What Happens if I Miss my Flight with Southwest Airlines?

Have you missed a Southwest flight and need immediate help? Or is there a sudden issue that you can not reach the airport till departure? You don’t need to worry even when you experience a Southwest missed flight situation.

The main reason behind this is that the airline allows the passengers to make up for the flight they missed. They can follow the airline’s policy for missed flights and ensure that they travel without a hassle.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Southwest airline is an incredible carrier that offers amazing flight options for its passengers. Therefore, passengers never change their minds when choosing us as their air travel partner. However, the situations can never be in our complete control. That’s why we sometimes miss our flight.

Though it is an occasional experience, the possibility is not less. Therefore one must be familiar with the Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy. This is to ensure that your air travel does not get hampered, no matter you miss a flight or not.

For such passengers, who miss their flight with Southwest, we offer a Flat-Tire policy. This policy will allow you to take a new flight without any extra charges. Furthermore, if missing your flight was not at all in your control, Southwest will take care of all of it.

What to do if I miss my Southwest Airlines flight?

Firstly, if you missed a Southwest flight that is not because of a delay by the airline, you are at fault. Hence, you won’t receive compensation. You receive no priority for the coming flights and have to pay the additional charges if any.

Take Advantage of their Flat-Tire Policy

Southwest Airlines offers the passengers a specific Flat Tire policy which is an unofficial service. This allows the passenger who happened to be late for their flight to hop on the next flight with available seats. However, this incurs a certain charge.

So, you need to be simple and bear a smile on your face to ask this of a Southwest employee. You can go up to the counter and politely tell them that “I on Southwest airlines missed my flight,” and hence, need some options. 

After that, this depends on the check-in agent. He may refer you to the boarding gate agents. This is because the gate agents have additional authority over the standby passengers. 

Know the Southwest’s No-Show policy

Suppose you are not planning to fly on any part of your current itinerary. The airline gives you time to cancel the flight under Southwest Airlines Book a Flight section. However, you must cancel it at least 10 minutes before the flight departure.

And the passengers who fail to do so fall under this No-Show category. Resultingly the Wanna Get Away passengers do not get any fare refund. However, for the Business Select and Anytime passengers, the airline will offer travel funds. But these can only be given to originally ticketed travelers.

When does Southwest Flat-Tire Rule stand true?

For instance, suppose that you miss a Southwest Airlines flight, but you are still at the airport within 2 hours proximity of your missed flight. In that case, the airline will help you take the next available flight via standby. Besides, there won’t be an additional charge for this service.

However, this policy only stands for the passengers who miss their flight due to unavoidable reasons. So, if you call Southwest Telefono and ask for a new flight, the airline will charge you the fare difference.

So, be prepared to acknowledge these practices whenever you miss a Southwest flight. Furthermore, if you have other questions, you can call our team. The airline experts at our office will assist you with what you need.

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