How Do Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Points Work?

When you are a frequent flyer on an airline, you expect the airline to provide some special offers crafted just for you. And many airlines have their own frequent flyer programs for such passengers. Like other airlines, Southwest also offers a loyalty program called Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards, where you can earn while flying to your favorite destination. 

As a member of the Rapid Rewards program with every Southwest Airlines Reservations, you earn points which you can use further for booking flights and much more. And if you are strapped for points, you are free to purchase the points to redeem the reward you desire to get. 

The Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward Program is devised encompassing a simple concept: 

  1. To make earning reward flights quicker and simpler. 
  2. Whether you want to earn points or redeem air tickets, nothing will happen between you and your favorite destination.

Now the question arises: Suppose I have Rapid Rewards points in my account, and I have not used them for long. Will they expire? No, they don’t! Previously, Southwest Points get expired if there would be no activity on your account for 24 months. Unlike many other airline miles, redeeming Southwest Points did not reset the expiration date. 

However, nowadays, as long as your account remains open, Southwest Rapid Rewards points will not expire. However, if you close your account, you will lose all points. This new policy took effect in October 2019. Before that, if you have 24 months of inactivity, these points used to expire. 

Benefits of Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

  • You can use them for booking award flights and fly within your budget.
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards members earn points on every flight they book, even if they fly with southwest partner airlines.
  • These points do not expire.
  • One can purchase points easily.
  • There is no blackout date, which means your travel options and possibilities are unlimited.
  • You can redeem these points for flights and additional services.


Thus it is sure that these Rapid Rewards points do not expire unless you stop doing any activity in your Southwest airlines account. If you are not satisfied with our answer, contact Southwest Telefono and talk with an airline expert to clear all your doubts.