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Sun Country is an ultra-low-cost airline and it serves 52 destinations around the world. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, the airline has a fleet size of 33. Sun Country offers various world-class services and amazing customer support to its passengers, luring many passengers towards it. Among all the available services, one is Sun Country cancellation policy, which allows individuals to cancel their current booking without any hassle. 

All the services offered by the airline are user-friendly, thus passengers love Sun Country. Life is uncertain, so are the travel plans; it can change anytime. The airline understands this fact and thus it offers a decent cancellation policy for the convenience of passengers. If you are a flexible passenger and not sure about your travel plan, then you must choose Sun Country for your next journey; the airline permits easy cancellation of Sun Country Airlines reservations even at last moments. 

24 hours cancellation policy

Everyone must know about the 24 hours cancellation policy of almost all the airlines; Sun Country is no different, it also offers a 24 hours cancellation policy. Travelers can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of original booking without paying any cancellation charges. They will also get their full refund back. Keep in mind that you have made your reservation at least seven days or more prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. 

Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy allows you to confirm cancellation without any trouble within 24 hours of the initial reservation. If you are cancelling your ticket after 24 hours, then you will be penalized with cancellation charges. The airline ensures full comfort once you choose it. Some points related to the cancellation policy of the airline are-

    • Passengers can cancel their reservation either on the official site of the airline or on the mobile application of Sun Country Airline.
    • To cancel your booking on the official site of the airline, you can do it through the “Manage My Travel” option.
  • You can check the cancellation and the refund status by clicking on Manage My Trip. On this official website you can also check about the Sun Country cancellation policy.
  • Passengers should not worry about the cancellation fee, as they can cancel their booking with little or no fee depending upon when they are travelling.

Passengers will not face any inconvenience while cancelling their reservation. Moreover, if passengers want to make changes to their booking, they can do it stress-free. 

Refund policy of Sun Country

As per the Sun Country Airlines refund policy, passengers are eligible to get a refund if they are cancelling their current booking within 24 hours of their original booking. If you are eligible for refund, then you can claim it through the official site of the airline within the provided time limit. Passengers will get a partial or full refund depending upon when they are cancelling their booking. 

The amount of refund that you will get depends upon fare rules of Sun Country Airlines. Check out these rules before claiming for refund. Your refund amount will be delivered within 7 to 9 working days if you have made payment online while purchasing the flight ticket. You can also reach out to the customer service desk of the airline to request for your refund. To check the refund status, visit the official site of the airline. The airline offers other services also to its passengers apart from the cancellation and refund policy; some of the great services offered by the airline are Sun Country Airlines check-in process, easy baggage handling, simple booking process, etc.

How to cancel Sun Country Airlines reservations?

Cancelling your flight booking is not a daunting task with Sun Country Airlines, you are allowed to do it with few clicks only. One can cancel his/her booking from the official site of the airline. Follow some simple steps and you are done. 

  • Go to the Sun Country Airlines official site after launching your web browser.
  • Check out the top of the page to discover the option of “Manage My Travel.”
  • Now, you are required to enter your booking number, and first name & last name of passenger to move further in the cancellation process. 
  • Click on the “Continue” tab after this. On this user-friendly website, you can learn about the details of Sun Country cancellation policy.
  • Look for the booking you wish to cancel; after finding, click on it. 
  • Now you are able to make any changes to your existing booking.
  • Now, you have to tap on the “Cancel Booking” option.
  • Your booking is cancelled now. 

Implement all these steps and you can cancel your booking without any additional efforts. You can also cancel your reservation by connecting the airline representatives. Dial the toll-free number and avail immediate assistance. They deliver the best services to its passengers; get in touch with them and know how to cancel your booking.

This was all about the easy and effortless Sun Country cancellation policy. Read all the information carefully and confirm your cancellation at much ease. 


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