American Airlines Seat Upgrade

American airlines provide passengers with a comfortable experience by letting them choose the services they want. The best example of flexibility is American airlines seat selection policy. American airlines allow you to choose/pick a seat at the time of bookings or after booking. Also, if you want to change your seat before departure, you may do so by contacting the airline staff. 

American Airlines seat upgrade is one of the most common requests of passengers these days. So, the answer to ‘Can I upgrade my seat on AA?’ is yes. You can upgrade or change your seats by paying the fare differences. To know the procedure, fee, and different ways to upgrade seats on American airlines, follow this read. At the end, we will also share some unknown tricks that will help you upgrade your seats very easily.

What to look for in an American airlines seat upgrade?

All passengers have different reasons to look for a seat upgrade. Some want to have a fresh experience, while others want to feel comfortable in personal space. But, there is a major factor that can influence your chances to upgrade seats on business or first class. Remember that the airline will not provide your upgrade just because there are seats available for bookings. The upgrade on seats is only possible when there is enough inventory for an additional passenger in the cabin class. 

Thus, if you want to upgrade your flight to three-cabin aircraft it might be possible that the aircraft for your flight route is not a 3 cabin aircraft.  So, it’s important to firstly check for the availability of the upgrade class of your choice.

How do I upgrade my seat on American airlines?

Passengers with flight bookings can visit the ‘Manage my bookings’ section on the official page of American airlines. From there, access your flight bookings and make the necessary changes. Follow the step by step instructions given below:

  • Firstly, make sure that you have good internet connectivity on your PC, Mac, Android, or ios.
  • Open a suitable browser to open the website of American airlines. One can type to open the site directly.
  • On the website you will find an option that will allow you to manage your flight bookings online. For that, click on ‘Manage bookings’ option or a similar tab.
  • You may now continue to fill your flight booking details in the empty fields. The system will then track your resections and help you access it.
  • From all your flight booking details, double click on the fare type and then click on the make changes button.
  • You will be able to see your selected seat highlighted on the American airlines seat selection map/chart. See all the available options and click on the seat that you want to upgrade to.
  • After selecting the seat, click ‘Ok’ and proceed to the payment page. There, check the fare difference and select a suitable mode of payment (Credit card/Debit Card/American airlines card/miles)

This is how you can upgrade your seat on your own. Follow the same procedure when making changes using American airlines mobile app. And, if you are at the airport and want to upgrade your seats, visit the AA help desk counter of the airport. The airline staff will help you to upgrade your flight bookings in exchange of service charge.

How to check American airline seat availability for Upgrade?

Before upgrading seats on American airlines flight bookings, it’s important to check the availability. You cannot upgrade on American airlines without the availability of seats and inventory on board. The best way to check the availability is by contacting the airline agent. They can check in the booking system and let you know if seats are open for your upgrade. 

Also, if you want to pay the fare differences using miles, ask  in advance if the cabin class is available for miles. As some seats are restricted for miles usage.  

There are other methods to know the seat availability for upgrade. Passengers with elite status can easily check the availability for upgrade by logging into the American airlines account. If you don’t have American elite membership, you can use a trusted third party platform to check occupied and available seats.

How much is the American airlines seat upgrade cost?

The cost of American airlines preferred seat upgrades may vary depending on the cabin class you choose. After you are sure about the availability for seat upgrade, you would want to know the upgrade fees on American airlines. Though American airlines don’t charge for online seat upgrades, any fare difference is a must to pay. For instance, have a look at the points below to get an idea about the prices of each fare class of American airlines:

Cabin classUpgrade costFeatures
First ClassAmerican airlines first class seat upgrade will cost you around 1200- 1000 USD
  • Priority check in and boarding
  • Priority services at the time of arrival
  • Five star lounge services
  • Comfortable wide seats with more legroom
  • Premium dining facilities
  • Free entertainment and inflight wi-fi
Business ClassAmerican airlines Business Class will cost you around 800-900 USD
  • Priority check in and boarding
  • Priority services at the time of arrival
  • Premium lounge facilities
  • Wider seats with more legroom space
  • High class dining facilities
  • Strong Wifi connections (on some aircraft)
  • Complimentary pillows and blankets
Premium Economy classAmerican airlines Premium Economy class will cost you around 500 – 600 USD
  • Speed up check in and boarding
  • More legroom and adjustable leather seats with head and foot rest
  • Chef inspired meals with complimentary wine and beer
  • Free inflight entertainment
  • Wifi and power outlets for speed charging
  • Noise cancellation headphones
  • Casper sleep set
Main Cabin ExtraAmerican airlines Main Cabin extra will cost you around 200- 300 USD.
  • Early boarding
  • Free carry on bag
  • Extra legroom
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Good wifi connectivity
  • Free entertainment
  • Overhead bin availability (only on some aircrafts)

To get an American Airlines seat upgrade with miles, you must confirm with the airline executives if you can get the seat you choose to upgrade using miles.