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Icelandair is the prime carrier of Iceland, with its headquarters at Reykjavik(RKV) airport. The airline has been a member of the International Air Transport Association since 1950, a member of the European Aviation Association since 1957, and a member of the Flight Safety Foundation since 1966. Iceland’s stunning landscapes f Iceland are amazing and worth seeing, and making Icelandair Reservations will add to your excitement by giving you a number of amazing and budget-friendly deals to book your air travel.

Destinations Served by Icelandair

Icelandair flies to 26 European destinations and 23 North American destinations. It flies to a total of 49 cities in sixteen countries, which include Akureyri, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Bergen, Anchorage, Barcelona, Denver, Frankfurt, Boston, Brussels, Helsinki, Madrid, London, Toronto, Stavanger, Vancouver, Portland, Washington, Minneapolis, New York, Munich, Orlando and Zurich, etc. which means you can make Iceland reservations to visit any of these countries and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Icelandair Manage Booking service

Suppose you are ready to travel with Icelandair, but then you realize there’s something missing. What will you do then? Well, don’t know about others, but if it were us, we would look for options to modify the flight tickets. So, you may also look to manage your Icelandair booking and make the change yourself. 

The Icelandair Manage Booking service benefits the passengers to make certain modifications to their flights as they desire. So, let’s take a closer look at their managed booking process and enhance the experience onboard.

Steps to manage Icelandair Booking

  • You firstly need to visit the Icelandair Official website and log in. or you can simply continue as a guest.
  • After that, locate the Icelandair Manage my booking section to retrieve the flight details.
  • Further, enter the required information in the designated fields. For instance, this page asks for your booking number along with the ticketed passenger’s name.
  • Click on search and you may see the available flight bookings under the given name.
  • Open the booking that you wish to modify by clicking the Edit/Cancel button.
  • Now, you can select the change option available on the screen and follow the prompts to make the desired changes.
  • After you land on the confirmation page, click confirm changes and continue.
  • Do not forget that some changes incur a fee amount that you must clear to complete.
  • So, you will land on the payments page, where you can pay for the service if mentioned.

Baggage Allowance of Icelandair

Economy Class Baggage Allowance

The passengers who made their Icelandair reservations in Economy class can take one carry-on baggage per person. Also, they can take one personal thing with them. Along with that, they are allowed one checked luggage weighing no more than 23 kg for flights within the cities of Europe.

Economy Class comfort passengers can take along two checked baggage with them of weight up to 23 Kg each. For carry-on, they are allowed two carry-on bags per person and one personal item.

Saga Class Baggage Allowance

The passengers who made Iceland Airlines Reservations in Saga Class can take along two carry-on Luggage per person with them on the flights, and one personal thing is also allowed per person. For checked luggage, they can take along two checked baggage of weight up to 32 kg each and size no more than 158cm.
Each carry-on luggage must not exceed 10 kg of weight with 40x30x15 cm in dimensions.

Icelandair Contact Number Details

Icelandair Reservations Number+1-860-374-7617
Icelandair Customer Service Number1 (800 223)-5500
Icelandair Booking Number+1-860-374-7617
HubsKeflavík International Airport
Key peopleBogi Nils Bogason, CEO
Fleet size29
Parent companyIcelandair Group
HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland
Website Click Here Official Website

Travel classes offered by Icelandair

Iceland Air Reservations can be made in Economy Standard class, Saga premium or business class, and Saga PremiumFlex class, an upgrade to business class.

Economy Light and Flex Class

  • This is perfect in terms of budget as well as quality.
  • The passengers who made their Icelandair Reservations in Economy Class can experience a wide range of facilities, including complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, and Inflight entertainment access.
  • In addition to this, they can buy some alcoholic drinks, meals as well as Wi-Fi by paying a fee.
  • Free Check-in bag is allowed as well as there are 161 seats in economy class where seating can be varying based on the aircraft.

Business Class or Saga Premium Class

  • Suppose you want to experience luxury from the time you enter the airport to the time your plane lands at its destination. In that case, you can make Icelandic Airlines Reservations in Saga Premium/business class.
  • A particular lounge is designed for Saga Premium passengers, where they can enjoy a picturesque view with a delicious meal.
  • They can find everything they need before the flight departs.
  • The seats of Saga Premium Class are sorted in a group of two so each passenger can either have a window or aisle seat with a massive range of inflight amenities available only for them.

Business Class Upgrade

Saga Premium Flex Class or business Class upgrade can be made for getting an extra luxury and comfort experience on your Icelandair Reservations.

Check-in Policy of Icelandair

Online or Web Check-in

Did you make Icelandair Reservations from their official website? You can now opt for an online check-in service too. Just visit the official website of the airline and locate their check-in section. After that, enter the booking details to complete the online check-in service.

Further, note that the Online check-in service will open 36 hours before the scheduled departure of your Icelandair flights and will close 1 hour earlier than the departure time.

Airport Check-in

IF you are not familiar with the online process yet, or you can not seem to check in online no need to worry at all. You can even check in for your Iceland Air flights offline at the Airport. The airline advises you to check in at their airport check-in counters to perform this process.

However, you can even use the Self-Service check-in desks at the airport. This way you can save the time that you may waste in check-in desk lines and do check-in by yourself. After that, freely board the Iceland air flight

Inflight amenities offered by Icelandair


On all Iceland reservation flights, passengers will be provided with approximately 50,000 minutes of in-flight entertainment time. From newly released movies to Icelandic music, there is something to entertain everyone on the plane. There are magazines and newspapers onboard for you to read.

Food and meals options 

Passengers taking Premium or Premium Flex flights will receive free food and beverages, while passengers aged 2-11 will receive free children’s meals and juice. Meals for Infants must be booked at the Icelandair reservations service desk.
Passengers whose meals are not included in the fare can pre-order meals and snacks on the flight or use credit, debit cards, and Icelandair Saga points to purchase onboard. Please note that online booking is cheaper.

Drinks and Liquor

Icelandair Reservations provides passengers with the ability to order drinks on board. You can order some free soft drinks, such as Coke, juice, or water, or you can choose alcoholic beverages.

Icelandair flights Reservations in the English language

Passengers can book flights with Icelandair in English, which means that when booking your flight the communication will be of the highest quality without any language issues. You can rest assured that you are using a trustworthy and reliable company that will ensure that your flight is as you please and may answer any queries. For more information, you can contact the Icelandair reservations telephone number and have your issues solved as well as all your questions answered.

Special Services offered by Icelandair

Icelandair offers a lot of special services for all of its passengers. You can directly go to your Icelanmdair reservations lookup and check for the available services. Also, you can go to the website and manage your booking.


Do you require wheelchair assistance on the Icelandair Reservations flight? Request this service at the airline office over the phone. So, you can contact their customer service department before the flight and make sure you get wheelchair assistance.

Unaccompanied Minors

IF your child is between the age of 12 to 15 years and you wish to let them travel alone, take the UNMR policy benefit. The airline lets you communicate with someone on the customer service team and book travel for your unaccompanied minors.

Besides, you can also make sure that your child gets all the attention he needs by requesting an escort service. But do not take steps on your own accord. And always consult an airline expert before you book unaccompanied minors on Icelandair flights.

Icelandair Flight Change Policy

Well, there is no doubt Icelandair or Icelandic Airlines is one of the major European Airlines that offers both flights to America and Europe both. However, plans can change no matter what. So at that point, it won’t matter at all whether you are traveling on a major airline or a small carrier. All you wish is to make a flight change.

And passengers with Icelandair can feel at ease since the airline offers them a flexible policy for the flight change. Hence, you can change your bookings with the movement of your fingers. Besides, the Icelandair flight change policy is made to offer you what’s the best. 

Therefore, you get the privilege to make changes without any change fee. Resultantly, you enjoy your flights without any interruptions. Let us take a closer look at the Flight change process of Icelandair

Icelandair Online Flight Change Process

Need to change the Icelandair flights? Follow the simple series of steps mentioned below and change your flight schedule to a new one. Here are the details:

  • Firstly, open the official website of Iceland Air and open their Manage Travel section.
  • After that, you need to retrieve the flight that you wish to change and log in using the details. Enter your booking code, last name, etc to continue.
  • Further, click on the “Change Flight” button and follow the screen prompts to choose an available new flight.
  • Now, you can review the flight fare and if there is any fare difference, pay for it in the next step.
  • Finally, continue to the flight booking details again after everything. And you may receive a confirmation email from the airline’s end.

Know about our Animal Transportation Policies

Thinking about taking your furry friend on board? Well, Icelandair has pride in its services for the passengers. The airline offers generous procedures and services to transport animals on their flights. You can know more about the Icelandair Pet Policy and fly with your pawed friends conveniently.

Furthermore, the airline has a special hold area with climate-control features onboard to transport your pet on the aircraft. However, if you need to fly with a service animal, you can visit the service animal travel page before proceeding with the Icelandair booking with your pets.

Icelandair Pet Travel Rules and Regulations

Firstly, the airline only allows you to transfer your pet dog or cat to transfer via Icelandair flights in the climate control hold area. But you may follow certain rules and regulations to take them onboard.

  • If the pet is other than a cat or a dog, or you are not traveling with them on the same flight, you need to call Icelandair Cargo’s contact number.
  • If you have one of the following dog breeds, they won’t be allowed on board.
    • Staffordshire Bullterrier
    • Pit Bull Terrier
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Tosa Inu
  • Only four animal crates per aircraft, are permitted on Icelandair flight tickets, and they will travel in the cargo hold. However, if your furry friends are small in size and of the same breed, you can keep two of them in one crate.
  • Icelandair only approves the IATA-labeled crates, and you must bring your own crate onboard.
  • The maximum allowed dimensions for the crate are 36 in X 25 in X 27 in, and the total weight of your pet and the crate combined should not be more than 40 kg.
  • You can not take animals on the Stopover flights or connect flights with other carriers.
  • You must provide all the necessary documents needed to transport the pet onboard on Iceland Air flights.

How to book your pets on Icelandair flights?

If you wish to book your pet transfer with Icelandair, you can contact our Icelandair customer service experts. Furthermore, while booking the pet you must provide the correct dimensions and the combined weight of the pet and crate to confirm the flight with your pet.

 Plan a Group Booking with Icelandair for your long vacations

Do you plan on traveling with a group of ten people or more to Europe or Iceland? You need to fill in a form on the Icelandair official website, and the airline will respond to all your quotes within three days utmost.

What is the Group travel policy of Icelandair?

  • The group travel program of Icelandair under the GAPP service helps you to book flights for over ten people together in the same itinerary.
  • You can book your group trip by paying USD 100/passenger in advance and pay the final payment within 30 days of signing the contract.
  • The airline allows you to change the name of each passenger, but there is a USD 150 name change fee.
  • The final name must be submitted six weeks before the scheduled departure
  • If the group cancellation is canceled 12 weeks before the scheduled departure time, Icelandair will charge a cancellation fee of USD 200
  • If canceled within 48 hours before the scheduled departure time, a cancellation fee of USD 200 per person will be charged, and the airline will not refund the cancellation.

Lastly, for travel community requests, please log in to the travel agency portal to request a quotation online. We will reply to all quotations within three working days. 

So, if you are willing to enjoy your most awaited journey with Icelandair, book flights now. And for additional information about the flights, you can contact one of the experts on our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of airline is Icelandair?

Icelandair, as the name suggests, is Iceland’s flag carrier. The headquarters of this airline is in Reykjavik at Keflavík International airport. Furthermore, the airline is a part of Icelandair Group, operating flights both ways from the Atlantic ocean from the main hub.

Does Iceland Air have TVs?

Yes, Icelandair has personal free entertainment options on all their flights. They offer TV Screens where you can watch movies, series, and TV shows. The variety of entertainment includes both classic and newly released movies.

Does Icelandair have free meals?️

Icelandair offers a three-course meal service on all North American flights with snacks. Furthermore, the passengers get to enjoy free non-alcoholic beverages on all Economy and up flights. However, Standard and Light Economy fares do not have free meals.

Do seats recline on Icelandair?

No, Icelandair does not offer reclined seating onboard. Therefore you can not enjoy lying on your back. However, there is extra legroom space on some seats, offering you to relax still while you enjoy air travel.

Does Icelandair serve alcohol?

No. however, you can still enjoy non-alcoholic drinks for free onboard. The airline will offer you soft drinks, tea, coffee, sparkling water, tonic water, bloody mary mix, juices, and still water. However, if you are making inflight purchases, note that you can only pay using cards like credit, debit, or your saga points.

Icelandair Airlines Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Diana Larry
Super Icelandair

It was a wonderful and memorable flight service!!
I had to delay my trip to Iceland that was scheduled for August 2020, due to the pandemic. The airline had issued me a credit…no problem. When I decided to travel in October 2021, I used my credit and upgraded to the Saga Premium class. I am SO glad I did! I experienced Amazing check-in, the best flight, and the in-flight service, food/beverage, and baggage handling all were great. Hence I enjoyed it from start to finish!!! A1 grade flight for sure.

 by Mary Jade
Icelandair airlines

Icelandair offers=ed an excellent refund service and it was all thanks to the process of full refund and policy. Our flight was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I filled the online refund form and waited for the response. I also received a notification several times, stating that the flight refund will be processed as soon as possible. Lastly, we got a message that we got the flight refund back on our credit card, and after a few days, we saw our bank statement that they sent the full refund. I will surely fly with Icelandair reservations again.

 by Kevina Claire
Icelandair Airlines

The airline is very Nice, clean, and punctual. A good Icelandic airline with powerful onboard entertainment and modern cabins. Due to Covid-19, there is no service on board, but it is a good gesture to use a kettle when boarding. The Boeing 757 is old, but you didn't really notice it because the cabin is equipped with modern seats, TVs, and generous legroom. Usually, traveling by Icelandair is a very pleasant experience.

 by Kemo Paul
Icelandair Airlines

Thank you, Icelandair, for the full refund on our flight. Our flight was canceled due to bad weather, and we submitted an online form for a refund. We were waiting, and it was a reasonable wait. They frequently sent us updates via texts saying that the refund will be processed as soon as possible. Last week they sent us an email about the same, saying we got our refund issue on our credit card. Today we have our full refund back on our bank statement. Next time we fly Europe, we will surely make Icelandair reservations and fly with them on both sides.