Southwest Airlines Group Travel

Book Group flights on Southwest
Are you traveling in a group of more than ten people and looking for affordable options to ensure your travel?
Southwest Airlines Group travel program offers you a flexible approach with an affordable fare choice to help you travel with your desired group of friends. You can enjoy a convenient flight and also experience a reasonable trip to your exciting holiday destination.

Using the Southwest airlines policies for group travel, you can fly anywhere within or outside the United States with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Several airlines offer travel alternatives, but you can enjoy comprehensive benefits with Southwest group travel, therefore enabling you to enjoy award-winning services onboard.

Southwest Airlines Group Travel Booking Program

Group Travel Program bookings at Southwest have some rules and restrictions. You must know about these guidelines before making a group reservation:

  • The initial deposit before purchasing the ticket is refunded 5 business days after your reservation is confirmed with the airlines. However, the processing time will be longer if you’ve paid the deposit amount using a credit card. A flyer has to wait for two payment cycles for the deposit amount to reflect on your records.
  • Also, passengers cannot make Southwest Group travel reservations through gift cards/ flight credits. Only credit cards, PayPal, UATP, and wire transfers are accepted.
  • Individuals can make unlimited name changes till 72 hours before flights take off.
  • Travelers can reserve their boarding position till 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure on group reservations at Southwest. However, a new boarding pass won’t be issued.
  • Group travel tickets are non-refundable and aren’t eligible for downgrading/ upgrading/ or changing destination and dates. Also, you can’t exchange them with anyone.
  • Next, you cannot ask for a paper ticket for group travel; only e-tickets are issued.

Lastly, Earlybird check-in might not be available for the group travel itinerary. Kindly contact the reservations team for more information.

Perks of Southwest Airlines Group Travel Booking

When the passengers use the Southwest Airlines group travel process, there come several perks with the facility:

  • The group travel options allow you flexible payment options. Thus they are not required to clear the payments in advance.
  • You can make the changes in name as many times you like at most 72 hours prior to your Southwest Airlines flight.
  • The airline does not charge you any extra fee for booking, changing, or ticketing costs.
  • If you purchase 29 group tickets, one complimentary roundtrip ticket will be issued to you, for which you only have to pay the taxes.

How Do I Book Southwest Airlines Group Travel?

First of all, fill up the Excel Template form for the group travel in the tab for Southwest airlines group travel tab and upload it with your IR passport information. Now enter the necessary information, such as the group leader’s name, departure date, email, and confirmation.

Initiate the Payment by submitting a deposit fee

You have to pay a 50 USD per person fee to hold the booking after making it. You can only pay using a CC, Credit Card. Dial the Southwest Airlines group travel phone number to initiate this payment over the phone.

Now Submit the Final Amount and clear the booking. 

If you already provided the complete name list to the booking, dial Southwest airlines Telefono and pay by your phone. You can use your Credit Card, PayPal, or UATP card to pay before the due date of the final payment. If you wish to pay by wire transfer, call Southwest Telefono or email the group travel department atleast seven days before the due date of the final payment submission.

How Do I Change My Name On Southwest Airlines Group Booking?

When a passenger has entered a wrong name/ spelling, they can change it on the Southwest Group booking. Here are the conditions:

  • Firstly, look for the Excel Name Template available on the official website.
  • Further, enter your updates available in the changes tab.
  • Next, upload it on the Swagrouptravel portal of Southwest airlines.
  • The new group ticket will be available in the booking sections shortly.

Southwest Group reservations allow unlimited changes to your name till 72 hours are left for the flight’s departure.

Southwest Airlines Group Check-in

Group booking passengers are of two types in booking one is regular booking by adding the number of passengers and the second type is southwest airlines group travel discount booking. The passengers can check-in and reserve their boarding places 24 hours prior to the departure via the official website. You can thus proceed further to the kiosk or airport ticket counter after reaching the airport.

Group Check-in for Domestic Travel

  • To obtain the boarding pass for domestic groups, visit the official Southwest Airlines Reservations website and select check-in.
  • Next, provide the traveler’s information, such as a confirmation number with the first and last name on the ticket.
  • You can choose the check-in option for the entire group or check-in individually for each passenger.
  • The name of the passengers who have checked in will slowly appear on the screen with their boarding locations. Note that some passengers might not be able to access the kiosk or ticket counter.
  • When you reach the airport, go to the ticket booking desk or self-service kiosk to get the boarding pass.

Group Check-in for International Travel

  • Please visit the official Southwest Airlines Reservations website To reserve your Boarding spots and click on check-in.
  • Then provide the booking details of every traveler.
  • Passengers can check in for their flights one by one.
  • To fulfill the process, you need to submit a valid passport and contact information.
  • Immediately visit the airport ticket counter or kiosk to have a boarding pass after entering the airport premises.

Obtaining Southwest Group Travel Boarding Pass

Southwest Airlines will take your boarding credentials at the flight departure gate. The airline will invalidate any of the passes or permit issued to you if you or any other person modifies your reservation. Only the passengers whose names are listed on the boarding pass can use it to board the flight. And to get through the checkpoint and security, you should have a government-issued ID.

Check-in requirements

Passengers who do not have a boarding pass and were not there at least ten minutes prior to the planned departure time of the flight should have to cancel their reserved seat and will also not be compensated for the fee.

The airline has expert professionals working 24/7 to provide the passengers with a satisfactory solution. The passengers can dial Southwest Telefono and speak to an airline agent directly for convincing help.

Southwest Group Travel FAQs

Does Southwest do group rates?

Yes, indeed. Southwest offers dedicated group travel services through its customer assistance. When 10 or more people wish to fly together, they can opt for a group booking that provides an equal price for everyone on the reservation. Such bookings offer ease of payment.

How do I get a group rate on Southwest?

Individuals can make a group reservation by calling the dedicated group travel services number at Southwest. Call 1 (800) 435-9792 or +1-860-374-7617 from Monday to Friday between 5 AM till 12:00 midnight central time to receive a quote for group booking.

Are Southwest Group tickets refundable?

Group reservations at Southwest are non-refundable. However, you can change your flight to a future date upon availability. Also, you can edit the passenger’s name for free for one-two person on the booking. After that, you may pay a fee for your ticket’s modification.

Is Group B good on Southwest?

Group B boarding position increases your chance of getting a window/ aisle seat. Also, you have a higher chance of securing two seats together when you have a companion on the same reservation. Kindly head to the end of the plane to get the desired seat at Southwest.

How do I check-in with a group on Southwest?

Passengers can check the official website and go to the online check-in option to get their boarding passes. After that, enter the group travel booking confirmation number and the last name of the person who made the reservation. The entire group will check in at once.

Does early bird check-in guarantee a group?

Southwest doesn’t guarantee group travelers seats near each other. Hence, to make the journey enjoyable, go for the Earlybird check-in add-on for the journey. It allows you a better chance of securing seats together, and the people can enjoy their long-haul journey.

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