Use Delta Fare Lock and put your flight fare on Hold

Delta Fare Lock

Sometimes we have planned everything out for our upcoming vacay, but still, you can not just book your flight. This happens because some circumstances are still putting you off, and you have to keep your reservations on hold. Well, if you are facing such issues, you can use Delta Fare lock and hold flights; thereby, confirming the booking later.

Moreover, Delta Airline makes this possible, not only for your regular flights but also for your award flights. Thereby you get enough time to think about making flight reservations on Delta. Hence, this option makes you plan your vacations with more ease.

How do you hold flights on Delta using Fare Lock?

Passengers who wish to book a flight with Delta Airlines can use the Delta Fare lock option and put their flights on hold for 24 hours for free. However, the airline also allows you to cancel your flights within 24 hours for a full refund.

Furthermore, you can hold your flights on Delta for straight 24 hours, but you have to pay 25 USD extra to purchase your flights. However, this fee is incurred as a Direct Charge for Ticketing when you purchase Delta Airlines Flights via phone.

Does Delta have a price lock?

Well, they do. And they offer it to the passengers who have SkyMiles accounts. Therefore, if you do not have one, you must create an account. Also, making that is completely free. After that, call Delta Airlines book a flight phone number, and request to hold your flight for 24 hours.

Besides, you do not have to provide a credit card detail. You can simply tell the agents your SkyMiles number and link your Delta Reservations to your account. Furthermore, if you do not pay for your held ticket, it will expire the next day at midnight.

Major Keypoints to hold flights on Delta Airlines

Do you wish to use the Delta Fare Lock option? You must know some basic key points that may further help you out.

  • As per the United States Department of Transportation, any airline either has to allow the passengers to hold their fares for 24 hours. Or they need to offer them a full ticket refund on canceling a flight within 24 hours of the initial purchase. 
  • Delta Airlines Fare lock service allows them to hold their flight for 24 hours when booking by phone. However, they must pay a ticketing charge which is necessary when booking flights over the call.

Also, if you decide to not book the flight tickets anymore after you ut them on hold, you can call Delta agents to cancel them. Or, you can simply let the reservations expire. This way you no more have to pay for the flight which you aren’t even going to fly on.

What to do after using the Fare Lock service?

However, if a passenger wishes to proceed with their flight booking, they can simply purchase the flights by paying. For this, they need to first open the My Trips section on the official website.

After that, they can log in to their SkyMiles account to complete the booking process. However, they need to pay a 25 USD fare extra if they book the flights over the phone. You can contact our customer service agents 24/7 for help and enjoy your vacays.

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