How to use Passengers Travel funds on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines to fly within the United States. Part of the reason is that it offers generous cancellation and flight change policies. However, depending on the ticket, you purchased while making Southwest Airlines Reservations, if your flight plan changes, you may receive travel funds instead of cash refunds. Here is how to use Southwest Airlines travel funds and what you need to know about their related policies, including when they expire.

Southwest Travel Funds

Thanks to its free change policy, if you cancel a flight or rebook a cash flight to a lower-cost flight, The Airline will issue you Southwest travel funds. Cancellation must be at least 10 minutes before your flight departs. The refund policy differs depending on the type of ticket you purchased-business selection, anytime or wants to leave.

Anytime and  Business Select fares provide maximum flexibility, but their cost is also more than Wanna Get Away fares. When you book these tickets, you can choose to receive travel funds or cash refunds to your original payment.

On the other hand, Wanna Get Away fares offer the lowest prices. However, if you require to cancel the flight or wish to Book a lower-priced flight again, your only option is to receive travel funds(credits). The airline does not consider Cash refunds.

When you cancel a ticket paid with points instead of cash, your used points will be reverted to your account without a penalty. Taxes and fees paid for award tickets will also be refunded, but you can choose to receive Southwest Airlines travel funds or return them to the original payment method. 

How to Use Southwest Travel Funds?

  • When you make your next travel reservation, there will be a heading “Do you want to apply for travel funds?” on the checkout screen.
  • Click “Apply for travel funds,” and then enter the name and confirmation number of the passenger who has canceled the flight.
  • You can find the confirmation number in your original booking confirmation email and the email you received when you canceled your booking.
  • The passenger must be the same as the passenger on the canceled flight.
  • You must complete the new itinerary within one year of the canceled flight booking.
  • If the cost of the new flight is higher than the original flight, you need to use a credit card or gift card to pay the balance.
  • If the new flight is less than the actual flight, you will have the remaining travel funds for your future use (within the one-year limit).
  • You can also use these Southwest airlines travel funds to points and enjoy rewards travel.

Does Southwest Travel Funds Expire?

Southwest Travel Funds are usually created when you cancel or change your Wanna Get Away booking. When you provide the Rapid Rewards number to your flight booking before withdrawing it, these funds are automatically added to your account. Most of these funds have a 12-month maturity date, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some funds have been extended to September 7, 2022.

All the passengers can use their funds for booking cash or award travel. In addition, Anyone can use any unused amount in the new booking for future flights before expiration. Dial Southwest Airlines Telefono if you have any queries and receive instant assistance.

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