What to Do When You Miss Your Allegiant Flight

Allegiant Missed Flight

Sometimes, unexpected things happen, and travelers might miss their flights. It could be because they had an sudden meeting or they could not reach the airport on time. Allegiant has a policy for such situations, called the “ Allegiant missed flight policy,” to assist travelers. This policy helps passengers to rebook the flight. If you missed your flight, read this article to learn what you can do in this situation.

What Happens If I Miss my Allegiant Flight

A traveler should know about the possible results if they miss a flight with Allegiant. One such consequence is that Allegiant may charge a fee. Furthermore, if you miss the flight due to a valid reason, then there is a possibility that the Airline will book another flight for you:

  • Missing a flight labels you as a no-show passenger, requiring payment of fees to the airline.
  • You lose the ticket cost if no seats are available, and rebooking is impossible.
  • The airline might wait to book another flight, depending on whether the plane has empty seats.
  • If you have purchased an allowance following Allegiant’s baggage policy, contact the airline to determine if the charges will be refunded or lost.

What is Allegiant’s Missed Flight Policy?

If you miss your flight, follow the rules outlined in Allegiant’s Missed Flight Policy. This applies to tickets bought through Allegiant’s genuine channels, like their site, telephone, or airport. Furthermore, you can reschedule your flight according to the guidelines provided in this policy.

The missed flight policy for Allegiant includes the following terms:

  • If the airline is at fault for a traveler failing to catch their plane, the traveler can pick between getting a refund or rescheduling on the next flight.  
  • Suppose a passenger misses their flight due to a serious health issue and is notified by the airline in advance. In that case, they can request compensation from Allegiant Air by providing relevant medical documentation.
  • Passengers with travel insurance for their Allegiant flight booking can also request compensation.
  • Passengers can use the “Flat Tyre Policy,” which allows compensation if they experience a vehicle breakdown, causing them to be late for their flight, and have informed the airline in advance.
  • In the case of purchasing a flight ticket through an agency and missing the trip, reaching out to them is a recommended step for finding a solution.

How Do You Rebook Your Allegiant Missed Flight?

This is the most commonly used approach, allowing you to address your issue within minutes swiftly. The customer service representative will assist you, providing a smooth experience.

  • You can visit the official Allegiant Air website at “www.allegiantair.com” or call 702-505-8888 to connect with a representative over the phone.
  • Then, the representative will walk you through Allegiant’s missed flight policy, simplifying rebooking.
  • Then, provide flight rebooking details, including passenger count, date, time, and location.
  • Further, request to rebook your missed Allegiant flight or purchase a new ticket.
  • Then, choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment for the rebooking.
  • After a successful rebooking, a confirmation email or message will be sent to your registered email address or phone number.

Rebook your Allegiant Air flight at the Airport:

Another option to rebook Allegiant Air flight tickets is visiting the airport, provided you’re in proximity and have sufficient time.

  • You can go to Allegiant Air Airport to rebook or reschedule your ticket.
  • Then, approach relevant officials regarding your missed flight and explain the reasons.
  • Further, submit any required documentation; health insurance can also be used if applicable.
  • You must pay the penalty for rebooking your flight.
  • Once the rebooking process is completed, a verification email will be sent to confirm the booking by checking your inbox.

Can I Get Compensation If I Miss My Allegiant Flight?

If you miss your flight, getting the full amount back can be hard. In place of a refund, you may get some credit or be able to book another flight. Only a full refund can be given if the airline cancels the flight. Most of the time, the airline does not help if you miss your flight. Moreover, you may have to book a new one. If the airline caused you to miss your flight, they might let you book another one for free and even pay for a hotel if you need to stay overnight. Travel insurance might cover some costs if you miss your flight. Missing a flight can mess up your plans and be expensive, so it’s a good idea to come early to the airport to avoid problems.

How To Claim Compensation From Allegiant Air Missed Flight?

Suppose you are eligible for compensation from Allegiant due to a missed flight and need to know how to request it. A passenger can complete an online form to request compensation for their missed flight. Follow these steps to fill out the compensation form:

  • Go to the Allegiant Air website and log in to your account using your web browser.
  • Then access the Travel Info dropdown menu and choose the “Manage My Travel” option,
  • Your missed flight details will be displayed on the screen,
  • Find the “Compensation Claim” option, and the compensation form will appear.
  • Enter your missed flight information in the provided fields.
  • Then, input the correct contact details and choose the reason for missing the flight.
  • Attach any relevant documents regarding the missed flight and click the submit button on the page.

What is the Allegiant No-Show Policy?

If passengers don’t appear or cancel a reserved flight, they are labeled a no-show. As per Allegiant’s policy, you may contact the airline as fast as possible to avoid being marked as a no-show passenger and facing possible flight cancellations.

Does Allegiant charge if you miss your flight?

If you miss your planned Allegiant flight, it’s important to tell the airline immediately. If you don’t, they’ll consider you a “no-show” and charge you a fee. What happens next depends on your situation. Talking to the airline is necessary to know all the possible outcomes. This will help you make the right decisions to lessen any problems with your travel plans.

How to avoid the “No-Show” label at Allegiant?

To prevent being labeled under the Allegiant no-show policy due to a missed flight, here are some steps to follow:

  • Reach out to Allegiant Airlines customer service in advance, explaining the valid reasons for potentially missing your flight. This approach might allow for a partial refund on your booking.
  • Contact Allegiant Air to request a flight reschedule if you expect to miss your original flight. An airline representative can assist in rebooking and standard charges, subject to availability.
  • You can also use any previously purchased travel insurance to avoid the No Show policy if you miss your Allegiant flight.