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Spirit Airlines Group Travel & Booking Online

When you travel in a group, it is always so exciting. However, booking group travel is not a simple task if you are unaware of the process. Besides, many people who wonder about their budget can not seem to find an ideal airline. But they can plan to make Spirit Airlines group travel booking and enjoy in-budget flights for their vacation.

Henceforth, it doesn’t really matter what kind of group travel you are planning for. If you have made up your mind, just go for it with Spirit Airlines group bookings. The airline will make sure that your travel goes smoothly. Besides, you can travel with your group of 10 people or more to a variety of destinations.

So, if you wonder how you can book Spirit Airlines group travel, read this page till the end and find out about it.

What is the Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program?

If you are planning a group air travel with Spirit Airlines, you can book your flights under their special group program. The Spirit Group travel allows you one guaranteed fare for tickets that may include all the passengers. However, this won’t be truly discounted air travel.

Besides, the quoted group rates have a 24 hours guarantee. Furthermore, there are some additional benefits that you may get with this program. Read on and find more about them.

The benefits of the Spirit Airlines group travel program include the following:

  • Customers get confirmed seating for ten people or more without paying in full before 60 days of the flight’s departure.
  • Passengers can make free name changes at least 30 days prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Group travel booking is completely ticketless travel.
  • Besides, you even get a dedicated specialist who will guide you throughout your group travel and solve questions or concerns for you.

And if you need more information you can easily dial Spirit Airlines group travel phone number and connect to their experts. They will help you make your bookings as a group and travel without hassle.

Does Spirit Seat Group Together?

Generally, a person gets a seat assignment during the online check-in at the airport. However, they will try to make your travel as comfortable as possible by offering you group seats together. Still, it is based on complete luck. If you are lucky enough, you can sit with your friends. Otherwise, your seats will be different. 

Hence, if you get yourself a window, aisle, or exit row seat but the rest of your group is separated that is because Spirit does not offer you free seat selection. But with Spirit Airlines group booking, you can get guaranteed seats on the plane at the lowest possible fares. 

How do I Book Spirit Group Travel Booking?

The airline may only accept your group travel request once you complete the group travel form. You will get a link to submit this group request form online on the official Spirit Airlines reservations website. And you can fill it for ensuring a group booking for you and your friends.

However, if you do not know about online reservations, search How do I Talk to a Person at Spirit Airlines? And get your answers. You can also ask the live person to help you book group travel.

Group Travel Request Form

Here are the steps to fill out your Spirit Airlines group travel request form and get a quote from the airline:

  • Click on the group request form link on the Spirit airlines official website.
  • After that, the Complaint or Compliment page may open.
  • On this page select the “group reservation” option.
  • Next, start filling in the information in the given fields.
  • Provide a name for your group.
  • Then, enter the group type.
  • Further, enter Your email address.
  • Also, give the first and last name of the group leader.
  • Then enter the subject of your reservation, describe it and also enter your contact number. 
  • Also, provide the number of guests and then choose your trip information, as you do for your general bookings.
  • Now, provide the attachments and complete the captcha to finally submit the form.

This way you can complete your group travel form request. As a result, you can travel to your favorite destination along with your group.

Additional Points to Know about your Spirit Group Travel:

  • You must pay a 5 USD non-refundable fee per person to confirm your group booking.
  • After that, another nonrefundable deposit of $40 per passenger is also necessary for payment within seven days of booking time.
  • However, it is when your air travel is after 60 days. 
  • If you are traveling within 60 days you need to pay the complete amount in one go.
  • Spirit Airlines will accept major credit cards or cheques.
  • Besides, the airline will not accept multiple payment forms.
  • If you are changing names less than 30 days before the departure, pay a 50 USD fee per person. 
  • You can not make individual cancellations in group bookings.

This is how you book Spirit Airlines group travel for you and your friends. And if you need more information make sure to connect with an airline expert at our office. They will be eager to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to fly in a group?

If you compare the airfare per passenger under the Spirit Airlines group booking, you can get a comparatively lower price. However, the flight fares do not really change, It is just the additional value that is lesser when you book 10 or more people together. However, it’s not actually cheaper to fly in a group when flying with Spirit Airlines.

Does Spirit Airlines seat groups together?

Spirit Airlines assigns the seats at the last minute while check-in or when you are at the airport gate. The seats you can pick can differ. However, the airline can decide what you will get on the plane. So, it doesn’t really stand that the airline will always seat your groups together.

Does Spirit charge for lap infants?

No, if you have a lap infant and you are not buying a separate seat for them, you do not have to pay a fee. However, based on the destination, some fees or taxes may add up to your fare for the infant travel, You can book your infant online however, one adult can only take one lap infant.

How long are the seatbelts on Spirit?

The BIG FRONT Seats have measurements of almost and approximately 18.5 in. however, some of them are up to 20.88 inches as well for some aircraft. Also, there is no information directly situated with the seatbelt lengths on Spirit. You can call the airline and ask their agents about it in detail.

Can I buy 3 seats on a plane?

The official website of Spirit Airlines explains that you can buy an extra seat on the plane by using your own names. And for both of your tickets, you can select the desired seats however, if you need a third seat you may have a valid reason for that. But the airline does allow this and passengers who need extra seats can book them when they want more room on the plane.

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