Allegiant Pet Policy

What is Allegiant Airlines pet policy?

Do you need to travel with your pets? Want to know about Allegiant pet policy? Allegiant invites little live pets or furry friends/pets in the airplane lodge inside the adjoining 48 United States. Traveling internationally or in the U.S. does not acknowledge all kinds of pets. Pets are acknowledged on trips in the traveler lodge. All pets should be in an FAA-supported transporter that fits under the seat. Travelers going with pets won’t be situated in leave columns or one line previously or after the left line.  Moreover, you can add extra luggage for your pets using the Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking service.

Allegiant Airlines flights allow your accompanying pets, such as domestic dogs or cats, to their Cabin Classes: 

  • All pets should be shipped in a delicate-sided or hard-sided encased airtight pet container.
  • Moreover, Allegiant Airlines unequivocally recommend a delicate-sided transporter. 
  • The container might be no bigger than 9″H x 16″W x 19″ D 
  • Close to 2 pets for every Pet carrier.

If you follow the Allegiant Air pet policy thoroughly, the airline will ensure that your pet is safe to travel with you and make your flight even better. For more information, you can get in touch with the airline agents.

Follow these Transport Rules if you want to take pets on Allegiant

These are some pet transport rules that fall under the Allegiant Airlines pet travel policy. You may completely abide by each of them to take your furry friends along on the trips.

  • There is an additional $50 non-refundable charge for every single direction trip for every pet carrier in the cabin, without more than two pets for each carrier.
  • Your pet should go in a compartment that is ventilated. 
  • During the flight, you can not remove the pet from its carrier, throughout the flight it may remain inside the container.
  • Travelers should be somewhere around 15 years of age to welcome a pet on board. 
  • One traveler is only allowed to take one pet carrier.
  • All your pets should be at least eight weeks old to fly with you.
  • You can not bring your pets out of the carrier throughout the flight. Therefore, make sure your pet is able to sit, stand and move around freely.
  • Your animals should be harmless, odorless, and also not disrupt anyone.
  • Try not to feed your pet anything during the flight or just a while before to avoid them from taking out feces.
  • Besides, you must also make sure that your pet does not get violent.
  • Important Tip: You should book the flights with your pet ahead of your travel date by contacting someone from Allegiant Air. 
  • And if you wish to make a reservation with a pet, kindly call +1-702-505-8888 and let the Allegiant Airlines booking specialist know that you are going with your pet. 

Pets in the Cabin: Allegiant Air Policy 

If you book your Allegiant Airlines tickets with your pets in advance after proper approval from the airline, you can take them with you in the cabin. 

  • Cats and dogs should be more established than 12 weeks and have confirmation of expected inoculations to travel. 
  • Cats and dogs are the main pets or furry friends that you can take along on Allegiant Air flights. 
  • Guide Pet Dogs are permitted paying little heed to their weight and size 
  • Furthermore, the pet container size should not exceed 19in x 16in x 9inches.
  • Your pet’s Well-being certificate isn’t for pets traveling with you in the cabin. 

Note that Allegiant Airlines does not allow pets as checked baggage, no matter which pet you have. Also, the airline does not have any air cargo service for your pet animals. Moreover, you can not take any pet other than your pet dog or cat to the Allegiant Airlines flights.

Allegiant Airlines policy for Emotional Support or Service Animals 

Emotional Support or Service Animals are also welcome on Allegiant’s flights. As per the Allegiant pet policy, you can only take cats, Pet Dogs, and scaled-down ponies onboard. Furthermore, Allegiant Airlines can not acknowledge Pit Bulls and their blends as administration or enthusiastic help Pet Dogs. One passionate help creature can be an exception per traveler. 

Travelers are needed to introduce completely finished documentation to an Allegiant delegate somewhere around 45 minutes before the booked flight. 

Moreover, the Allegiant Airlines pet policy states that all Service animals ought to have recognizable proof cards. They may also have labels, or other composed documentation, wear outfits or markings on bridles, or the sound verbal confirmations of the person with an inability to utilize the animal. Travelers should likewise present a Veterinary Health Form for Trained Service Animals at check-in.

How can you avoid the Allegiant Airlines Pet Travel Fee?

Probably the simplest way of staying away from pet charges is to utilize the right Mastercard. The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is a decent card for general travel costs. Passengers can use its focus to avoid paying the carrier pet fees on Allegiant Airlines.  Different cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve have a $300 travel credit that one could utilize for all intents and purposes, any sort of movement buy, including pet expenses. Do not forget to review the Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy, in case you want cancellation of your or your pet’s booking.

When to check in with Pets?

In case you are flying with Allegiant Airlines with a pet, you should check-in at the ticket counter or a door counter. According to Allegiant pet policy, your pet check-in must be done one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure. Moreover, making an early Allegiant Airlines check-in may guarantee that your pets and pet containers are according to the policy rules in general. 

You most certainly don’t have any desire to hurry to reach the air terminal while going with pets. Not exclusively will it worry you, yet the pressure could likewise influence your pet. Also, you must remember that the airline will not give 100% approval to your pets unless you reach the airport and bring them to the check-in counter. That’s because the Allegiant booking team will analyze whether it can allow you to take your pet onboard or not. For more information, you can contact the airline agents and get solutions for your queries.