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Grab flat 50% off Deals with Sun Country Reservations +1-860-374-7617 

Sun Country Airlines is the best choice for passengers who are seeking comfort at affordable flight tickets. Traveling with the airline will be a treat for you. Though Sun Country is an ultra-low-cost airline, it ensures to provide full comfort while traveling. Make Sun Country Airlines Flights now and explore your dream destination at the lowest fares available. 

Sun Country is a user-centric company, that’s why it always strives to provide incredible services to its passengers. The airline serves its passengers in every way possible. Don’t forget to use the benefits of deals offered by the airline to make your travel a wonderful experience. Grab the best deal in time and travel without shaking your bank balance. 

How to make Sun Country Airlines reservations?

SunCountry airlines reservations

Sun Country facilitates its passengers with a smooth booking process. With the airline, booking is not rocket science; you have multiple options to confirm your Manage booking. 

Sun Country Airlines official site

The most efficient method of booking flights with Sun Country Airlines is to open the official website of Sun Country Airlines and book them. You can simply open your web browser and locate the Sun Country Booking website and there you go. So, you may be all set to enjoy your flights with the airline. 

Besides, the online method is fast and reliable to make your vacation planning better. So, if you are ready to book your flights, then hurry because time waits for none. And to actually use the service, you need to know the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the website and locate the Sun Country Book a flight service.
  • After that begin your flight booking process by providing the type of your trip.
  • Now, provide the destination and departure details with the preferred travel dates.
  • And now you can enter the number of travelers as well as your preferred travel class.
  • Now, enter the section to review the flight details you entered and provide the traveler’s complete information.
  • Finally, move on to the payment section and pay for the flight.

And you may receive a confirmation email from the airline with your whole flight details that you may need in the future.

Sun Country Airlines phone number

Another better way to book Sun Country Airlines flights is through their phone numbers. You can find the airline’s booking phone number. Further, you can find the contact number under the website’s Contact Section and connect with an airline’s expert. Resultingly, you can book a flight with the airline for your most-awaited vacation.

Besides, the Sun Country customer service is there the whole day long and till the night to help assist the passengers. So, you can contact the airline experts whenever you wish and enjoy your budget-friendly vacays.

Sun Country Airlines mobile app

Connect with the airline through the mobile app of the airline. The extensive mobile app will be your true travel advisor at every step of your journey. With the app, you can manage your entire journey at your fingertips. Download the app on your device and make Sun Country Reservations in the blink of an eye. 

You can also use the app to cancel flight tickets, make changes to an existing booking, staying updated on the current status of your flight. The app is exclusively designed to make your travel better and hassle-free. If you want to check- in for your scheduled flight, then you can also do that with this app. 

How to get cheap air tickets?

  • To get cheap tickets from Sun Country Airlines, you can try some simple tricks:
  • When searching for a flight, the flight’s dynamic fare will not change if you use the browser’s private mode.
  • You can get the best price if you book a ticket at an odd-numbered hour (late hour)of the day.
  • Try to book tickets in advance to get the lowest fare.
  • You must book a weekday flight because weekend flights are usually expensive.
  • With these tips, you can fly cheap flights with Sun Country Airlines.

For more detailed information about cheap flight bookings, you can contact Sun Country Airlines reservations. The representative will assist you in solving all issues related to airline services. You can use the Sun Country website’s contact information to contact them, and you can get through them via phone, email, or live chat options.

About Sun Country Airlines

History – Founded in June 1982, the airline started its flight operations in January 1983. The operations were begun with a single Boeing 727-200 jetliner. The original staff of the airline included one office person, three merchants, sixteen flight attendants, and sixteen pilots. In 1988, the airline’s headquarters were settled in Minneapolis – Saint Paul International Airport. Owing to some financial troubles, the company suspended its operations in 2001. Whitebox Advisors and Petters Group Worldwide acquired the airline in July 2006. In July 2011, the Davis family bought Sun Country out of bankruptcy. 

Fleet – Sun Country has a fleet size of 33 and the airline operates its flight services to 86 destinations. 

Employees – About 1,800 employees worked in Sun Country Airlines.

Key people – Some of the important people of the airline are-

  • Jim Olsen (First CEO and founder)
  • David Siegel (Executive Chairman)
  • Jude Bricker (CEO)

Headquarters – Sun Country Airlines headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.

Hubs – The major hub of the airline is Minneapolis/ Saint Paul.

Cabins – Earlier, the airline used to offer Economy and First Class seats, but when Sun Country has come under the Apollo Global Management, they decided to change it to a low-cost carrier. This simply means an arrangement of all economy seats. Now, the airline offers three different variations of economy seats, which are Standard, Better, and Best. 

Present – Sun Country is an ultra-low-cost airline in the United States of America. It is the eleventh largest airline in the USA by passengers carried. For Amazon Air, Sun Country also operates cargo flights. For budget travelers, Sun Country Airlines reservations are the best choice. Passengers will also get plenty of onboard amenities, which will help to make your journey relaxed and comfortable. 

Sun Country Airlines: Manage your Booking

Sun Country Airlines is majorly known for its amazing flight services. Besides, it is one of the largest airlines in the USA to offer the most exciting benefits to all the passengers. So, if you ever need to make some enhancements to your existing sun country booking, you can use the Sun Country Airlines manage booking service. And leave the rest to the airline itself.

Well, the customer service departments work day and night to provide the customers with a clear picture of what they have been worried about. Moreover, the customers can even use this managed booking service to check-in, change their flights, cancel itineraries, or inquire about the flight’s current status. So, Sun Country managing my booking will allow you to easily manage the flights and services online. Now, let’s know more about it.

Benefits of ‘Sun Country Manage Booking’ Option

There are innumerable benefits of sun country manage my booking option; however, the major ones are:-

  • Reserve and cancel tickets before the flight’s departure.
  • Get a boarding pass for digital view or print out.
  • Reserve tickets in advance and cancel them before departure. 
  • Request for additional baggage allowance.
  • Look for in-flight entertainment and enjoy a relaxed flight with Sun Country Airlines.
  • Demand for amenity kits for a rejuvenating trip.
  • Pay for Wifi and relish your time in the air. 
  • Select your meals, drinks, and beverages beforehand. 
  • Request for an upgrade. 
  • Request for change for flight reservations. 
  • Demand for pet carriers. 
  • Request for unaccompanied children. 
  • Make group booking in advance and avail discounted offers. 

How to Use Sun Country Airlines Manage My Booking Option? 

If you want to amend changes to your Sun Country Airlines reservations, please follow the procedure given below:-

  • Visit the official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the Manage my trip option and enter your booking reference number and last name.
  • Click on continue. 
  • If you are a frequent traveler and have multiple bookings under your account, select the flight you want to make changes to. 
  • You’ll see several options regarding the changes you can amend online, including baggage allowance, seat upgrade, and much more. 
  • Select your desired option and make changes to your flight itinerary.

After you have made all the desired changes, submit it. The airline will send you a confirmation email with the new changes made. And you will even receive the new boarding pass within 3-4 days of the changes. Make sure that you keep the mail with you while traveling.

Read more: Seat Selection with Sun Country Airlines

What is the Unaccompanied Minor Travel Policy?

Unfortunately, Sun Country Airlines does not offer services for unaccompanied minors. However, while making Sun Country reservations, you can book a ticket for a minor along with a 15 to 17 years old adult at a lower cost. 

What Services Does Sun Country Airlines offer for Frequent Flyer Members?

Sun Country Airlines revamped its frequent flyer program in 2018, wherein all the flyers can earn up to 2 points for every dollar they spend on any service of Sun Country Airlines. Hence, if you are a member of its frequent flyer program, you can earn 2 points for every dollar you spend on Sun Country reservations, car rentals, hotel discounts, baggage allowance, etc. Besides, members of the frequent flyer program who book tickets from a third-party site will receive 1 point on every dollar they spend. Still, if they book tickets from the official website, they can earn 2 points on every dollar spent on any of the services and facilities offered by Sun  Country Airlines. However, the new frequent flyer program suggested that every point earned in a flyer’s account will indisputably expire within three years of its offer. 

Thus, if you have earned a point two years back that will expire next year, it is better to make a Sun Country booking today to effortlessly redeem the points. 

Various Travel Classes at Sun Country Airlines 

Economy Class:

The economy class is the only cabin class offered by Sun Country Airlines Reservations. However, it brings you a pleasant flying experience.

Economy Class Facilities:

Economy Class provides USB and power sockets on specific seats to facilitate passengers to charge mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Sun Country also offers a range of free beverages, including juice, water, coffee, tea, and other carbonated drinks.

Economy class seats! 

There are three different variations of the economy class seat; the categories are standard, exit row, and best seat.

Some of the best tickets have a complimentary alcoholic drink included. Besides, you can tilt the seat up to 150% and have 4 inches of extra seat space. Besides, there are even advantages like priority boarding. However, the standard kit seat space is 29-30 inches

The seat pitch of the seats located near the exit door has been increased by 9 inches, but not everyone can enjoy the exit row seats. FAA regulations prohibit certain groups of people from sitting in these seats.

Premium Economy Class:

Sun Country Airlines does not offer any premium economy fare or cabin. But you can select the best seats in the Economy to enhance the travel experience.

Business Class:

Sun Country does not even offer a business-class fare or cabin on board as of now.

First Class:

In 2018, Sun Country Reservations removed the first class from the list of services. Since then, there is no event-level service by the airlines.

Sun Country Airlines baggage policy

Sun country airlines reservations

The baggage policy of the airline allows its passengers to carry their luggage on-board without any hassle. 

Carry-on bags

Passengers can bring one carry-on item and one personal item for free on Sun Country Airlines flights. The maximum weight of the carry-on baggage should not exceed 35 pounds. It should be 24 inches x 16 inches x 11 inches (length + width + height). 

Personal items 

You are allowed one personal item and a carry-on bag that can not exceed 17X13X9 inches in dimensions. Furthermore, the bag may fit beneath the seat in front of you. Besides, some seats won’t have storage space. So, you need to store the bags in the overhead bin.

Checked bag

Sun Country permits two standard checked bags, whose maximum weight should be 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. The maximum dimension of the checked baggage should be 157 centimeters or 62 inches. 

The Check-in Process

Sun Country Airlines offers multiple check-in opportunities for your comfort and convenience. 

Web Check-in

Sun Country Airlines enables you to complete your web check-in from your home or office’s comfort. There is no prerequisite to reach the airport three hours prior to the flight’s departure and wait another two hours for the boarding process to commence. You can effortlessly inform the airlines of your presence 24 hours before the departure and reach the airport an hour before the boarding process’s commencement. Select your seat, meal choice, beverages, and drinks, and have a relaxed and rejuvenating flight experience to your destination. 

At the Airport

If you are interested in reaching the airport three hours prior to the departure, you can check-in at the airport, select your seat there, and fly off to the destination. A few of the prerequisites for airport check-in are print out of e-ticket and identification proof. You will not be given an option to select your seats; however, you can request a window or aisle seat, if available. Once the check-in is completed, you can wait in the VIP lounge or the waiting area for the boarding process to commence after the security check complement. 


If it becomes daunting for you to reach the airport on time, you can always use the self-service check-in kiosks. You merely need to fill in your confirmation code and last name to select your seat and check-in. But, if you have check-in luggage along, you have to visit the check-in counter to check-in the baggage before moving towards the security check counter. 

Sun Country Airlines’ Seat-selection process 

If you wish to select your seats before reaching the airport, we suggest choosing them at the time of online check-in. So, you can select a seat in advance using the 6 digits confirmation code which you receive while making Sun Country Booking. However, if you need exit row seats you can not choose them online. However, to purchase the seats you need to buy them for 25 USD each per section while making the booking.

When checking in online, first-class passengers can choose a seat for free. Passengers in the Coach cabin can purchase the desired seat (located at the front of the coach cabin) at a price of  USD 15 per seat per segment, or choose a free seat at the back of the exit row based on the actual situation. If there are no seats booked during online check-in, Sun Country Reservations will allocate seats to the passengers at the airport.

Passengers can even upgrade their seats to better legroom and facilitated one while doing the online Check-in.

Grab Cheap Flight Deals with Sun Country

Making Sun Country Booking will help you travel even more comfortable with their ultra-low-cost flight tickets and several deals and discounts. Well, this helps you get a discount not only for the holiday season, but you can even use it throughout the year.

What are the In-flight Amenities offered by Sun Country Airlines?

Sun Country Airlines provides amazing inflight amenities to the customers and makes their flight experience better. Hence, being a flyer you may witness a great food menu with different cultural tastes, and a dietary meals. 

Furthermore, you can also get an incredible drinks menu which also includes some complimentary drinks by the Sun Country Airlines Flights crew. And, you can enjoy beverages like coke, juice, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, etc.  There are even many other alcoholic drinks that are available at purchase.

Apart from these services, they also offer WiFi facilities onboard for you to connect your devices and watch movies, tv shows, play games, and work while traveling in the sky. However, you have to purchase the facility while making Sun Country reservations. 

Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy

If you are a flexible traveler and not sure about your travel plan, then you must choose Sun Country Airlines Reservations as the airline has a very simple and decent cancellation policy. With Sun Country, passengers can cancel their tickets even at the last moment without any difficulty. 

  • Passengers can freely cancel their booking without a penalty between 24 hours of the original booking. Furthermore, the flight’s scheduled departure may not be within seven days of the booking time. Besides, there won’t even be a cancellation fee.
  • Suppose you cancel the flight tickets after 24 hours of the initial ticket booking, you have to pay a cancellation charge but no taxes as they will refund you.
  • If you want, you can use the airline’s official mobile app, website, or contact number to cancel your flight tickets.
  • Now, locate the “manage my booking” section on the top of the page and proceed with your flight cancellation and receive a refund.
  • The refund will be credited within 4-5 business days if you have fulfilled the refund condition. 

Passengers will not face any inconvenience while canceling their booking. Make sure to check the Sun Country cancellation policy before confirming your booking with the airline. 

Contact Sun Country Airlines Customer Service Executives

Suppose you are facing some issues with your flight ticket booking, cancellation, refund, or anything else, you can contact Sun Country Customer service. First, they are well-equipped with the airline’s options. Further, they can offer you great solutions to all the technical troubles. Just find the official number from the website and call to get answers.

Sun Country Customer Service Number:

If you need help with any of the problems, dial the Sun Country Customer service number and get a solution. The super professional team of the airline will answer the questions that you need to know about and offer you enough guidance throughout the flight plans.

Contact via Email:

Sun Country passengers can even send their inquiries to the Sun Country customer service team via email. The booking department will offer them satisfactory answers to all the queries they have.

Visit the Airport Service Desk:

Suppose the passengers can not use the above-mentioned media options. In that case, they can directly visit the airport and get the necessary help. Sun Country Airlines have the best ground crew always there for you.

Besides, the manage booking service is also better. You can ask the agents to do that for you. Otherwise, the airline’s official website is available for you. So, access it any time and retrieve the information about Sun Country flights. And this is all possible from the comfort of your home. 

Henceforth, you can do anything you wish from flight booking to changing or canceling a booking and then requesting a refund. So, be ready for the fun, and Sun Country agents will help you out with anything.

Sun Country Airlines Contact Number Detail

Sun country airlines contact Number+1-(860)-374-7617
Sun country airlines reservations Number+1-(860)-374-7617
Sun country reservations Number+1-(860)-374-7617
Sun Country Airlines Baggage helpline+1-(860)-374-7617
Sun Country airlines cancellation phone number+1-(860)-374-7617
Sun Country Booking Number  800-(359)-6786
Sun Country Airlines Customer Service+1-(860)-374-7617
Sun Country Cargo Customer Service phone number800-(966)-4274
HubsMinneapolis Saint Paul
Focus citiesDallas, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Portland (OR)
Fleet size29
HeadquartersEagan, Minnesota, United States
Parent company(Apollo Global) Management

Why choose Sun Country Airlines flights?

If you ever wonder why you should book Sun Country Airlines Flights, you may know that they are the best in many ways. So, you can enhance your air travel experience to the maximum with the airline. Let’s read the following points and find out more reasons to book with Sun Country.

Simple and easy manage booking

Booking Sun Country Airlines tickets is not such a tiring task because the process is easy. Besides, online flight ticket booking is the best way to make advance reservations for your holiday plans. And Sun Country offers you several ways to book flights from the comfort of your homes. So, it is one of the biggest reasons to book flights with the airline.

24/7 available customer service

With the help of Sun Country Airlines customer service, you can be even more convenient with the flights. So, you can connect to the airline’s experts and receive all the help you need without rethinking your flights. So, you can connect with the agents and obtain the assistance you like.

Affordable deals and offers

Sun Country Airlines understands the value of money; thus, it keeps releasing amazing deals and discounts for its passengers. Keep a vigilant eye on these deals to not miss out on some amazing offers. Snag the one that suits your budget and preferences. 

You can make Sun Country reservations and that would be the most exciting choice for you. First, booking flights can be possible without even hitting hard on pockets. And, Sun Country airlines never fail to surprise the customers with their exceptional offers for passengers.

I hope the information mentioned above is helpful and impressive to you. Please share your feedback in the comments section below. 

Sun Country Vacations Package Offer

If you are not only looking for just simply flight booking, you can move forward to booking Sun Country vacation packages. They help you out with several things along with booking, like hotel and car rentals as well. And booking vacation packages will help you save a better amount of money with the all-inclusive packages. Here are some of the deals that you can take advantage of with Sun Country vacation packages.

Pebblestone hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic are all-encompassing.

In order to save money, please book air tickets and hotel packages from Sun country vacations.

You will be able to enjoy unlimited golf, spa treatments, etc. Guests staying for three nights or more will get absolute accommodation:

  • You can choose a tour.
  • Choose RockSpa treatment.
  • A Romantic special dinner event
  • A Rock photo pack
  • Also, Golf green fees for certain Hard Rock hotels.
Las Vegas Cosmopolitan preferential rates and privileges

And if you want to stay for over three nights or more, you can save almost 20% and receive a 50USD credit. Plus, for staying four nights or more you will save 25% on the total fare.

Sun Country Airlines Vacation package specials continue to expand!

Sun Country has announced their largest number of flying routes and as a regular service. This is new in the history of aviation. And there are 19 direct ways as well as seven latest airports. The expansion of the network includes eight new routes direct to the Minneapolis-St base. 

Besides, here are eight more direct routes from the Paul Intl Airport. And there are recently expanded markets to Nashville, Tennessee, Dallas Forth Worth, Portland, and Oregon.

Sun Country Vacations allows tourists to save time and money by booking air tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc. through a suitable transaction. At each step of the journey, passengers on most flights can enjoy premium discounts, personalized service, great enthusiasm, and direct service. Sun Country Vacations highlights hotels and travel partners that have been personally selected and personally checked by Sun Country travel experts to ensure a satisfying and unforgettable vacation. For more information, including a complete list of destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean, please visit the official Sun country website and click on “Sun Country Vacations.”

Sun Country Infant Travel Policy

Sun Country Airlines has a very convenient infant travel Policy, but it does not allow infants younger than eight days to fly with them. However, Lap Children can travel without any charges on Sun Country flights. If you make Sun Country Airlines Booking for infants, ensure that the number of infants should not be more than the number of traveling adults. Only one lap child is allowed per reservation of an adult, which means if you are flying with two or more children under two years of age, you have to buy an extra seat for the second child. 

Bringing Children onboard with Sun Country Airlines allows you to take one lap child without any charge. As for the second child, you should purchase a seat and use an approved child safety chair to make the infant easily sit with you. Here are the rules and guidelines you need to follow for booking Sun Country Airlines Tickets with an infant.

Infant Travel Policy Rule

  • They only allow one toddler with an adult who will keep them on their lap. Besides, the number of children can not be more than the number of traveling adults.
  • You can only check-in physically at the airport for traveling with an infant.
  • Your carry-on baggage will not increase if your baby will sit on your lap.
  • Car seats and strollers are a must if you are purchasing a seat for your child, and you can check in them for free.
  • Use FAA-approved child restraint devices that can be gate-checked at your destination without any issues.
  • Children between 2 to 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of 118 years or more.

You can dial the Sun Country Airlines Telefono to speak to an airline expert for help with any further information about the airline.

Sun Country Pregnant Woman Travel Policy

Sun Country airlines are always keen on upholding the customer’s benefit over anything. Hence, the airline will never compromise the security and well-being of flyers. Besides, the airline vows to take good care of the customers no matter what happens. And the Sun Country Pregnant Woman travel policy is one of that kind.

If you or someone traveling with you is a pregnant woman, you must check the details of this policy to ensure that your travel goes smoothly. And the points mentioned below are the major factors for pregnant women’s travel.

Major Factors that affect traveling while pregnancy

  • Sun country airlines have proposed some restrictions when a pregnant woman books a flight for traveling with them onboard. The policy states that pregnant women are not allowed to travel if their delivery date is in less than a week.
  • Furthermore, as per the USA travel guidelines, they suggest women in the last trimester of their pregnancy, as well as the first trimester, may avoid traveling if possible.
  • Besides, pregnant women with due dates within seven days of the departure date can only travel with Sun Country booking with a doctor’s note. This note must state that the expecting woman is fit for traveling and impose no harm to the child or the mother itself. 
  • The doctor’s note may also have listed that the pregnant woman can travel by air without any trouble. Moreover, this note should be from within 72 hours of the scheduled travel time for the flight.
  • If the note is older than 72 hours from the flight’s scheduled departure time, Sun Country will not consider it for allowing air travel.
  • Lastly, pregnant women with an expected delivery date over seven days from the day of departure can travel like any other passenger on Sun Country. Furthermore, the airline will not impose any restrictions on them.

Moreover, if you need to know more about the airline’s policies and more, contact Sun Country experts for help. The agents will help you out with any queries you face.

Learn about the Pet Policy of Sun Country!

If you wish to take your furry animals onboard, you can view the Sun Country Airlines pet Policy. The policy further states that you can bring your pets as carry-on or cargo hold as checked baggage. But there are some conditions that you must follow to take them on board and not endanger anybody.

Pet reservations:

Each flight can accommodate up to 4 pets as carry-on luggage. Therefore, it is essential to reserve a parking space as soon as possible after confirming your travel plan. To ensure that your pet gets a spot, you should contact Sun Country Airlines Reservations.

Pets in the cabin

If the carrier and pet’s combined weight are less than 16 pounds (7 kg), Sun Country Reservations will welcome pet cats and dogs into the cabin on certain flights within the United States. Pets are not allowed to travel on international flights or flights to and from Anchorage. Each passenger can fly with one pet and aircraft carrier—pets traveling in the main cabin cost USD 125 per flight segment (if booked in advance). If the four pet limit in the cabin has not been reached, the cost of a walk-in booking is US$199.

Pets in checked baggage

Unfortunately, Sun Country Airlines does not allow pets in the cargo hold.

Sun Country Airlines Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How strict is Sun Country with personal items?

One personal item is allowed by the airline on-board. This item could be any of the following-

  • Diaper bag
  • An umbrella
  • A jacket
  • Assistive devices (child restraint seats, strollers, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, etc.)
  • Duty-free items
  • All these items don’t count towards your carry-on baggage allowance. Make Sun Country Airlines reservations and carry your personal item without any hassle

Can I bring my own food on Sun Country Airlines flights?

Sun Country Airlines permits passengers to bring their own food on-board. They can bring non-alcoholic beverages and food, including TSA-approved snacks and items that are purchased at the airport. Carrying your own food will help you to save money.

What are the restrictions on online check-in?

Online check-in starts from 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight until one hour prior to the departure time. Passengers who are traveling on domestic flights are only eligible to check-in online after making Sun Country reservations. There are some restrictions on online check-in. Below is the list of passengers who are not allowed to check-in online and must check-in at the airport.

  • Passengers who are flying in a group of 10 or more
  • And, Those traveling internationally
  • Customers flying with infants
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers who have purchased exit row seats
  • Check-in online and save your time and energy at the airport.

Can I watch movies on Sun Country Airlines flight?

Once you have made Sun Country reservations, get ready to have an enriching travel experience. You will never get bored while soaring through clouds as on-board entertainment is waiting for you. Passengers can use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones to enjoy their favorite movies, which is complimentary entertainment. There is a huge selection of games, shows, movies, and music available on the airline’s flights. Browse through it and use the secure wireless AirFi network to enjoy shows and movies as per your preference.

What is the Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy of the airline allows passengers to cancel their reservations at much ease. If you have made a booking from the official site of the airline or by talking to the reservation staff, then you can cancel your Sun Country Airlines reservations via the official site of the airline. You can cancel your booking within 24 hours from the time of the initial booking for free. Make sure that the booking is made seven days or more before the scheduled departure time.

Does Sun Country Airlines have its Mobile application?

Sun Country Airlines offers its Android and Apple application that makes your day-of-travel experience. Sun Country reservation enables you to book tickets, cancel and refund your tickets effortlessly. You’ll be able to upgrade your seat, purchase extra baggage allowance, upgrade traveler information, keep a check on the travel credit points, etc. Most importantly, you can use the application to shoe your e-boarding pass at the airport, no need to print it.

Does Sun Country Airlines have WiFi onboard?

Yes, Sun Country Airlines have a WiFi facility onboard. You can enjoy movies, shows, and games on your personal devices through their secure WiFi service.

Can I get our pet along on Sun Country Airlines?

Sun Country Airlines allows your four-legged friend on board. You need to apply for a pet carrier 24 hours prior to the departure. Besides, you need to submit relevant medical documents to the airlines while booking the flight. The pet carrier should be kept under the seat at all times, and the pet should not be released from the carrier while onboard. Pets are not allowed on international or long-haul flights.

Does Sun Country Airlines offer vacation packages and deals?

Sun Country Airlines offers fantastic deals and packages to round up your entire trip. You need not book your hotel and car from some other website; book your flight, hotel rooms, car, and other tour packages from Sun Country reservations at a lower fare. If you are a premium member of Sun Country Airlines, you receive additional benefits, including discounted hotel rooms, low-fare rental car that will stay with you on the entire trip, etc.

How much is the seat fee in Sun Country?

The new seat allocation fee ranges from $2 to $35, depending on the time of year, flight time, and whether the seat is in the aisle/middle/window.

Is there a first-class cabin in Sun Country Airlines?

Although Sun Country no longer has first-class, compared with other low-cost airlines, it does not stand out in inflight service. All seats can be reclined and equipped with standard-size tables. Most seats also have in-seat power supplies with USB charging ports.

Does Sun Country have an in-flight TV screen?

When flying with Sun Country Airlines, you can use your androids, tablets, or laptops to enjoy hours of free entertainment from our library of movies, shows, games, and music via a secure wireless AirFi network.

Is a backpack also considered a personal item in Sun Country?

Yes. All passengers can carry items under one seat for free. As long as it fits the seat in front of you, it can be a wallet, backpack, duffel bag, or other items. If you have other duffel bags, you can choose the Sun Country duffel bag option that suits you best.

How do I check-in for my Sun country Reservations flight?

At the airport, passengers can use the Sun Country agent at the self-service kiosk or ticket counter to check-in. At some airports, Sun Country Airlines shares ticket counter space with other airlines

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I am a loyal customer of Sun Country Airlines. It has been an amazing experience with them. There are interesting in-flight entertainment options, a fantastic food menu, and comfortable seats with extra legroom. I usually travel on long-haul fights and they are very convenient and comfortable. I prefer JetBlue over other airlines as they offer affordable tickets and great comfortability. The staff is courteous and takes care of you the entire trip in the sky. The Sun Country customer care service executives are well-versed with all the technical issues, thus I often contact them on Sun Country Airlines regarding technical issues. Great work Sun Country Airlines!

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Sun Country Airlines

I don’t like to complain or post negative reviews for any company or brad, but Sun Country Airlines has crossed all the limits. The staff at the airport was pathetic, although the flight attendants on board were fine. The attendant sitting at the check-in counter took my bag; right at that moment, I told him that please consider the bag as fragile. Everything was fine until then; however, my carry-on luggage was lost within seconds from the tray at the security check, nowhere to be found. Sun Country Airlines denied to help me, saying it was my responsibility. I gulped down all the anger and reached home. When I opened my bag, most of the things inside were broken. They did not take care of my luggage—a horrible experience. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to make Sun Country airline reservations!

 by David Charles
Super Sun Country Airlines

Honestly, Sun Country Airlines ought to work on their class cabin. The seats are so uncomfortable that if you want to spread your legs for a few minutes, you might end up hitting the person sitting in front. While making my Sun Country reservations, I mentioned that I required a business class ticket; however, when I reached the airport, they degraded me to economy class, saying that business class is still not available in Sun Country Airlines. I was in premium economy, wherein I had to sit in between two passengers with zero legroom and in-flight entertainment options. The only thing I could do is stare at the people around. Pathetic flight experience, I request them to consider improving their in-flight services and entertainment system for the passengers’ comfort.

 by Taylor Jamie
Sun Country Airlines

For the last few months, I am traveling with Sun Country Airlines, and they have given me exceptional facilities onboard, including in-flight entertainment, a la carte, and complimentary beverages. This time I had to take my pet along due to an emergency, I reserved my ticket via Sun Country reservation and mentioned that I am carrying a pet along, they soon sent me all the prerequisite for getting a pet along, but also during the flight helped me to take care of it. I am not only grateful for their in-flight services but appreciate their courteous staff. Great work, guys!

 by John Robert
Super Service

I have been traveling with Sun Country Airlines for a long time now. They have never given me any chance to grieve over their facilities or late-back attitude; however, this time, while I was booking my trip via Sun Country reservations, I booked the wrong flight, by mistake. So I immediately requested the Cancellation of the ticket, but the airlines haven’t replied to my query until now. So, I sincerely believe that the airlines are relatively customer-oriented and aim to provide the best services to all passengers; however, this time, I cannot understand the reason behind the late-back attitude of the customer care executives and the airline as a whole.

 by Romie huge
Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines is a fantastic Airline that is serving its customers with the best facilities. I am a frequent flyer with Sun Country Airlines, it has been many years now, and to date, the services have just got better. Where I used to get limited in-flight entertainment options, now they have thousands of movies and shows to select from, the drink and beverages counter has also improved in regards to the brand quality and the number of brews available per passengers, the seats are more comfortable, and the USB ports are at more convenient places. Great work, Sun Country Airlines!

 by Jocabb Taylor
Sun Country Airlines

If I get a chance to travel with Sun Country Airlines, I will make the most out of it. I have gone with them for the first time, and everything, including Sun Country reservations to check-in, was simple and convenient. I didn’t have to walk a lot to reach the boarding gate, the registration was done within minutes, and the staff helped me to adjust well onboard. Their in-flight entertainment options are also fantastic. While onboard I watched multiple movies and series and enjoyed it. Great Experience!

 by Jamie Huge
Best Service

Sun Country is a fantastic airline. I am a regular customer of Sun Country and quite a satisfied one. The Sun Country Airlines reservations have made my life easy; I mostly have book tickets for domestic destinations, and I generally get discounted fares and additional services for free. Once you are a regular customer, Sun Country will offer you membership of minimum fees, and you can avail incredible discounts and offers on every flight you choose. Its staff is fantastic, now they know me very well and provide me extra amenities onboard Amazing services and staff members. Great Job, Sun Country Airlines!