services with these inner words. But, thanks to the Air France WhatsApp that provides seamless customary services that fliers can not resist saying “What an Awesome Service”.

Air France, having a hub airport at “Charles de Gaulle” in Paris, is the flag carrier of France. It is the founding member of the SkyTeam Global Airline Alliance, and operates more than 206 aircrafts worldwide.
Operating 1500 flights daily worldwide, and serving the passengers to more than 113, it provides optimum travel experience to the passengers through Air France customer service.

Air France offers hassle-free customer service through its newly added WhatsApp communication. Read the article below to find, How you can use WhatsApp on Air France?, From where you can access?, How long does it take to respond?, Benefits of doing chat for Air France booking, and many more features.

Air France on WhatsApp

Air France is eager to adopt new technology to give fliers a unique customer experience. Therefore, It started offering its customers an interactive customer service with partnership in WhatsApp. Louis, The virtual assistant here is best capable to guide you and to solve your general queries. If you are seeking for a less live customer service, through a chat line, the WhatsApp feature of Air France is best to go with.

How to Get in Touch with Air France WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp feature of Air France can be accessed by visiting the official website or on Mobile App. Go to the official site and click the link icon of WhatsApp. You will be redirected to the WhatsApp interface of the Air France on your device, Please note, you must use the WhatsApp Web, if you are trying to access WhatsApp on a website.

Follow the Below Step to Access Live Chat

  • Go to the Air France official website
  • Click ‘Help & Contacts’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Click ‘Contact Us’ under the ‘Help & Contact’ menu.
  • you will be displayed various categories of assistance such as baggage and many more.
  • Choose the ‘special Assistance and Accessibility.
  • Then go with, ‘I would like to learn more about the different types of Assistance’.
  • Extend the dropdown labeled ‘Further Assistance’.
  • Here, you will see the various kinds of Assistance such as dedicated phone numbers, social media, and E-mail.
  • Choose ‘WhatsApp’ under social media.
  • Cheers! you will be taken on WhatsApp Interface where you can chat with Louis.

Can I call Air France on WhatsApp?

The Calling Facility on Air France WhatsApp is not available at this time with air France. They have the dedicated phone numbers for calling assistance, dialing which you will be able to talk to the Air France representative. You can dial the toll free number 800 210 6508 available for the USA and talk to the Air France representative on live call.

However, you must follow the IVR process carefully to enjoy the quality communication on call.

Air France Live Chat Working Hours

Air France WhatsApp Service is led by the virtual assistant to guide you 24*7 for hours in its capability. There are no fixed hours limited to making a chat on WhatsApp. So, explore the options available on chat until your queries get resolved.

How to File Complaint with Air France on WhatsApp?

Air France started the WhatsApp initiative to give users a proactive customer service on WhatsApp. It is best suited to solve your general queries. However, for specific assistance you must talk to the Air France representative who is best able to file your complaint and process it to the concerned department. Other than IVR, the WhatsApp feature also takes you on call with a customer representative. so , yes you can tell Louis to take you on call on WhatsApp and then you can file a complaint with Air France.

Benefits of Air France Flight Booking 

Air France has lots of benefits and advantages in comparison to other means of Air France Contacts.

  • 24*7 Availability: The WhatsApp service is available for all 7 days and for all 24 hours to let their customers connect any time irrespective of what time zones they are in.
  • Quick Response: Louis, the virtual assistant here is quick in responding to your general queries.
  • Regular Updates on Key Moments: It lets you, avail the opportunity to have regular updates on the key moment of your Journey. You will be able to receive notifications from boarding to arrival on the key moment such as pass issuance, boarding gates, etc.


Air France also has a dedicated phone number & email to give you quality customer service. A text based service of Air France is also available on the website to assist you. But, exploring Chat on WhatsApp is the unique experience that creates a direct relationship with its customer. It provides you with a more personalized experience at your fingertips. So, lots of claps to Air France for coping up with our digital habits.