How to get a Refund from United Airlines?

Do you wish to get a refund on your flight that you have already canceled? Or do you wish to cancel your flight now? If so, then you must be wondering,  How to get a refund from United Airlines? Let’s find out.

United Airlines is a huge name in the aviation industry. And it offers many services to the passengers. So, if your plans have changed and you wish to cancel your flights, no need to worry.

Passengers can get a refund for their flights on cancellation if they know the refund policy. So, Do you wonder How to get a refund on United Airlines? Read our blog until the end and figure it out by yourself.

Besides, we have listed the airline’s refund guidelines in detail to help you better.  Henceforth, you can look forward to a healthy refund process with United.

What is the United Airlines refund policy?

United Airlines offers the passengers a 24-hour booking and cancellation policy. This means that a passenger gets a full refund when he wants to cancel his flight within 24 hours of the booking.  

Passengers can get their whole money back on canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking. But, the flight must be departing in seven days or more from the booking time.

This time window lets you decide to change or cancel your flights without a charge. And you are free to get a full refund on the ticket cancelation.

But, this is not limited to only 24 hours cancellations. Read more to find out the details on United Airlines refund policy and guidelines.

  • If you cross this 24 hours window for cancellation, you can still ask for a refund.
  • But, this will be subject to a certain fee that you must pay before you proceed with the cancellation.
  • United Airlines refers that not all tickets are refundable. So, it may be better to check with the airline before requesting refunds.
  • Not every United Airlines Booking ticket will make you eligible for a refund. You can check the eligibility under the website’s manage booking section.
  • The fee for cancellation varies based on your ticket type.
  • You may even get a travel credit from the airline on cancellation instead of a refund. This will be valid up to one year from the date of ticket booking.

So, feel free to request a refund to confirm the eligibility. Also, the airline will help you out with any step if you ask for assistance. You just need to be aware of United Airlines refund policies and make flight cancellations accordingly.

Can I refund my United Airlines ticket?

Yes, you can receive a full or partial refund on your tickets when you cancel them. But, it solely depends on the airline and their refund policy. So, if you want a refund from United Airlines, you need to follow the process related to your ticket.

There are various ways to request a refund from United Airlines. We have explained a few of them below. You can use any of them to get a refund from United Airlines. Take a look,

Call United Airlines for refund requests

The first and foremost way to know your refund eligibility is via phone. You can call United airlines customer service agents and ask for their assistance. 

  • The on-call expert will first ask you for a few details of your flight. And later, he may offer you a refund.
  • If the agent finds your ticket refundable, he may simply offer you united airline refunds without further delays.
  • But, if there are some further guidelines, he may require you to provide a solid reason for cancellation.
  • After that, he will analyze your situation and give you a refund. But you will receive the refund after deducting some amount as a cancellation charge.

This is one of the most preferred ways to get refunds from United Airlines.

Submit Refund Request on United Airlines website

Passengers can even request a refund from United Airlines experts online. The online website allows you to get a refund for a united flight with ease. You just need to follow the series of steps below and make possible adjustments.

Here’s how you can submit a refund request form online:

  • Open the United Airlines official website.
  • Next, locate their refund section under the manage booking service.
  • After that, fill in your contact information.
  • Then, you can enter step two of the form.
  • Here you need to select the booking you want a refund on.
  • Choose to Add flight button and enter your ticket reservation number with the last name.
  • In the next step, enter the reason for which you want a refund on your flight.
  • Here you should provide as many details as you can. 
  • Now, attach the files if any relate to your request. Also, if your ticket is unused, you can attach it there.
  • Further, provide the email address to help United Airlines contact you if there are updates.
  • Submit the form.

The airline will respond to you via email if your refund request is in process or not. 

Bottom Line

If you are still thinking, how do I get a refund from United Airlines? You can know that the airline reviews all the refund requests before denying or accepting them. Also, they issue refunds to the same form of payment. 

Note: Credit card refunds take up to seven business days, and sometimes it takes even more. You just need to be patient. Also, do not forget to take experts’ help if you wish to clarify anything. Our experts will be there to help you in the hours of need.

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