How do I Contact For JetBlue Group Travel Booking?

JetBlue Group Travel

What is JetBlue Group Travel Policy?

There are a few things that you must consider before booking the JetBlue group travel for your group excursions. We have summed up the below important points that you must take note of prior to confirming the flights.

  • Firstly, a group on JetBlue can only contain at least ten or more people within the same itinerary.
  • This means you can only book group travel flights if your group contains ten or more people.
  • Further, the fare quotes that JetBlue offers you are only valid for at most two weeks.
  • This also depends on the date of travel and your quote time.
  • Along with this, you can even hold your seats at a deposit of 50 USD per seat up to 30 days before the flight’s scheduled departure on domestic.
  • However, it is possible 60 days before the departure for international ones.
  • You must provide the traveler’s information 30 days before the flight’s departure.
  • However, if you cancel the seats, JetBlue may not refund your money at all.
  • Furthermore, if the group is traveling during peak season, you must make the deposit within seven days from the booking period.
  • Note that if you fail to meet the due date to deposit, JetBlue will cancel your booking.

Besides, if you are planning to receive a JetBlue group discount, don’t get your hopes up because they do not offer group discounts. Furthermore, the airline even doesn’t offer any lower fare options for groups.

How to Book JetBlue Group Travel Tickets?

What if your boss walks in and makes you in charge of the next team-building event abroad? Well, no matter if there are 30, 40, 50, or even more people on that list. You can plan JetBlue Group travel for them, and rest assured. 

But is it a big deal to plan and gives you a lot of stress? Yes! Making Group flights booking can be a whole lot more difficult than you think. Besides, when planning group travels with JetBlue airways, you need to consider a lot of things. Therefore, it is not really a piece of cake to book JetBlue Group travel tickets.

However, unlike direct online booking, making group travel reservations are somewhat slow and require a manual process. Hence, if you are to book a group onboard with JetBlue, dial 1-800-JETBLUE and get it done with expert help. Now, let’s take a further look at the JetBlue airways group travel process.

Online Booking

  • Visit the official website and navigate to the group travel section. 
  • Provide your vital contact details like full Name, email, and Number
  • Next, proceed to furnish essential JetBlue group travel information like the Group Category, Group Name, and Total Number of Travelers
  • Include specific trip details in the form, such as Departure and Arrival Destinations
  • Preferred Travel Dates and Time Preferences
  • Once you’ve entered all the required information, submit the form by clicking the “Request Group Travel” button. JetBlue will quickly provide a group travel quote, including your requested trip details. 
  • If you decide to proceed with the booking, they will offer confirmation for your group travel arrangements.

 Offline Booking

Interested in an offline method to secure your group booking? Simply dial the airline’s phone number to effortlessly make your group reservation. Furthermore, the airline’s representatives are available round the clock; assistance is readily available at any time.

  • To start the offline booking, reach out to JetBlue Airways’ group travel contact number at 1-888-538-2583. 
  • After that, an IVR menu will guide you. 
  • Just listen to the instructions and press the right buttons on your phone. This will make it easier to talk to a JetBlue staff member. 
  • When you speak to the JetBlue representative, Give all the important information to the JetBlue representative to finish booking. 
  • Finish by paying for your group’s tickets.

Booking JetBlue Group Travel for Ten or More People

Suppose you wish to book JetBlue airlines group travel for ten or more travelers. In that case, you can rest assured since they allow you to book your groups of each category. Hence, you can plan a getaway with your sports club, church, college friends, or company employees without any hassles.

Furthermore, you can book easily by contacting the airline’s Group Desk. The JetBlue airways Group desk opens Monday to Friday from 8 AM EST to 7:30 PM EST. However, if you wish, you can also book group flights the other way. The choice is yours.

For instance, you can call the JetBlue group travel phone number+1-860-374-7617, to book air travel for your concerned group. And for more, you can read on and find out what things to consider before booking flights for your group.

What to Know About Different JetBlue Group Options

JetBlue offers various options for group bookings to cater to different travel purposes. Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, you can easily book tickets for your group. Below are the different types of group bookings available with JetBlue:

Leisure Groups:

  • Groups are eligible for an adjustable discounted group price.
  • Confirmation requires a $50 per person deposit.
  • Final payment is due via the passenger manifest 30 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Name changes can be made up to 72 hours before departure for a fee of USD 100.

Incentive Groups:

  • Flexibility to change names at any time.
  • Attendees of meetings benefit from excellent value for their travel.
  • A deposit of $50 per person is needed for confirmation.
  • JetBlue allows a 10% deviation in the group size without additional charges; pay only the fare difference.

Meeting Travel:

  • For corporate meetings, JetBlue’s Meetings Program offers unwavering support.
  • Flexibility to change names within the group an unlimited number of times.
  • Group costs and fares are offered with the best deals.
  • A $50 deposit per person is required to confirm your seat before finalizing the reservation.
  • JetBlue releases 10% of seats 60 days before departure without fees or penalties.

Family Group Travel:

  • JetBlue Family Group Travel offers unwavering assistance for vacations, ensuring exceptional customer support and flexible features for those booking as part of a meeting group.
  • Families can use JetBlue Airways’ Group Travel program, provided there is at least one adult in the extended family.

Does JetBlue Offer Group Travel Discounts?

When you travel with a bunch of people, like friends or family. You may then buy tickets together, you might hope to get a special deal or a discount. However, with JetBlue, there isn’t a specific discount for groups. Even if you buy 10 tickets at once, the prices remain the same as if you bought them individually. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on JetBlue’s regular ticket prices and offers to know if there are any group travel discounts available.

Making Changes to Group Passenger Names

If you are making a JetBlue Group Travel Booking, you must provide each passenger’s name at most 30 days before the departure. This applies to both domestic and international travel. besides, 

Furthermore, suppose that you do not submit any names before the due date. In that case, JetBlue airways may cancel your booking. But this must be subject to cancellation fees. Also, if you wish to change the name of passengers, you can do so for a 100 USD fee per passenger. However, the correction of names is possible without an additional cost.

Lastly, you know that you can book your flights as a group by calling JetBlue. And if you do not know about the process. You can simply find out How do I talk to a JetBlue representative? From the official website.

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