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Allegiant Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier in the USA. The airline always tries to offer the best services to its passengers. In order to make your journey smooth and hassle-free, Allegiant offers many incredible services that you are allowed to add to your itinerary. You may have to pay some fee to avail of the benefits of some services. One of the services is a simple and easy Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy

If there is any sudden change in your plan due to some avoidable circumstances, then fret not, as Allegiant allows its passengers to cancel their reservation even at the last moments without any extra effort. To know the details of the cancelation policy of the airline, go through the information mentioned below. 

24-hour cancellation policy

Like every other airline, Allegiant also has a 24 hours cancellation policy, which allows passengers to cancel their Allegiant Airlines reservations within 24 hours of purchasing flight tickets. They will not be charged with any cancellation fee if they are cancelling it within a given time limit. 

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation & Reservations Number

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Number +1-860-374-7617
Allegiant Airlines Contact Number+-{866]-739-3910
Allegiant Air Baggage Contact Number1 702505-8888
Allegiant Airlines Reservations+1-860-374-7617
Fleet Size90
Parent CompanyAllegiant travel co.
Key PeopleMaurice J. Gallagher  Jr. chairman and CEO
HeadquarterLas Vegas, NV

Cancellation of bookings with Trip Flex protection

If you want to avoid paying for making changes or cancellation, get your booking done with Allegiant Airlines Trip Flex. It lets you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking without any charges. If you have crossed the 24 hours window, then you are allowed to make a one-time change to the destination, date, or flight, with no cancellation or change fee as per the Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy. You will have to follow certain guidelines for this. 

Keep in mind that you can purchase Trip Flex at the time of making a booking only; that’s why you are not permitted to add it to your existing reservation. To add Trip Flex to your booking, you will have to pay $8 – $20 per segment, per person, depending on the route you are traveling. 

With Trip Flex, you don’t have to pay the standard fee of $ 75 for postponing or even changing your reservation. If there will be any change in the price of air tickets, you are responsible for it; but your entire change fee will be waived. Passengers who have added Trip Flex to their Allegiant Airlines Tickets can modify their journey for once up to one prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. It is important to note that passengers with Trip Flex can change or cancel their reservation without any fee, but their flight is still non-refundable. Your original ticket funds will be delivered to you as non-refundable future credit on the Allegiant Air cancelled flight.

Cancellation of standard tickets

If you want to cancel your itinerary after 24 hours of your booking, then you will be charged $75, per segment, per passenger. After this, a non-refundable future credit will be issued to you after deducting $75 from the original amount you paid. Use this credit to travel in the future with Allegiant Airlines. If you don’t want to pay this amount, make sure to cancel your booking within 24 hours of the original purchase. 

Cancellation of Award Tickets

If you have purchased an award ticket, and now you want to cancel it due to a sudden change in your travel plan, then note that you have to pay $75 as your cancellation fee, if you are canceling it after 24 hours of booking. Cancellation of award tickets follows the same structure as cancellation of standard tickets. Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy is the same for both standard tickets and award tickets. 

If you have made your reservation with points and now you need to cancel it, then you will not get that points back; they are all vanished now. Instead of these points, you will receive a credit voucher for the reward journey value. 

The refund policy of Allegiant Airlines

Passengers are eligible to get a full refund on the ticket canceled within 24 hours of the original booking. They will only get a refund if the scheduled departure of their flight is at least seven days away at the time of reservation. If you are canceling your reservation within seven days of your booking, no credit will be issued. Cancellations done after 24 hours of initial booking are entitled to refund as per the Allegiant Airlines refund policy. So if you want to get a refund on your ticket, make sure that you are not canceling it after 24 hours of booking. 

How to cancel Allegiant Airlines flights online?

Canceling a flight ticket is not a hard nut to crack, just follow some simple steps and confirm your cancellation. Implement the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the official site of Allegiant Airlines, and click on the “Manage Travel” option on its home page. You can also check the Allegiant Airlines check-in process on this site. 
  • There are three methods to access your itinerary, which are by confirmation, by e-mail, and by credit/debit card. Choose your preferred method and have access to your journey. 
  • After filling in all the necessary details, click on the “Find My Trip” option to modify or view your reservation. 
  • After this, select the trip you want to cancel, and click on the “Cancel Booking” tab. 
  • On the next page, you will see a confirmation message, which will ask you to confirm your cancellation. Click on it and your booking will be canceled. You will receive a voucher for the remaining funds after the deduction of cancellation charges.   

How to Get a Refund from Allegiant Air?

Are you worried about getting your money back on flight cancellation? Do you want an appropriate reference to receive refunds on Allegiant Flights? Well, you may be glad to know that if you thoroughly go through the Allegiant Airlines refund policy, you can simply get refunds on the cancelation of your flights. Moreover, the airline also specifies the eligibility criteria for refund in this policy. And you can know when to actually make refund requests.

The airline has provided easy steps to obtain refunds for your canceled bookings. Follow as they are mentioned, and you’ll get refunds for your flight.

  • Firstly, visit the official booking website of Allegiant Airlines to enter their manage booking section or call on their given numbers.
  • Next, you’ll see the retrieve your booking option.
  • Once you have the booking details, tap on the Request a Refund option.
  • After that, the airline asks you to provide you with a few details related to your flight ticket.
  • Next, enter the flight booking confirmation and your last name and tap on “Next.”
  • If you are eligible for a refund, you can get your money back within three to five working days.

Moreover, you can also get travel credits if you are sure you are going to book flights later on. In a few cases, when it comes to the point where you can not afford to fly. You can simply use the Allegiant Airlines change flight service and book your flight to a later date. This way, you can be exempt from the cancellation charges and even no need to go through the hectic refund procedures.

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