WestJet Flight Cancellation Policy | Refund Request

Being a user-friendly airline, WestJet completely knows the situations that you may have to face during your journey. The airline knows that any interruption in your travel plan can be inconvenient and challenging. To reduce your stress, the airline offers a comprehensive WestJet cancellation policy. Changes in travel plans are so common and one may need to cancel his/her booking even at the last moment. 

Founded in 194, this Canadian airline is very popular among travelers. WestJet has a fleet size of 125 and it operates its flight service to more than 100 destinations. Behind Air Canada, it is the second-largest air carrier in Canada. The airline has three major hubs. WestJet is very famous for providing incredible services to its passengers. It offers seamless cancellation of WestJet reservations. Just follow some simple steps and you can cancel your booking without any hassle.

WestJet Flights Cancellation Policy

Though no one wants to cancel his/her travel plan, life doesn’t go as we plan it. We may have to delay our plans for an uncertain reason, and the same is the case with air travel. Passengers usually get stuck in a problem where they have to cancel their current booking. With WestJet, you don’t have to worry about anything. The airline does not charge any WestJet cancellation fee upon the cancellation of purchased flight tickets. You don’t have to pay any money if you are making changes to your booking. 

To know the details about the airline’s cancellation policy, keep reading the information.

Cancel Existing WestJet Flight Booking

Passengers can change or cancel their flight online without any difficulty, but there are certain exceptions to this. 

Call on the reservation number of the airline and cancel your existing booking, only if

  • In case you have made a reservation by paying cash to the airline.
  • If you have purchased special arrangements while making a booking such as traveling with another member who needs the use of portable oxygen, or you are traveling with a pet. 
  • For passengers who are canceling their flight within two hours of departure, the agents are unable to cancel or change their booking at that time as per the WestJet cancellation policy. However, they can book their seats on another flight.

For any New Booking

  • An airline partner, tour operator, or travel agency, contact them directly if you want to cancel your booking. These agencies or partners generally handle all the modifications.
  • WestJet Vacations Groups bookings or WestJet Vacations, you should contact the WestJet agent who was assisting to your booking. 
  • WestJet Groups, including schools, sports, conventions, or weddings, contact the airline representative that was assigned to your reservation earlier. 

Upon the cancellation of your purchased ticket, the full value will be credited to a Travel Bank, which you can use for future travel. As per the WestJet cancellation refund policy, individuals can use these credits within 24 months from the issuance date. If you have canceled WestJet Vacation packages, a credit will be sent to you as WestJet dollars. These credits can also be used within two years from the date of issuance. 

24 Hours Westjet Cancellation Policy

According to the WestJet Cancellation 24 hrs policy, one can cancel their WestJet booking without penalty charges. However, to get this benefit, the cancellation must follow these conditions:

  • The traveler needs to cancel their reservation within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Also, one must buy the ticket directly from WestJet. Third-party tickets do not fall into this category.
  • Also, it would be best if you get in touch with WestJet directly to ask for a refund.
  • Lastly, you must reserve the booking atleast a week before the plane’s take-off.

Note: The 24-hour relief is available to all types of travel classes. After this period, WestJet will apply a cancellation fee if you wish to pursue your journey no longer.

How to Cancel a WestJet Flight Tickets?

Canceling a flight ticket with the airline is not a complicated task; the airline facilitates its passengers with a smooth cancellation process. With WestJet, you have two different options to cancel your flight ticket. 

WestJet official site

Follow these simple steps to cancel your WestJet reservations.

  • Launch your web browser and open the WestJet official site.
  • You will discover various options on its homepage like flights, vacations, offers, manage trips, check-in, flight status, rewards, and change/cancel.
  • Click on the option of change/cancel to cancel or change your reservation. 
  • You have to enter the reservation code and your last name in the required fields. Click on the “search” tab to access your entire booking.
  • Select the booking you want to cancel and make click on it. 
  • Click on the “cancel flight” button and confirm the cancellation of your booked flight. 

You can also visit this site to know the WestJet cancellation policy.

WestJet Flight Cancellation Phone Number

The phone number of the airline is available 24/7 for passengers in need. If you want to know anything related to your journey, just dial the number and get in touch with the representatives of the airline. Talk to them and tell them you want to cancel your current reservation. They will ask for details about your booked flight; provide all those details and confirm your cancellation process. You can reach out to air travel experts even at odd hours, as they are available round the clock also. 

Check out all these details about the WestJet cancellation policy before starting the cancellation of your booking. You must know all the facts and points related to this policy.

How Much Is The WestJet Cancellation Fee?

Charges to cancel a WestJet flight online or offline, depending upon your fare category. When you cancel your flight till 2 hours are left for departure, you retain the ticket amount after cancellation fee deductions.

When you are canceling a flight with WestJet after 24 hours policy, the following charges will apply:

Revised Cancellation Fee At WestJet

Flights Within CanadaWithin Canada and other destinations (Except Europe)Between Canada and Europe Flights
Econo100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD150-177 CAD

99 EUR

83 GBP

Econo FlexNo feeFees not applicableNo fee
Premium100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD300-354 CAD

228 EUR

192 GBP

Business100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD600-708 CAD

396 EUR

336 GBP

Cancellation Fee For Older Tickets at WestJet

When more than 60 days are left for flights departure:

Flights Within CanadaWithin Canada and other destinations (Except Europe)Between Canada and Europe Flights
Econo50–59 CAD50–59 CAD/USD100-118 CAD

68 EUR

56 GBP

Econo FlexNo fee25-30 CAD/USD100-118 CAD

68 EUR

56 GBP

Premium50–59 CAD50–59 CAD/USD100-118 CAD

68 EUR

56 GBP

Business100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD600-708 CAD

396 EUR

336 GBP

When less than 60 days are left for flights departure:

Flights Within CanadaWithin Canada and other destinations (Except Europe)Between Canada and Europe Flights
Econo100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD250-295 CAD

165 EUR

138 GBP

Econo FlexNo fee100-118 CAD/USD250-295 CAD

165 EUR

138 GBP

Premium100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD250-295 CAD

165 EUR

138 GBP

Business100-118 CAD100-118 CAD/USD600-708 CAD

396 EUR

336 GBP

Note: Passengers can’t seek cancellation after a no-show of a flight. Hence, you must cancel a flight before departure to get a refund.

WestJet Refund Policy

Are you looking for options to get refunds on WestJet flights? Do you need immediate assistance in getting full or part refunds on your flights? You can read the Westjet Refund policy and receive your money back. Also, passengers are entitled to a refund for a cancelation initiated by Westjet Air, where the schedule was 90 minutes or more. Moreover, they can get this refund on their original payment form if they request it.

If you are eligible for a refund from the airline and the booking only contained flights, you can fill out the form to request the refund amount. Westjet constantly works to get through all the customer queries periodically. You just have to wait for 2-5 days with patience and fill out one form per reservation.

WestJet Cancellation Refund Policy: Term & Conditions

Except for basic, passengers can cancel their tickets up to 2 hours before departure. After that, the flyers will be subjected to WestJet’s no-show policy. Read these terms & conditions before you determine your refund for canceling a flight.

  • Initially, basic fare tickets are not eligible for cancellation and refund after the 24 hours WestJet Cancellation Policy.
  • Also, a standard cancellation fee will apply if you’ve booked a flight to depart within 24 hours.
  • Besides, you may cancel a flight departing more than 24 hours later it’s booking within the day to avoid Westjet cancellation charges.
  • Also, basic Westjet tickets are not eligible for refund/ future travel credit after the 24-hour cancellation period.
  • Standard fare difference will apply to your booking for changes made beyond the day of purchasing a ticket.
  • Further, for canceling an EconoFlex fare, you will receive a full refund as credits. You will get them in your WestJet travel bank.

Lastly, all business and premium flex fares are not charged WestJet cancellation fees, and the entire amount is credited as per the original form of payment.

How to Ask For a Refund From WestJet Airlines?

Individuals can fill out the refund request form or use their cancellation insurance to get money/ credits back for canceling their flight. Follow these steps to secure your refund:

  • Kindly check out the official website WestJet.com and look for the refund request form.
  • Also, note that this form is applicable for flight bookings only. Vacations have a separate refund form.
  • Once you locate the page, please fill out reservation data, account information, and details of additional people on the reservation.
  • Afterward, press submit, and soon you will receive a confirmation email regarding receiving your request for a refund from WestJet Airlines for flight cancellation.
  • Lastly, experts will check the eligibility of your request and inform you of acceptence/ rejection of your refund claim.

Alternatively, dial +1-860-374-7617 or 1-877-737-7001 and Speak to WestJet customer service expert to check refund eligibility. If found eligible, the experts will initiate your refund request quickly.

How to Get Refund from Westjet Vacation Packages?

  • Firstly, If a passenger booked a WestJet vacation, he could receive a refund.
  • But for getting refunds for bundled tickets, they need to fill out the vacation refund request form on the official Westjet website.
  • However, if you made the thor-party flight booking directly or online, you need to contact the party itself.
  • Airline is not obliged to offer you refunds for third-party flight bookings.
  • Besides, after 24 hours of the initial booking or if you used Westjet Change flight service for a lower fare ticket price.
  • You will get a refund in the form of travel credits.
  • These credits will go to your Westjet Travel bank, and you can use this amount for future flight bookings to fly without hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I cancel a WestJet flight?

You can cancel a WestJet flight upto 2 hours before its departure. When you change booking within 24 hours of purchase, you are only subject to a change in fare, and no service fee is levied on you. Cancel the WestJet ticket within 24 hours to avoid a penalty fee.

Can WestJet tickets be transferred?

Passengers can transfer their ticket to someone else within 24 hours of purchase. After that, a service fee is applicable to change the ticket owner. The flyer has to pay a change fee beyond this window.

Do I get my money back if WestJet cancels my flight?

As per cancelation compensation by WestJet policy, the airline is bound to provide you compensation when they cancel the flight less than 14 days before departure. You will get a seat on another flight with the same itinerary or a full refund without any charges.

How do I change a flight on WestJet?

You can visit my bookings section on the official website of WestJet or use the live assistance reservations number to change your flight. You can edit the destination, time, and date of your flight within 24 hours of booking without a fee.

How do I contact WestJet customer service to cancel flights?

You can talk to a WestJet agent by dialing +1-8444-888-3611 or 1-888-937-8538 to book/ cancel flights. Get live assistance by dialing 1-877-737-7001 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. MT daily for enquiring and buying vacation packages.

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