Southwest Airlines check-in

Known for its low-cost carrier, Southwest lures passengers from all over the world. The airline offers incredible services at the lowest fares possible. Among all those facilities, one is Southwest Airlines check-in. Passengers can use this facility after making a reservation with the airline.

With its widespread network, Southwest connects passengers to their dream destination very easily. The airline even promises to deliver the utmost satisfaction to its customer. They believe that the success of any company depends upon its customers; that’s why Southwest never fails to amaze its passengers. To deliver you the best support at any time, the airline’s travel agents are available 24/7. You can reach out to them regarding any query related to Southwest Airlines reservations

Different options for check-in

Online web check-in

Using this option to check in for your flight is the best way to save your time at the airport. Online check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and it ends 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The time limit may vary depending upon the destination and departure city. After checking in, receive a mobile boarding pass on your device, or you can print it also. 

Passengers can access their reservation with an e-ticket number, confirmation code, or frequent flyer account. If you are a special needs passenger, you can’t use Southwest Airlines’ check-in online option.  While using this option, you are not allowed to check your bags or select a seat online.

Mobile check-in

Like online check-in, mobile check-in also starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Passengers are allowed to use this option up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Don’t forget to collect boarding passes on your mobile device. 

To use this option, make sure that your departing airport must accept a mobile boarding pass; otherwise, you can use the Southwest check-in option at the ticket counter or self-service kiosk. 

Curbside check-in

Passengers can use curbside check-in if they are traveling on US domestic Southwest Airlines flights. This facility is available at most US airports and check-in time is from 60 minutes to three hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Passengers must carry their flight reservation code, electronic ticket number, and photo ID to check in for their scheduled flight. 

Visit the official site of the airline to know which airports have this facility. On this site, you can also check the baggage policy, your current flight status, Southwest cancellation policy, etc. 

Self-service kiosk check-in

You can check in after reaching the airport at the self-service kiosks. Check-in at these kiosks is available 30 minutes to three hours before the departure time of your flight. You will receive a printed boarding pass; take it and go ahead. Passengers, who need to check their bags, can do it here. 

Ticket counter check-in

Visit any ticket counter available at the airport and use the facility of Southwest Airlines check-in to proceed further with the check-in process. Ticket counter check-in is available from 30 minutes to three hours prior to the scheduled departure time. You can check your bags also at this counter.

EarlyBird check-in

Avail of this low-cost option as it gives you the convenience of automatic check-in. It also allows you to board early for your flight. You have to pay some fee to use the EarlyBird check-in facility. Passengers don’t have to take any action to check in as it is automatic. You will get a better opportunity to choose your preferred seat and you even get priority access to overhead compartment storage to stow your carry-on luggage. 

Keep in mind that EarlyBird check-in purchases are non-refundable. Suppose you want to cancel your reservation due to some emergency, then the EarlyBird check-in facility will be forfeited for that particular flight. If Southwest cancels your flight owing to some emergency, then your money associated with EarlyBird check-in will be refunded. Make Southwest Airlines reservations now and buy this facility to avail its benefits. 

These are the different options to check in for your scheduled flight. 

Tips to check-in online on Southwest

As everyone knows, Southwest doesn’t assign seats, thus your check-in time determines when you will board and which seat you will get. With a little planning, check-in can go smoothly. Check out these tips related to Southwest Airlines check-in.

  • Purchase EarlyBird check-in to check in automatically and get priority access.
  • Passengers can purchase a Business Select ticket as they get a chance to board early. In that way, they can select their desired seat. 
  • If you are a regular passenger of Southwest Airlines, then you can earn elite status after certain flights. Like the EarlyBird check-in, the airline will check-in for you automatically, putting you ahead of everyone. 
  • Make sure to check-in as early as possible to get your preferred seat and fly comfortably. 
  • Families who are traveling with kids can board before other passengers. Not just the parent or child, but the whole family is allowed to board first. 

This was all about Southwest Airlines check-in. Go through this information and know all about check-in options to avoid any last-minute hassle. 

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