How to Track a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

southwest airlines flight tracker

Do you want to know the exact location of your flight? Are you unsure whether your Southwest flight will arrive on time or not?  Use the Southwest Airlines flight tracker tool online and know where your flight is at a particular time. 

Yes, you read that right! Tracking a flight can be troublesome but worth it when you get to avoid a huge wait time. So, when you do not have much time and need to hurry for your air travel, you can keep a track of your flights beforehand for a better cause.

Furthermore, the Southwest Airlines flight tracking tool helps you to know where your flight is and when it is going to land from the comfort of your home. To make it simple to understand, let us explain in detail how to track a Southwest flight:

Checking Your Flight Status- Southwest Airlines Flight Tracker

Need to check where your flight currently is? Use the Southwest Airlines live flight tracker option on their official website and check it now. The airline lets you check the PNR status of your flight without any hassles online. Furthermore, you can find it out from the comfort of your homes.

This is an electronic passenger record that offers you complete information with your flight’s real-time status. Hence, you can easily know whether your Southwest flight has been confirmed by the airline or you are currently on a waiting/standby list. You can dial the Southwest Airlines Espanol team’s phone number and ask them about it in detail if you are on standby.

How to track the flight status on Southwest Airlines online?

Knowing the right time for your flight is important. Therefore, when you wish to use flight tracker live Southwest Airlines, you must know the correct way to do it. If you are willing to know the current flight updates, you can follow the series of steps mentioned below and find it out.

  • Firstly visit the official website of Southwest airlines and log in to your frequent flyer account. Or else, you can simply continue as a guest.
  • Next, you need to locate the “Check Flight Status” section of the airline to get up-to-date information about your flight.
  • Once the page loads, you will see two options to view the flight’s current status.
    • Search by Route
    • Search by flight number
  • You can continue with the default “Search by Route” option.
    • Now, enter the required information in the fields.
    • First, provide the airport code or name of your departure city.
    • After that, enter the arrival city’s name or airport code.
    • Then provide the date of your departure by selecting the correct one from the drop-down menu.
    • Lastly, provide the flight number. All the above three options are mandatory, whereas this one is optional.
  • After that, you will see the Southwest Airlines flight tracker map where you can locate your flight.
  • Or choose the “Search by Flight#” option.
  • Here, you need to enter the flight number directly, and the module will locate your flight.
  • The new page will show a map with the exact location and estimated arrival timings of your flight.

As a result, you can find Southwest Airlines flight status on your device while sitting at the home. Further, if you need additional information, you can always contact an airline expert for help.

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Where can you find the PNR number or flight number?

Do you not have any idea about where you can find your flight’s PNR number or flight number? No worries, you can simply log in to your account on the official website or mobile app for Southwest Airlines. And further, locate the sane under the booking details section.

For instance, you may also know that if you booked multiple passengers in the same booking, the PNR number for each of them would be the same. Because this PNR number is directly related to your reservations rather than individual Southwest Airlines reservations. Hence, you can locate it under your booking details, and any passenger with the ticket information can find their flight.

Bottom Line

Hence, whenever a passenger needs to locate their flight or track the current status of the flight, they can use Southwest Airlines flight tracker tools. However, you must be aware of the little details about your flight.

Besides, many online websites also offer you a live status tracking function. Thus, you can also visit these websites to review the flight status. Further, you can connect with our airline experts, who may further guide you towards the flight details. They will also inform you about how you can track your Southwest flight.

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