What is JetBlue Missed Flight Policy?

Jetblue Airlines Missed Flight

How to Recover from a JetBlue Missed Flight?

Did you miss your flight on JetBlue? Well, many passengers do, and because of various reasons. Hence, experiencing a JetBlue missed flight is quite common. However, many people get confused whenever they encounter this issue. This mainly happens when someone travels for the first time.

But JetBlue Airways has always valued their customers and therefore offers much generous missed flight policy. Besides, the passengers can enjoy a new flight with a slight charge at ease. So, let us take a further look at JetBlue’s policy for missed flights.

JetBlue Missed Flight Policy

Suppose a passenger missed his flight on Jetblue, the airline allows them to fly standby on the next flight with available seats. In short, they allow the Same Day no option facility under the Jetblue missed flight policy. But with a fee between $75 to $200 based on the difference in fare.

In other words, they allow you a same-day confirmed flight change. However, if you miss your flight and the tickets aren’t eligible for compensation, you can still get a refund. 

For instance, suppose your flight gets missed and you have a non-refundable ticket with limited benefits. In that case, you will get a refund for your paid taxes. This is because the airline doesn’t pay any passenger-bound taxes to the airport in case of a Jetblue missed flight. 

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Follow the 2-Hour Rule

Besides, like many other airlines, Jetblue also has a 2-hour rule. This rule states that if you arrive within two hours of your missed flight, you can request the next flight. If possible, you can go to the airline agent at the counter and ask him to put you on the next available flight. However, you will be flying standby, but there won’t be a charge.

You only have to explain the exact reasons, like how JetBlue missed my flight and leave the rest to the airport agent of the airline. But if the flight you missed was the last one for the day, the standby can only be on the first flight leaving the day after.

Jetblue No Show Policy

If you are a no-show for your Jetblue Booking, the airline has the whole right to cancel all other related bookings in the itinerary. However, it will be better to inform the airline in advance. This will increase your chances to get a refund to your original payment form.

However, if you miss your flight, JetBlue airways will put the money associated with the booking in the Travel Bank credit. After that, you can follow the general flight booking methods and rebook the flight.

JetBlue Missed Flight Fee

Suppose you missed an international flight on JetBlue and need to know your options. In that case, the airline may transfer your ticket fare to the account. And this fund you can use for travel in future. However, there may be some extra charges that will depend on your travel class.

For instance, there are no charges for the premium and Trueblue members, in contrast, JetBlue charges for ordinary travel class passengers. Besides, you can also get refunds for your Jetblue missed flight based on the ticket type. 

But the refund will only be applicable if the missed flight reasons are valid. Also, Jetblue sometimes takes a bit longer to transfer the refund. So, make sure you get the refund by giving appropriate reasons and supporting documents. 

What if I miss a connecting flight on JetBlue?

Well, missing flights is common, but when it comes to missing your connecting flights on Jetblue, you are not alone. But it’s important to focus on the situations that come after that. And just like missing the initial departure, you can even miss your connecting flight due to several reasons.

Henceforth, JetBlue offers you a 24-hour refund or cancel service prior to the flight. Suppose you miss because of JetBlue’s fault, the airline will offer you a rebooking on the next available flight without extra cost. 

But if the flight has been missed because of bad weather, you may get a new rebooking but not other compensations or meals. So, be sure to know your reasons. Besides, if you miss your connecting flight on any other airline, Jetblue will not be liable. You can dial the Jetblue Español team’s phone number for more information on this service.

Lastly, if you have any concerns that fear you, connect with one of the agents in our team. Our phone numbers are all given below, and you can call us at any time for a better understanding of the issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you miss flight with JetBlue?

For no show/ missed flights

One can cancel refundable fare bookings before their scheduled departure to receive a refund in the original form of payment. However, if you miss the flight, the amount will go into JetBlue Travel bank credit that the passenger can use for future travel with the air carrier.

Does jetblue charge if you miss your flight?

When travelers don’t cancel their booking before departure resulting in a show, the entire amount will be forfeited (100% booking amount as a fee). However, if you call before the scheduled departure, you will be charged a $50 service fee for refundable tickets for the no-show.

How to check a flight on Jetblue?

Check out the flight tracker option on JetBlue’s official website. You can check the status of your flight via route or flight number. If you think you may miss a JetBlue flight, kindly check its status first. Sometimes, when the flight is running late, you have a golden chance to catch it on time.