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Call Norwegian Airlines Reservations at +1-860-374-7617 and get amazing deals.

Norwegian airlines reservation

Norwegian Airlines is the best low-cost airline in Europe and can provide you with the opportunity to visit the world’s top destinations without the need to bargain. You can make a Norwegian Airlines Booking for your next trip and qualify for a unique experience at an exceptional fare.

How can I make my Norwegian Airlines Reservation?

Norwegian Air’s official website is your legal platform for your next Norwegian booking. Those who want to experience leisure on a budget must definitely book Norwegian’s shuttle bus on its official website because you can find many cheap Norwegian flights. Even if you are looking for the same day’s flight, you will not be disappointed because it is a low-cost airline.

Steps to make a flight booking with Norwegian Airlines:

  • Open the official website for “Norwegian Airlines Reservations.”
  • Now click on “Flights” to start the Norwegian Airline booking process.
  • Enter the departure airport in the field that says, “Depart from.”
  • Also, enter your destination airport in the next corresponding field.
  • A drop-down menu will open after entering the departure and destination airports, asking you to enter additional details.
  • Select “Travel Type” by clicking one clickable range before the options, round trip, or one way.
  • After selecting the itinerary, choose your departure date. If you choose the “round trip” as your preferred travel type, you need to enter the return date and departure date.
  • Select the number of adults to be included in the Norwegian booking.
  • Also, select the number of “children.” It is optional. If you are not traveling with children, then you can keep this option.
  • Now click “Search and book”
  • You will be redirected to the flight results page, showing you several flight agreement options based on your specific search input.
  • Select one of the transactions displayed on the screen.
  • After selection, preview the content included in the fare.
  • Click “Continue” later, which will redirect you to the payment page.
  • Now complete the Payment to confirm your Norwegian Airlines Reservation.
Norwegian Airlines Reservation Number USA+1-860-374-7617
Norwegian airlines reservations flights+1-860-374-7617
Norwegian Airlines Customer Service00 47 21 49 00 15
Norwegian Airlines Baggage Helpline number+1-860-374-7617
Norwegian Air Cancellation Number+1-860-374-7617
Headquarters Bærum, Norway
Fleet size18
Key peopleJacob Schram (CEO)
Niels Smedegaard (Chairman)
Tore Jenssen (CEO
WebsiteClick here

Travel Classes Offered by Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Aerospace Shuttle ASA offers four travel cabins, including economy class, premium economy class, business class, and first-class. Each type has its unique facilities, which is definitely a happy experience for every Norwegian guest.

Economy Class

Passengers who have confirmed their booking for Norwegian Airlines Reservations Flights and selected “Economy Class” will get onboard Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, and access to on-demand entertainment.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Class passengers can enjoy in-flight Wi-Fi, the use of luxurious lounges, comfortable premium seats with extra legroom and a premium three-course menu, free drinks throughout the journey, premium breakfast or light meals, and your seat USB charger and power outlet.

Business Class

Business Class passengers can enjoy priority check-in, onboard Wi-Fi, a luxurious lounge and comfortable Premium seats (which can lie down into a completely flatbed), and free drinks, including food, throughout the flight. A USB charger and a power socket are also provided next to the seat.

First Class

Passengers can enjoy priority check-in, Wi-Fi on board, a luxurious lounge, more personal space, a quiet cabin to relax during the journey, a comfortable premium seat (can lie down on a completely flatbed), A variety of delicious dining options, and free meals.

Passengers who wish to add other services to their current reservation can contact the airline representative through the Norwegian Airlines reservation number.

What is the Baggage Policy of Norwegian Airlines?

Are you ready to hop on the journey of a lifetime with Norwegian Airlines Booking? You need to pack your bags. But what and how much you should pack is still a concern. So, you must know the baggage allowance policies of the airline to proceed with your travel plans.

Hand-Luggage Allowance

Each passenger has permission to bring one bag that they can keep below the seat in front of them. Further, if they have a Flex ticket or Low Fare + booking, they can also take a cabin bag for the overhead bin.

Moreover, the total weight of the baggage may not exceed 10 kg for their Low Fare, Low Fare Plus,                                   and premium tickets. However, the weight limit for Flex and Premium Flex is 15 kgs.

Besides, they can take one personal item on Norwegian airlines flights. But note that they can not take baggage of more than 8 kg weight on Dubai Flights.

Checked Luggage Allowance

The type of your ticket will specify whether you may get a checked luggage allowance or not. However, there is no harm in knowing how much checked luggage you can take with you on Norwegian Airlines flights.

If your checked luggage is not included in the booking, you need to pay some extra amount to include it. Furthermore, you can add checked luggage to your allowance up to four hours prior to the flight’s departure. 

Besides, with LowFare bookings, you may not get any checked allowance. However, both low fare + and Flex tickets allow you to bring checked luggage. And the maximum allowance is one bag of 23 kg for LowFare+ and two bags of 23 kg each for Flex Fare.

Excess Baggage limits

If the weight of your bags is over 23 kg in weight, we will count them as extra. And you need to pay an added amount for each extra kilo. For instance, you have to pay 15 EUR extra for each exceeding kilo in your itinerary bags.

What are the overall Baggage Size and Weight Limits?

Passengers should even consider the size and weight limits of their bags while packing. These are the basic limitations for the luggage size by Norweigan Airlines:

  • Each bag may not exceed 32 kg weight. Also, its basic size should be between 2 kg- 32 kg, neither more nor less than this stated limit.
  • The total checked luggage weight may not exceed 74 kilograms.
  • Furthermore, every bag can not exceed the max 250 X 79 X 112 cm dimensions with a linear size of 300 cm.

Furthermore, you can visit the Norwegian Airlines Official City

Inflight Amenities offered by Norweigan Airlines Reservations

Everything about Norwegian Air will make your journey enjoyable, and for this, it is ready to take all possible steps. The airline has excellent in-flight service that can make you feel at home even thousands of feet above the ground. It is recommended that you carefully read the airline’s list of inflight services before making a Norwegian reservation.

Food and drinks

Want to satisfy your hunger on the boat? If so, you can sit on a Norwegian airline seat and enjoy various food and drinks on the flight. The airline will provide you with multiple choices, such as meals, diet food, healthy snacks, and so on. Place an order after boarding and enjoy the journey while tasting your favorite items.

Seat selection

Seat selection is an indispensable part of the journey because only a good seat can make your trip enjoyable. Norwegian Airlines Reservations provide passengers conveniences from the aisle to the middle to the seats with more legroom. You can choose your seat 1 hour before departure. This service is chargeable, which means you have to pay for it. Charges vary with the type of fare. For example, the Flex fare type provides this service for free, while the Low Fare is $12-60 per person.


With your fingertips sliding, Norwegian Airlines Reservations provides you with a variety of entertainment options. You can easily connect to Norwegian Air’s Wi-Fi and access video-on-demand services, where you can enjoy several blockbusters, web series, and many other items, which will keep you busy throughout the journey.

If you had any queries left, you can freely contact Norwegian Airlines Reservations Phone number and have a chat with the airline expert to solve them. They are available 24/7 on the line to provide you with the best possible assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norwegian flying out of the USA? 

Yes, Norwegian Airlines has announced its flights between Europe and the USA from early 2022. Further, this low-cost airline is hell-bent on removing the transatlantic budget air travel gap between the two routes. Therefore, it has introduced these long-haul routes and will offer ticket sales three months prior to the first flight.

Who is Norwegian Air owned by?

Norwegian group’s parent company, Norweigan Air Shuttle USA, owns the airline. And the headquarters are located at Fomebu in Norway. The city is just on the outskirts of Oslo, and the major operations are performed there only.

Do you get free drinks on Norwegian air?

All passengers can get a free drink on board the international flights. These include beer, water, or wine. Furthermore, you can purchase other soft drinks or alcohol onboard. Also, the premium fare customers will enjoy all these benefits for free. However, LowFare passengers need to purchase these benefits.

Does the Norwegian long haul have entertainment?

When you take Norwegian Airlines Flights, you get to enjoy quality entertainment at miles high. Furthermore, there are a variety of ways to keep the passengers entertained. With full access to Wi-Fi and their services, you get to experience a great time onboard.

What planes do Norwegian airlines use?

Norwegian Airlines only operate one single kind of plane in their fleet. The fleet consists of the Boeing “737-800”.
Hence, Norway’s fleet only has this 737-800 Boeing, and they have dropped the 737 MAX from the fleet in the 2021 early months.

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I am not a frequent flyer of Norwegian Airlines Booking. However, I get to fly with them over time. Though they aren’t an airline with a name as big as American, Delta, or JetBlue, they are quite good in what they offer. I flew Premium Class three times in the gone years, and each time, their service was amazing. Furthermore, I even got to enjoy free drinks and meals onboard. The staff was also polite, and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you, Norwegian Airlines. I will indeed fly again if got the chance.