Delta ecredit not Showing up

HowWIs your Delta E-Credit not showing?

Did you receive an ecredit on canceling a Delta flight? Are you worried about the Delta ecredit not showing up to apply for a future booking? If your Delta Airlines ecredit does not work, immediately call Delta Airlines customer service number  800-221-1212 and get help from an airline expert. But it is not the only option. Read on and find out how you can solve this problem when the ecredit does not show up.

What is Delta Airlines E-credit?

Some of you may wonder what Delta E-credit means and what its significance is. Let’s assume you had to cancel a Delta flight, but you weren’t eligible for a full refund in your original payment mode. In that case, Delta issues an e-credit, which you can use towards your future travel booking.

So, if you already had an e-credit in your account and wondering, “Why is my Delta ecredit not showing up?” the subsection below will be helpful to you!

Why does Delta e-credit not show up?

Though airlines work all out and about to provide their customers with extra care and benefits, there are times when you face issues. The same goes with your Delta ecredits not showing up in your account. 

It so happens that the airline offers you a full refund only in case of canceling them within 24 hours of the booking. So, when you have an ecredit, it is an amount you receive after deducting the cancellation fees. The airlines take time to process your cancellations when the timings are inherent. So, the e-credit shows up late.

How much time will Delta e-credit take to show up/reflect in my account?

Delta tries to handle each passenger with Delta Airlines booking equally. So, Delta tries to reflect the ecredit within 24 hours of flight cancellation to your account when it comes to cancellations. Sometimes it is immediately reflected in your account. However, in some cases, Delta Airlines issues them later where related documents are necessary, and the refund requests go through a validation process.


Always be mindful of the fact that delta will issue ecredits to each customer on the booking separately instead of one large credit amount. So, if you have linked all the passengers to your flights, the credit will be divided among everyone. Hence, if only a part of your  Delta ecredit not showing up, it simply means half of it went to the other customers in the itinerary.

How do I contact Delta for ecredits?

If your Delta ecredits are not visible or not working, you need to call the Delta phone number and speak with a live agent at the airline. He may assist you with the issue, and it may be because of a simple glitch in your account. But, there are also other ways to connect to Delta about e-credit.

Call Delta customer service

Suppose your Delta eCredit not showing up; you can contact Delta Airlines customer service at 800-221-1212 and follow the IVR automated voice to connect to the experts and ask them about it. The airline experts will provide you with a prominent solution for the trouble you have faced.

Live Chat with a Delta expert

You can also communicate with a Delta expert via live chat to check the issue of your ecredits not showing. You just need to access the Delta Airlines live chat service and ask the online expert about the same. The chatbot will connect you to an on-site agent to assist you with booking via ecredits.

How Do I book a flight with Delta eCredit?

When you are all clear about why the ecredits do not show up, you can move on and book flights as you do with cash and credit cards, but choose the payment mode as e-credit. Or, you can use your SkyMiles account to book flights with ecredits. Let’s have a look.

  • Log in to your Delta SkyMiles account using the correct credentials and enter your profile.
  • Here, you have three options:
    • Certificates
    • E-credits
    • Vouchers.
  • Click on Delta Credits, and the new page will show you any related certificates or credits you have with the total amount and expiration date.
  • Apply this value to your new reservation under the book Now section and easily complete your travel plans.

Delta eCredits- The Rear

Passengers can rebook their flights using the Delta ecredits; if they do not show up, there is no need to worry. If Delta ecredit not showing up, simply connect with an onsite expert and ask the relevant questions. You can not transfer to anyone else, but if they do show up, you can even book for someone else. Call delta customer service for more details about Delta eCredits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for eCredit to show up on Delta?

Delta ecredit generally shows in your account after 24 hours of canceling a flight with the airline. Always keep in mind that the airline will issue ecredits to each of the airline passengers separately within the same reservations. The airline does not believe in submitting the ecredits as a large big sum. You can always call Delta customer service for more information on the same issue.

Where did my Delta eCredit go?

Any Delta eCredits or certificates related to your Delta Skymiles number are visible through the login to the profile. You can navigate the certificates option and view the available list through your Skymiles account. Simply login using your frequent flyer credentials, and the airline will display the details with their expiry information.

What happens to the unused Delta eCredits?

Your unused Delta eCredits have a special value which you can simply apply to the cost of a new Delta ticket. The airline also allows you to use it to deduct the value from the total amount, including the taxes or fees imposed by the government. The unused or partially used Delta e-credit is the remaining amount after you used it to pay for your Delta eTicket.

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