How to Change the Name on a Volaris Flight Ticket?

Volaris Name Change Policy- Can I change the name on my booking?

They always say do not rush things for important matters. But when you are not careful, you make mistakes while filling out the details on your reservation forms, like name, surname, or phone number. If you also made a minor or major mistake while writing your name on a Volaris Booking form, don’t worry, and check the Volaris Name Change Policy to change it accordingly.

For the Volaris Name change, keep these points in mind:

  • You have until 1 hour and 30 minutes before your flight’s departure to change the name.
  • Call Volaris Airlines Customer Service Number 1(866) 988-3527 to request a name correction and pay the name change/correction fee.
  • The agent will require some of your flight details and help you change your name on the ticket.

You can not transfer your tickets to another person under the Volaris Name Change policy in any situation.

What is Volaris Name Change/Correction Policy?

When you do all the things online, sometimes there appear to be typos, like while entering your name, contact number, etc. Let us assume that you misspelled your name while booking a Volaris flight. In that case, you can request a name correction for a fee.

The Volaris name correction policy applies to your first, last, or middle name. You can also make legal name changes with the carrier. However, people involved in fraud can not make the changes, requiring a court order to make a legal name change per their country’s guidelines.

We advise you to confirm all the details while making a Volaris Airlines Booking & ensure you do not enter any wrong information leading you to change it later.

Legal or Marriage Name Change Policy

Although Volaris Airlines does not allow the customers to make changes as in name transfer, they can still change names due to marriage or divorce. The airline requires the necessary documents in this situation. Here are the details:

  • For marriage, you need to provide your marriage certificate to the airline.
  • In case of divorce, any legal issue, etc., you must provide a legal proof document to the airline.

Important Volaris Name Change Guidelines

  • The Volaris Name Correction service is not available if you have bought your flight tickets using the Volaris Electronic Voucher/Credit.
  • To change the name, it should exactly match the one in your ID.
  • You can not change the name if your flight has already departed, and you did not show up for a part of it.
  • If you wish to change your adult ticket to an elder/senior citizen or an unaccompanied minor.
  • Your overseas flights are mandated to contain the correct names, so make sure you change name accordingly in case of mistakes or typos.

If you follow these above guidelines, you can also avoid the volaris airlines name change fee. Besides, if there is a minor error in the spelling, you can do so free of cost. The airline will charge a name change fee only if it is necessary.

How Do I Change My Name on a Volaris ticket?

Are you currently facing an issue like incorrect name on your flight ticket? Wondering How Do I Change My Name on a Volaris ticket? You can use the available methods by Volaris Airlines and make the necessary changes. 

Volaris Allows you to change names through,

  • Official website
  • Customer service
  • Aiport ticket counter
  • Email Service.

To change a name on Volaris Flight ticket online,

  • Visit the official website of Volaris and log in to My trips.
  • Probide your last name and ticket reservation details in the necessary fields.
  • Next, you can see a list of flights you have booked and choose the one which has the incorrect name.
  • Make a Volaris Name Correction by clicking on Edit.
  • You will be prompted to a confirmation page for the occurring fee.
  • Pay the charges if any, and complete the name change request by providing any additional attachments.

At last, you may receive an email with your revised flight details having the correct name in it to your registered email contact. You can also request a name change through email messaging to the Volaris customer service agents.

To request a name change over the phone,

  • Call on Volaris Airlines customer service number 1(866) 988-3527 and connect to an airline expert.
  • The call first gets prompted to an automated voice IVR system, and you can select the correct option to get in touch with the live agent.
  • Tell him your concerns and provide any relevant details he asks you to.
  • Finally, he will help you correct the name on the flight.

Passengers can also visit the airport ticket counter of Volaris Airlines at least 4 hours in advance to request a name change at the airport.

Volaris Name change fee

The airline will change a name correction fee which ranges between $0 to $400 per name change requests. This fee depends on certain guidelines set by the airline that one must follow.

To inquire more or about Volaris Name Change Policy, you need to dial Volaris customer service phone number and connect to the airline experts regardless of the time.

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