Veterans Day

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?

Veterans Day was initially known as “Armistice Day,” which began after the end of ‘The Great War’ or World War 1 on the 11th of November, 1919, as President Wilson announced the first commemoration of Armistice Day. Initially, the concept for this celebration was to observe a day with parades and meetings, along with a brief suspension of businesses at 11 AM.  Veterans Day became a National Holiday in 1938 and is the day paying tributes to the Veteran Soldiers, either dead or alive, and to thank them for serving the nation during war and peace. It is a nice…

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day: meaning, origin and the Remembrance ceremony-2020

The armistice anniversary is on November 11, also known as the Remembrance anniversary. What is Remembrance Day? It marked the end of the First World War at 11 o'clock on November 11, 1918. A two-minute silence is held every year on this day at 11 am to commemorate the people who lost their lives in the war. There is a memorial Sunday day every year, which is the second Sunday in November. On this day, ceremonies are usually held in war memorials, monuments, and churches across the country and abroad. Royal family members and top politicians gathered at the memorial…

Themes Park USA

Theme Parks for an Exemplary Holiday Escape to the USA

Are you into fun rides and swings? Does that little child inside you tickle from time to time? Are you interested in those jaw-dropping roller-coasters, thrilling Columbus rides, and dizzying huss dance rides? Then drop all the worries and be ready to experience all those fun filling moments and relive childhood again in these super-duper-exciting theme parks of the USA. Some locations are owned by internationally known brands, while others are more popular with locals, but almost every park listed below guarantees you a day of fun. Universal Studios Orlando in Hollywood, California Universal Studios is one of the only…

Study in Ireland

Ireland- The Ideal Location for Studying Abroad!

Not sure where to study? Must attend a specific type of course? Want to spend a lot of time outdoors? Want to go to an entirely English-speaking country? Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, history lover, sports fan, or literature lover, studying abroad will provide you with a lifetime adventure. There are many reasons for getting a degree at home, but you should consider studying in Ireland f you want to make the most of your university experience. Irish education is one of a kind and the best of all. Ireland’s education system is one of the best globally, and…


Overwhelming Wine Provinces in the World with Exquisite Wines- Updated 2020

The wine is very hot now. Not only because the Old World wine regions continue to introduce delicious juices, but also because many New World regions are using innovative technologies, old-school grape varieties, and operating attractive terroirs to create demanding travel destinations. -Lover, you may have asked yourself a question before-"What is better than a good glass of wine?" So, what about a few glasses of world-class wine in a breathtaking environment? Will feel like a dream, right? Well, we have gathered a complete list of wine provinces all over the world for your reference. Fantastic Red wines of Aconcagua…

Destinations for Senior Citizens

Best Travel Destinations for Senior Citizens to Visit in 2020

Unfettered by work and children, many retirees are improving their travel games.  Retirement is the consummate time to go out and see the world. But where should you go? This is the central question. Although seniors over 65 vary significantly in the budget, interests, and physical fitness, we think you will find some attractive options among all the senior-friendly attractions that follow. Many seniors enjoy considerable flexibility, which means there are plenty of opportunities to save on travel expenses. Smart seniors can enjoy discounts on food, accommodation, transportation, attractions, and activities by taking a vacation in the off-season and enjoying…

Japan Festival

Winter in Japan is Filled with Astounding Festivals

Winter festivals are one of the main reasons for people traveling to Japan in winter. Winter in Japan is freezing, especially in northern regions such as Tohoku,  Hokkaido, and Kita Kanto. One of the best ways to enjoy Japan’s snowy and icy winter is to visit the Snow Festival. Starting From December-January up to March, many winter festivals are held across the country, including spectacular snow-white, lighting, ice sculptures, and traditional Japanese winter scenery. Winter Festival-Asahikawa  Asahikawa is famous for its ground-breaking snow sculptures, a vast frozen building that serves as the festival’s center every year. This colossal building can…

beauties of Spain

Spend Your Holidays Visiting these Undeniable Beauties of Spain

It is indisputable that typically defining something in a country, Spain has a share far more than it should. From culture to cooking to history, various cultures have emerged. Spain is surrounded by the Bay of Biscay, the Balearic Sea, and the Alberta Sea, making it the best choice for a beach holiday. The country’s fascinating coastline stretches for miles, not to mention some Spanish-ruled islands. Either you are searching for beaches, vibrant culture, or some unforgettable scenery, Spain has it all. According to your itinerary, visit as many of these resorts in Spain as possible on your next trip.…


US Tourism Affected as Some Countries Put a Ban on Travelers

Since March 31, the United States has been in a state of four-level travel advisory (most extreme), and citizens are advised to avoid traveling abroad due to Covid-19. All American citizens abroad have been instructed to return to the United States immediately. Countries that allow American travelers to enter have implemented varying degrees of restrictions. Jamaica’s economy is heavily dependent on U.S. tourism, so leisure travelers from the U.S. are permitted. Still, travelers from Arizona, Florida, New York, and Texas are required to submit a negative Covid-19 test within ten days of arrival. At the same time, South Korea’s control…

Halloween Day

Top 5 places to celebrate Halloween across the world!

As soon as October comes, the vibes of Halloween spread all around the world. The houses are decorated as haunted houses and the street gets filled up with Halloween parades. When we think of Halloween, scary decorations, kooky costumes, and lots of sweets come in mind. Many places around the world celebrate Halloween in an exciting and vibrant fashion. Attend some of the best parties around the world during Halloween and have an ample dose of chills and thrills.  Fascinating about attending any of the Halloween parties? Opt for American Airlines reservations and fly at the lowest fares possible. Here…

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