Check-in is the process of collecting your boarding pass, including departure dates, departure times, and seat numbers. Always prefer to check-in early to get to the security checkpoint faster. If you don’t want to check your baggage, directly head towards the security after arriving at the airport. Airlines offer different ways to check in so that passengers don’t face any trouble while boarding.  


  • Web check-in

Give yourself plenty of time!

Online check-in helps passengers to avoid standing in long queues and check-in from anywhere around the world for free. Passengers can avail the facility of web check-in up to one hour prior to the scheduled departure of any domestic flight. While checking in, you can also select your preferred seat to travel comfortably to your dream destination. 

To check-in online, you need to open the official site of the concerned airline. Navigate to the check-in option available on the airline’s website. Provide necessary details and travel hassle-free by saving your time at the airport. 

  • App check-in

Mobile apps of the airlines help you at every stage of your journey. With the mobile app, passengers can manage their entire reservation at their fingertips. Download the mobile app of the individual airline in which you are flying on your mobile device and check-in for your scheduled flight without putting any extra effort. After checking in, print your boarding pass at much ease and head directly towards the gate at the airport. 

  • Kiosk check-in

Check-in kiosks are located at all the airports to check in conveniently for your scheduled departure flight. Passengers can print their boarding pass at the kiosk and proceed towards the gate. If you are travelling with checked baggage, pay for that luggage at these kiosks a few hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Passengers must check the ticket counter hours as these may be closed near to the departure time. Change your seat assignment, print travel receipt, and purchase the first-class upgrade. 

  • Ticket counter check-in

Passengers can visit the ticket counter available at the airport to check in for your scheduled flight. According to the general rule of the aviation industry, arrive at the airport at least three hours earlier for the international flights and two hours for domestic flights prior to the scheduled departure of time.