Alaska Airlines reservations

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Alaska Airlines Reservations

Being one of the top-rated airlines in the aviation indNustry, Alaska always strives to meet the demands and expectations of its potential customers. From looking for flights to making Alaska Airlines reservations, from baggage allowance to check-in representatives of Alaska will help you at every step of your journey. 

The airline connects various small towns to major transportation hubs, making it easy for passengers to travel to their favorite destinations. You don’t have to think twice before choosing Alaska Airlines as it is one of the most reliable airlines. With Alaska Airlines, no destination is difficult. If you select the airline as your air carrier partner, then there are numerous ways to purchase Alaska Airline tickets. 

How to manage Alaska Airlines Book a flight?

Choose Alaska Airlines Book a flight option, make changes to your services, and travel in comfort in the sky. Some of the modifications you can do on your flight are:-

  • Cancel and reserve a flight. 
  • Request for additional baggage allowance.
  • Request for support for unaccompanied minors and differently-abled passengers. 
  • Rebook tickets. 
  • Book group tickets for more than ten people. 
  • Apply for pet carriers. 
  • Apply and track your refund request.
  • Track your travel credit points and use them to get discounts.
  • Book the VIP lounge for waiting purposes. 
  • Apply for meals and drinks on board. 
  • Choose in-flight entertainment options. 

If somehow, you forget to choose additional services during Alaska Airlines reservations, it gives you an option to manage Alaska Airlines booking online. 

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  • Click on the ‘Manage my trip’ option. 
  • Enter your last name and booking reference code or e-ticket number. 
  • Click on continue. 
  • Click on flight you want to make changes to. 
  • You will be redirected to a new page wherein you’ll see several service options, select one option, and make changes. 
  • If you have selected for chargeable service, choose your preferred payment option and make the payment online. 

Once the changes are processed, you will receive a confirmation mail, including your additional service options and payment receipt.

Alaska Airlines Contact Details

Alaska Airlines Reservations Contact Info.+1-888-541-9118
Alaska Airlines Customer Service Phone Number+1-888-541-9118
Alaska Airlines Baggage Tracking Phone Number+1 -877-815-8253
Alaska Airlines Contact Info.1-800-{252-7522}
Alaska Airlines Telefono+1-888-541-9118
Alaska Airlines Cancellation Flight Contact Number 1-{800-252}-7522
Alaska Airlines Booking Contact Number1-800-(252-7522)
Alaska Airlines Group Reservations Contact Info.18004454435
Alaska Airlines Vacations Contact Info.1844762(0087)
For Alaska Airlines general help{18005030101}
HubsAnchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle(Tacoma)
Focus citiesSan Diego, San Jose {CA}
Fleet size323
Parent companyAlaska Air Group

Corona virus Safety Measures Offered by Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines knows that each passenger’s life is imperative enough to lose to COVID-19; hence, the airlines have taken special safety measures to allow customers to travel in a touchless environment while maintaining social distancing. If you are unaware of its safety precautions, here’s what you need to know before initiation Alaska Airlines booking. 

No Mask? No Travel?

Passengers are not allowed to travel to Alaska Airlines without wearing a mask. If a passenger is reluctant to wear a mask, he/she will not be permitted to travel onboard. Face masks will be available on request at the airport for all the passengers. While making Alaska Airlines booking, passengers need to walk through the rules carefully regarding the same. 

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer or wipes are available onboard for all passengers. Counters and airport lounges have sanitizers for all passengers. 

Personal Safety First

  • Passengers will be required to download an application to download an e-boarding pass to maintain contactless boarding during the check-in process. Along with the con-tactless check-in process, passengers also need to sign an agreement stating that they have no traveled anywhere within 72 hours of traveling with Alaska Airlines, and they are Corona virus free. 
  • All passengers need to wear the Pexilglass shields that are available around the airport. No passengers will be allowed onboard without the Pexilglass shields. 
  • There are ‘Mind your Wingspan’ floor decals and signages at the check-in counter, security check counters, and toilets to remind passengers of social distancing. Passengers are requested to follow the rules to crab the spread of Corona virus. 
  • Customers who require to pay for additional services like extra baggage allowance at the airport can convert their cash into cardless debit card and pay.

Onboard Safety

To maintain social distancing, onboard services have been limited for the time being, including the food and shrink facilities; Alaska Airlines encourages passengers to bring their food along. 

What are the essential points to remember while making Alaska Airlines Reservations?

While making your reservation, there are few things that need to be in your mind, for you might make a mistake that might cost you tons of money. Hence, always remember to:-

  • Read the refund policy of the airline before booking your ticket. 
  • Purchase travel insurance, lest your tickets are non-refundable. 
  • Request support for senior citizens and differently-abled family members for airlines to help you during the entire trip in the sky. 
  • Look for discounts and offers before making Alaska Airlines reservations; they offer discount news via their newsletters, emails, and social media page. Do ensure to go through them prior to making your reservation with Alaska Airlines. 
  • Choose a round trip as the tickets are inexpensive for a round trip booking. 
  • Look for safety measures taken by the airline for coronavirus; thus, read them carefully and know what all precautions you have to take and what are the rules and regulations of the country you are traveling to before making your reservation. 

Alaska Airlines International Phone Number

CountryPhone Number
Alaska Airlines Antigua Contact Info.01180025275200
Alaska Airlines Argentina Contact Number0080025275200
Alaska Airlines Australia Contact Info.0800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Belgium Contact Info.0800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Bermuda Phone Number01800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Booking Canada Contact Info.18002527522
Alaska Airlines China Phone Number0080025275200
Alaska Airlines Colombia Contact Number00580025275200
Alaska Airlines Costa Rica Contact Info.0080025275200
Alaska Airlines Denmark Airlines Reservations0800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines France Booking Contact Number00800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Germany Contact Info0080025275200
Alaska Airlines Hong Kong Contact Number+1800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Hungary Number+18002527520
Alaska Airlines Iceland Number+18002527520
Alaska Airlines India Customer Care Service Number+18002527520
Alaska Airlines Ireland Contact Number1 (800) 654-5669
Alaska Airlines Israel Contact Info.014-(00-25275200)
Alaska Airlines Italy Phone Number+1800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Japan Contact Number0061-010-800/25275200
Alaska Airlines Korea Contact Info.02-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Malaysia Contact Info.800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Telefono Mexico Contact Info.01-800-252-7522
Alaska Airlines Netherlands Phone Number0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines New Zealand Contact Info.0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Norway Contact Info.1 (800) 654-5669
Alaska Airlines Philippines Contact Info.0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Portugal Contact Info.0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Singapore Contact Info.01-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines en Español Telefono0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Sweden Contact Info.0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Switzerland Contact Info.0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Taiwan Contact Info.0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Thailand Contact Phone Number01-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines UK Contact Number0-800-25275200
Alaska Airlines Telefono USA (Canada)0-800-25275200

How to Initiate Alaska Airlines Reservations?

Alaska Airlines facilitates customers with serval ways to book a flight online and offline, including online flight booking and customer care reservation department, where you can call all book your flight within minutes. If you are unaware of the reservation process, please follow the instructions given below. 

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  • Click on the type of trip you are looking for, i.e., a one-way trip, a round trip, or a multi-city trip. 
  • Mention the date on which you want to travel to your dream destination. 
  • Enter the name of the departure airport and destination airport. 
  • Put in the number of passengers traveling and their age. 
  • Mention the cabin class you want to travel in. 
  • Select for support for unaccompanied minors or differently-abled during the flight. 
  • Click on find flights. 
  • You will be redirected to a new page wherein you’ll find several flight options along with the date, time, and fare; you can select any one flight as per your convenience. 
  • Click on the flight option and select pay. 
  • You will be directed to Alaska Airlines book a flight page; please read the flight details carefully to avoid any future issues. Select your payment option and make the payment online. If you are a premium member of Alaska Airlines, mention your mileage account number and get a discount on your trip. 

Alaska Airlines in-flight amenities

Alaska airlines reservations

Once you board Alaska Airlines flights, you will get the kind of hospitality that surpasses your expectations. Fresh touches are added throughout your journey to make your trip a comfortable one. Alaska offers some of the best on-board services to its passengers. Enjoy these elite benefits to have a pleasant on-board experience. In-flight amenities provided by the airline are-

  •       Eat fresh while flying

Explore main cabin meals, prepared with local and fresh flavors and ingredients straight from the West Coast food scene. Meals that are available on flights will depend on the trip length. Satisfy your hunger and try out popular snacks served on-board such as Cheese platter and Signature Fruit. 

  •       Stay connected 

Staying connected is simple when you fly with Alaska Airlines. The airline keeps upgrading its aircraft to satellite Wi-Fi. Most flights have either satellite Wi-Fi or in-flight internet. The Wi-Fi is now 20 times faster than the standard air-to-ground system. Chat with your near and dear ones while flying through the clouds with uninterrupted gate-to-gate connectivity. Keep up with posts on social media, e-mail, or online shopping with Gogo ATG4 basic in-flight internet. 

  •       Free texting during flight

As you fly in the sky, continue the conversation with your beloved ones that you started on the ground. Enjoy the facility of in-flight texting by adding Facebook Messenger, iMessage, or WhatsApp. It is entirely free to use.

  •       Watch your favorite movies

Grab some popcorn and get ready to have the experience of the movie theatre. 

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your device. You can also rent an in-flight tablet on some of the longer flights. Most of the aircraft have the entertainment built in it, naming Alaska Beyond Entertainment. 

Don’t stop yourself and make Alaska Airlines reservations to explore your desired city at the lowest fares possible. Avail all the advantages of these amenities to have a smooth and comfortable journey. 

Alaska Airlines check-in options

Alaska airlines check-in

If you want to check-in for your scheduled flight, then you have different options to do so. Avoid the check-in time at the airport, complete the process online, and proceed directly towards the gate. Various options to check-in are-

  •       Online check-in

Passengers can check-in online from one to 24 hours of your scheduled flight from anywhere around the world. Receive your boarding pass on your e-mail and print it to get a physical copy of it. Those days are gone when you have to tarry in long queues at the airport as now you have the convenience of online check-in. 

  •       Mobile check-in

The mobile app of the airline will help you to Alaska Airlines reservations check-in. It will be your true travel companion from the starting of your journey to the end of it. You must have check-in one to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. Moreover, the app will help you in selecting a seat, making a reservation, cancelling a ticket, making changes, knowing flight status, etc. 

  •       Kiosk check-in

Check-in at one of the kiosks, available at the airport is very easy. Once you arrive at the airport, try to look for the nearby kiosk to check-in for free. Kiosk check-in is available throughout the airline’s systems. Passengers can use this facility 40 minutes before the departure of flight with the carry-on baggage. The kiosk will print your boarding pass, collect it, and off you go.

  •       Ticket counter check-in

If you have a physical paper ticket, then you are required to check-in in person. Get in touch with the ground staff of the airline, and they will help you to make it easy and simple. Ticket counter check-in is followed by most of the passengers. Check-in through any of the methods after making Alaska Airlines reservations online. 

Mileage Plan- Frequent flyer program of the airline

Alaska offers special service to its loyal customers, known as the Mileage Plan. The program is launched for those passengers who frequently fly with the airline. Travel with the airline to earn the maximum advantages of this program. Some points related to this beneficial program are-

  • You will earn one mile for flying one mile. On every mile flown, you will be delivered a mile that can be used for future travel. 
  • Passengers can earn miles when they dine, shop, stay in a hotel, rent a car, and more. 
  • If you are an elite Mileage Plan Member, you can earn miles even faster. You will have other benefits also, such as preferred seating, priority boarding and check-in, and two free checked baggage. 
  • Various benefits of this loyalty program are free flight tickets, duty-free shopping, cheaper award travel, etc. 

Join this program and earn miles every time you fly with the airline. Make Alaska Airlines reservations immediately and feel the difference. If you want more information about Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy so you can check it.

What is Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy?

Like any other airlines, Alaska Airlines follows a stringent baggage policy wherein customers cannot bring overweight luggage; however, passengers in need of additional baggage allowance can purchase it online and offline. Through the manage my trip option, you can request for extra baggage and pay online. 

Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on luggage should not exceed the maximum limit of 45 linear inches, i.e., 22 x 14 x 19 inches. Passengers can bring along two baggage items, one for the overhead bin and one that can fit under the front seat. Passengers are not permitted to carry additional luggage, at any cost. 

Check-in Baggage

Alaska Airlines has permitted customers to check-in two luggage items that should not exceed 50 pounds of weight and fit in the maximum dimension of 62 inches. If passengers need to carry more weight, they can pay for the same online. 

To make changes to your baggage allowance, opt for Alaska Airlines book a flight option, and modify your baggage allowance by paying for it online. 

Alaska Airlines Reservations Number

Alaska Airlines allows customers to book their tickets, cancel the flight and inquire regarding any problem regarding reservation and cancellation via Alaska Airlines reservations phone number available on the official website of Alaska Airlines. 

Customer Care service: Reservation Department

Alaska Airlines enables customers to reserve their tickets via customer care service executives. If, somehow, you aren’t able to complete your Alaska Airlines reservations online, you can always call on Alaska Airlines reservation number to directly connect with the reservation department. Effortlessly, boo a ticket, get discounts and deals, get a confirmation mail, and you are good to go. 

Once the payment is processed, your Alaska Airlines reservations will be completed; you will receive a confirmation mail, including your e-ticket and details related to safety precautions, baggage policy, and refund policy. Please read the mail carefully and save the mail for web check-in.

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