How to Upgrade a Seat on Lufthansa?

When it comes to offering inflight comfort, Lufthansa offers different options for passengers. It can be quite exciting, but there are many things you must know while changing seats/cabin class. You will get many details on how to upgrade, the options on Lufthansa seat upgrade, and its benefits. But every good thing has some limitations. In this blog, we will discuss all the details you need to know before upgrading Lufthansa Airlines seats. Stick to the read and make sure you don’t skip any detail. Firstly, let’s see the upgrade options. 

What are Lufthansa Seat Upgrade Options?

Lufthansa Airlines has multiple options to offer passengers a calm experience. For customers with Lufthansa seat upgrade requests, the following are popular choices of many among you:

Lufthansa Premium Economy Class long-haul flights

You will get three choices for pricing. Either go to a fixed price upgrade, bid for the price, or get an award miles upgrade.

Upgrade to Lufthansa Business Class

Three pricing options are available for seat upgrades on Business class (both short and long-haul flights): a fixed price upgrade, a bidding option, or an award miles upgrade.

Lufthansa First Class long-haul flights

There are three options for pricing:

  • Pay the price set by Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Bid for the fixed price.
  • Upgrade to first class using miles.

Is it worth it to Upgrade to Business Class Lufthansa?

Frequent flyers of Lufthansa Airlines prefer Business class among all other available fare classes. It’s not just because of the services that come along with comfortable seating but also because of the limitations after the upgrade. Firstly, let’s check the facilities Lufthansa Business Class fare provides to the customers after the upgrade:

  • Business class passengers enjoy exclusive privileges such as faster check-in, separate boarding, and no lines. 
  • They also have access to the lounge, delicious snacks, and a children’s room with educational games and fast Wi-Fi. 
  • On board, they can enjoy gourmet dishes and access to Wi-Fi and mini-TVs
  • Also, Business Class convertible seats become comfortable beds to ease long travel. 
  • Lufthansa Business Class passengers also get a free baggage allowance for carry-on baggage and priority for baggage checking and delivery. 
  • Additionally, they can earn bonus miles by using miles for Business class upgrades and bookings.

However, there are limitations everywhere, and Business class is no exception. As you upgrade to Lufthansa Airlines Business class fare, the terms and conditions of your original fare will remain unchanged. It includes rebooking, refunds, and baggage rules of your original fare. The original free baggage allowance will still apply to your flight bookings. Any chargeable service booked under the standard will be the same in the new travel class. In that case, no refund is possible (except for paid-for advance seat reservations).

Is it Worth it to Upgrade to Premium Economy on Lufthansa?

While many passengers prefer Business class especially for long haul flights, some also prefer Premium economy. It can be cost saving and will provide you with quality facilities and services. 

If you fly Lufthansa premium economy, you’ll enjoy more space and legroom than economy class. Lufthansa premium economy seats offer 50% more room on all sides than economy class. The seat is 18-19 inches wide and has 38 inches pitch. You can also recline your seat 8 inches. You’ll have a cocktail table at your armrest for your pre-departure or in-flight beverage. The seats also come with a footrest, making napping during the flight more comfortable.

How to Upgrade Lufthansa Economy to Business Class Using Miles?

There are two methods to upgrade your fare class to Business class. You can either do it online or at the airport check-in counter. So, for the online procedure, consider the steps below:

  • Visit the website or launch the official mobile app of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Now, go to the ”Manage my bookings’ section.
  • There, you will be required to fill in the details of your flight bookings to help the system track your reservations.
  • Once the tracking process is completed, you will be able to see your virtual flight booking tickets.
  • You can easily make changes by clicking on the ”More” option.
  • Next, click on ”Upgrade” or a similar option. Then, all available seats will reflect on your screen. 
  • Click on your preferred seat and check its pricing. Then, follow the prompts.
  • Now, choose the method convenient for you. If you want to pay with miles, you must also check whether the seat is available to upgrade using miles.
  • Once the system confirms the usage of miles by reflecting the ”Pay with miles” option, pay the fare differences.
  • You will receive the changed flight tickets in the email communications. Also, for any issues, you can revert to the email you receive flight details on.

What are the Limitations of Lufthansa Airlines seat upgrade?

The options for Lufthansa seat upgrades are subject to availability and are given based on ”first come, first serve.” Apart from this, one of the major factors that may restrict you from getting the desired upgrade is that most Lufthansa planes don’t offer First and Business class on domestic flights. So, if you get your preferred seat, you are that lucky passenger.

Regarding pricing, expect the payment method to remain the same. The airline needs to consider passengers with a bidding request. If you bid their fixed price, Lufthansa may provide the open seat to another customer ready to pay without a hitch. Also, one cannot use the deposit and final payment method for the Lufthansa seat upgrade. You must pay the complete amount in one go. Otherwise, you might lose the chance to upgrade. 


As all passengers have different requirements, their upgrade choices may differ. We attempt to inform passengers of the consequences of the Lufthansa seat upgrade decision. So, whether you choose Business, first class or premium economy, stay aware of all the terms and conditions of the new fare. This will help you avoid any major loss and ensure you have a trouble free journey with Lufthansa airlines.