United Airlines Name Change Policy

Did you mistakenly write the wrong spelling of your name, and now it doesn’t match your original documents? Worry not, as United Airlines’ name change policy will help you with any minor or major corrections on your bookings.

Under this flexible policy, you can make minor or significant corrections to your name on your ticket. Some of these changes are free, while you may have to pay a fee for some big changes.

Read and learn how you can correct your name after booking a flight.

United Airlines Name Change Process

As per the United airline name change policy, one can make two types of name changes to their ticket.

United Airlines Simple Name Change

You won’t have to pay a fee or submit a supporting document for any minor or simple correction to your name on the United ticket.

  • Changes to the spelling of first or last name. For example, Emilie → Emily & Johnnsenn → Johnson.
  • Making changes to or from Nicknames. For instance, Becca→ Rebecca.
  • Adding/ removing/ correcting a prefix to your name. For example, Miss→ Ms.
  • Adding/ removing/ correcting initial or middle name. For instance, John Fitzgerald Kennedy→ John F. Kennedy.
  • Changing inverted last/ first names. Take an example, Courteney cox → Cox Courteney. 

United Airlines Significant Name Change

For any United airlines booking name correction, you might have to pay a fee and attach supporting documents with legal validity. As per the TSA Secure Flight program, your ticket name must match a govt issued photo ID.

For changes apart from the minor ones, send a request in writing and attach a copy of one of the following documents: 

  • Divorce Decree
  • Marriage License
  • Govt issued document that states previous and latest name change.
  • Any other legal name change document.

United Airlines name change policy for travel agents too requires them to submit these documents, and there is no other option. However, you can download the name change affidavit available on the website with a copy of govt issued ID for a name change.

How Can I Change Name on a United Flight Ticket?

Call the United airlines name change customer service number 1 (800) 864-8331 or send your name correction application with supporting documents through a post.

Here is how you can change your name online on the United ticket:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of United Airways and go to the manage bookings section.
  • After that, find out the flight change link. Enter your details such as booking number and passenger’s last name here.
  • Furthermore, go to the booking details page and click the edit button. It will allow you to make minor name changes on the United ticket.
  • Once you’ve made the changes, save the settings and reissue your new ticket.

Changing the name on MileagePlus Account:

  • For any simple changes, you can check out the MileagePlus account profile and make subsequent changes.
  • However, for significant changes, you must attach supporting documents.

Sending Affidavit By Post

  • If you can’t submit a document to make name changes on your MileagePlus account, fill in the pdf name change file available on the website.
  • Send this file by post to United’s Houston address. 

The United Airlines name change policy suggests that passengers get in touch with their expert 24/7 live customer service agents for name correction doubts.

United Flight Ticket Name Change Fees

United Airlines name change policy may ask you to pay a certain amount depending on your modifications to the name on a ticket.

  • You may have to pay ~$75 for a major name change within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • Otherwise, a charge of ~$200 may apply if you apply changes to the name 24 hours later.

You may have to pay the fee multiple times if more than one passenger’s name needs correction. Also, name correction via post may have some undeclared charges. Talk to a travel agent about the United airlines name change policy fee.

Change Name On Non-Refundable Tickets

United Airlines name change policy doesn’t provide relief for non-refundable ticket holders. All they can do is cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking when the scheduled departure is equal to or more than seven days.

The charge you may pay might exceed the purpose of buying a non-refundable ticket. Hence, cancel it as soon as possible to receive credits or a 100% return on your ticket.

United Airlines Name Change Frequent Asked Questions

What is the United Airlines name change customer service number?

Dial 1 (800) 864-8331 to reach out to United’s live executives, who will answer your doubts regarding the name change. Keep supporting documents with you to quickly complete the name modification process.

How do I change a name in United airlines booking?

Passengers can ask to correct their names on the ticket via the official phone number. You cannot change the name in less than 2 hours from the scheduled departure of your flight. Also, you may need to pay a fee.

How do I change my name in United Ticket In case of marriage/ divorce?

Arrive early at the airport and show your legal document along with govt issued ID. You may not need to change your name on the ticket at all. As per the United Airlines name change policy, you may not need to apply for modifications.

What is the process of changing the United Airlines MileagePlus name?

Firstly, the passengers must create a profile on the MileagePlus section with the necessary details. After that, they can go to the name change option in the profile. Upon verification, you will have a new account.

Can I board a United flight if my spelling is incorrect on the ticket?

United and many other airlines don’t mind minor spelling mistakes in your ticket. Just keep the govt issued photo ID with you, and they will understand these minor differences. Only one cannot fly on another’s ticket.

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