What Is Jetblue Mosaic?

What Is Jetblue Mosaic and How Can I Use It?

If you take air journeys frequently, you will understand how helpful loyalty programs can be. The JetBlue Mosaic membership is one such plan for frequent flyers of JetBlue. The airline rewards them with royalty for every trip.

Perks like free upgrades, extra baggage, more points, and complimentary drinks are some offerings on their mosaic card. However, such features are available upon fulfilling some conditions.

Hence, read below to understand when and how to take advantage of this membership.

How Do I Earn Mosaic Status On JetBlue? 

JetBlue fulfills the dream of royal travel by providing easy ways to achieve this status. With only your Jetblue booking, you can be a mosaic member. Here are the fulfilling conditions to get this status: 

  • Earn 15K Points: When you earn 15,000 flying points within a calendar year, you become eligible to get elite status. 
  • Fly 30 segments +12,000 points: If you fly regularly, the journey of 30 segments and 12,000 points within a calendar year will earn you a mosaic status. 
  • Plus/ Business Card purchase: When you spend $50,000 within a calendar year from JetBlue plus or business cards on eligible purchases, you can earn the jetblue mosaic status. 

What Are The JetBlue Mosaic Benefits? 

You can achieve mosaic member jetblue status by flying 30 segments and earning 12,000 base points in a calendar year or earning 15k Jetblue points. 

You will earn 15,000 bonus TrueBlue points after qualifying for the status. 3X return on JetBlue flights and fares are guaranteed. There are more perks to the elite level:

  • Board Early: Mosaic passengers can board their flight early and get a dedicated boarding line and overhead bins. 
  • Free Same-day Switch: Within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, you can switch your flight on all types of fares for free, along with your eligible companions for the same itinerary.
  • Dedicated Customer Assistance: Passengers can access the mosaic jetblue phone number 24/7* 365 days.
  • Complimentary Drinks: All mosaic members equal to or more than 21 years of age get free wine, liquor, and other inflight alcoholic drinks. 
  • 3X Bonus Points: Every flight you book with this status earns you 3x more points, equal to 9 points every $1 on the Jetblue app/ website.
  • Bragging Rights For Free: Passengers can redeem their points for Mint Studio, which are available on London flights and journeys between JFK and LAX airports.
  • Free Checked Bags: Flyers and their eligible travel companion gets the first 2 checked bags for free. Also, 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item bag are free on JetBlue.
  • Even More Speed: At selected airports, passengers can reach their gate faster from the dedicated speedy security lane (even more speed).

Apart from that, passengers get almost all these facilities on American Airlines with the mosaic membership.

Do I Get Even More Space With Jetblue Mosaic Card? 

Yes, Indeed. 

JetBlue has a seating option under the signature name Even More Space.

Mosaic members can use this facility 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Even though it is subject to availability, you can still select any seat from the map while checking in online/ via app/ airport kiosk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does mosaic card on JetBlue mean?

Jetblue mosaic card rewards its loyal flyers with different membership levels and benefits. These members get 3 extra points on every one dollar spent.

How Many Points Do I Need To Earn To Become A Member At JetBlue Mosaic? 

You will get the elite badge if you’ve earned more than 15,000 flight points at Jetblue. Otherwise, if you’ve flown 30 segments and earned 12000 points, you are eligible for the mosaic status.

Can JetBlue mosaic upgrade seats to mint?

Mosaic member jetblue gets up to two free checked bags, and their change/ cancellation fee is waived. These members get 4 free upgrades to mint business class seats. It comes along with the signature even more space seat option.

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