How to Book Group Travel Ticket on Delta Airlines?

Delta group Travel

If you are from an organization planning an official trip or your college friends want to chill, you can book a Delta airlines group travel ticket. This way, instead of booking everyone individually, you can plan an exciting air trip with your friends on a combined booking.

Moreover, the airline offers you this travel option to ensure that you do not have to worry about seats. Because most of the time, you get to sit together with your group. However, exceptions are still there. So, ensure that you book group travel on Delta after knowing all their rules and policies.

Delta Airlines Group Travel Policy

Delta allows your group of at least ten more people to travel together as a group in the same itinerary under the Delta Airlines Group Travel policy. This means you can book your flights under one common flight segment. 

These are the basic points for booking Delta Airlines flights as a group:

  • You can not book less than ten passengers under a group booking. However, the maximum number of passengers depends on the city and travel season.
  • The group fares vary based on your travel dates destinations. Also, you do not get any children or senior travel discounts.
  • Moreover, Delta group booking does not guarantee any fee, taxes, or charges will remain the same forever. This means prices are bound to change.
  • The airline allows you to change names before ticketing without a fee. However, if your ticket is confirmed, you can not make free name changes.
  • If your seat has not been ticketed, you have to pay the penalty.
  • Group tickets are non-refundable.
  • But you can possibly use them for future travel after paying a certain fee.

Furthermore, when you book Delta Airlines group travel, you will also receive a confirmation with the added terms and conditions to your group booking. You can read the following steps to book flight tickets for your group.

What is the Preferred Way to Book a Group Ticket on Delta Airlines?

Well, there are several ways in which you can purchase Delta Group tickets. 

However, the online direct booking option will not allow you to book over ten people together. As a result, though the process is easy, you can not do it the conventional online booking way.

Hence, you must contact an airline executive or complete the group booking form online. These two methods are the only beneficial ways to book a Delta group travel. So, you can choose any of these methods written above and book onboard groups.

How Do I Book Delta Group Travel Flight Tickets?

You can contact the airline executives if you wish to book group travel tickets on Delta Airlines. The airline has a dedicated contact number that allows you to speak to experts and book your groups on Delta flights.

Use Delta Airlines Group Travel Phone Number

To talk to Group booking representatives at Delta, dial 800-532-4777 from Monday to Friday between 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

  • Firstly, call the above-mentioned number for dedicated group travel bookings at Delta.
  • After that, the IVR will ask you to wait for a while until one of the representatives are free to take your call.
  • Next, prepare the following details: number and name of passengers, age group, individual IDs, and payment information. Also, don’t forget to select dates & destination of travel.
  • The expert will take your call and listen to your query. After knowing the number of passengers, dates, and destination, they will provide you the quoted price for bookings, and also draft a contract for you.
  • Pay the necessary amount to secure your group travel Delta booking and provide the rest of the amount later as per the contract.

Suppose you call them, and the phone does not connect to an airline advisor. In that case, you can schedule a call back. And if you wish to know How to get a Call back from Delta Airlines? Find their contact us section and see your options there. Delta has an option for passengers to request a call back from the airline if there is an issue.

Steps to Book Group Travel Tickets Online

If you can not book through an on-call agent of Delta Airlines, you can fill out the Group Travel Request form yourself. Below are the important steps that allow you to book a group. But this option is only available for an organization, travel agency, and Group leader.

  • Open the Group travel request form on the official Delta Airlines website.
  • There will be a five-step group booking process. First, you need to fill in the basic Group travel information.
  • After that, select who you are booking as. For instance, there are three options: Travel Agency, Group Coordinator or leader, and Organization or a company. Here, choose the Group leader option.
  • Next, click on continue, and you need to select the SkyMiles number and your type of group travel.
  • After that, select your country and region. Also, provide the address, city, state, and ZIP code. 
  • Again, click on Continue.
  • Now, provide each traveler information starting from the group leader.
  • Further, choose the travel details as needed for a basic Delta Airlines Book a Flight service and continue.
  • The step that comes after is to make any special service or requests if you have any. You can choose seats and select meals in this step.
  • Finally, submit your request to receive a group travel quote.

The airline will send you an email with Delta group travel details. You can choose to continue your booking and pay for the same. At last, you may receive a further confirmation email with all the travel details needed. And if you need more help, you can connect with our airline experts for more help.

Benefit of Delta Group Travel Bookings

Even if group travel tickets are not always available at a discount, Delta Airlines Group Booking has a wide range of perks. Families, friends, and other major travel groups can enjoy these benefits:

  • All the passengers don’t have to carry tickets and boarding passes. Group bookings of Delta reduce paperwork.
  • Passengers can change the name of one of the flyers in the reservation for free.
  • The airline offers a dedicated group booking on Delta Airlines’ phone number. It implies that you won’t have to spend hours on IVR to connect your call with a live representative for all queries related to group travel.
  • All passengers get guaranteed and fixed price fares. Such provisions help handle the finances of a trip.

Lastly, Delta Airlines Group booking policy has special corporate and business meeting provisions. It offers special offers and related facilities for people that will attend a meeting in two cities when the group is for more than 15 members.

Advance Delta Group Travel Booking

One can book the experience of a group Traveling with Delta Airlines for a maximum of 331 days before departure. However, the maximum limit depends on your flight’s destination.

Check out this table before purchasing group travel tickets with Delta:

Delta Flights DestinationMaximum Time Before Departure
Within the USA240 days
Within Canada240 days
Flights to Caribbean240 days
To Asia Pacific240 days
Flights to Central American countries240 days
To Southern & West Africa331 days
Flights to Europe & North Africa331 days
To Middle Eastern Countries331 days

Securing group traveling with Delta Airlines can help you cut costs on the overall traveling journey.

How Many Passengers Are Needed For Delta Group Booking?

Before explaining how you can make a group travel booking, let’s know about it in detail.

Several people mistake traveling with three or more people as group travel. However, this is not the correct definition of traveling in groups. Most airlines consider group travel when you are traveling with over ten people together. And Delta Group Travel service follows a similar pattern.

Hence, if you wish to travel with Delta Airlines in a group that includes over ten passengers, you can book group travel tickets. But there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that all of you can travel without any hassle.

Delta Group Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Do airlines offer discounts for group travel at Delta?

When you are traveling with Delta Airlines, it offers discounts to groups attending large/ small conventions or corporate meetings. To qualify, the group must have 10 or more members, and their itinerary and travel class are the same.

How do I get a Delta Airlines group booking? 

You can dial the delta airlines group booking phone number 800-532-4777 to book group reservations for 10 and more people flying on the same itinerary and travel class. Delta will charge all travelers the same fare amount.

Where can I get the delta group travel request form? 

The application form to apply for group bookings at Delta is available on the “group travel” webpage of Delta Air Lines on their official page. Click the top search results to get the form and enter all details accurately.

What are the group booking assistance hours at Delta?

You can talk to the Delta assistance executives for group travel from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Also, you must file a request at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure to check eligibility. 

How far in advance can I make a Delta group travel booking?

When flying within USA and Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia-pacific, passengers can reserve group travel up to 240 days before the date of departure. However, you can book group tickets upto 331 days in advance in Europe and other areas.

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