What is American Airlines UMNR Policy?

Does your underaged kid need to travel somewhere via air travel?  Are you looking for an ideal airline to send your unaccompanied children abroad? If so, you can take a look at the American Airlines UMNR Policy. It is a specified policy for minors that allows the customers to send their children unaccompanied on American Airlines Flights. 

UMNR travel policy by American Airlines

American Airlines provides unaccompanied minor facilities to ensure that children board the aircraft early. The child should be introduced to the flight attendant, accompanied (if necessary) during the pick-up, and travel alone when your child arrives at the destination, and will only be returned when the designated adult picks them up.

Does American Airlines have any age restrictions for unaccompanied minors?

American Airlines flights do not accept children under the age of five traveling alone. In other words, they must travel with an adult who is 16 years of age or older. Children between the ages of 5 and 14 can travel independently and are considered unaccompanied minors. For them, unaccompanied minor services are a must.

On the other hand, children aged 15 to 17 can travel alone, and unaccompanied children service is optional.

American Airlines unaccompanied minor service

Moreover, passengers can not book tickets for unaccompanied minors online. You must call the American Airlines Booking Center in advance to make arrangements. American Airlines requires proof of age, so you must be prepared to provide appropriate documents (birth certificate, passport, etc.) for those traveling alone upon request. Children who plan to travel with unaccompanied children can use e-tickets.

Pickup of your unaccompanied minors

The Parents or guardians who are directly associated with the child must bring their unaccompanied minors to the airport. Also, when your underage child travels alone, you need to fill out all the necessary forms and check in. Therefore, American Airlines Reservations Department recommends that you must arrive at the airport:

  • At least two hours before departure for domestic flights
  • At least three hours before departure for international ones

The American Airlines Booking department is responsible for unaccompanied children from the departure city to the final destination. Requests for someone other than an American Airlines representative to accompany your child to the connection city is not acceptable.

Adults who will meet your unaccompanied children at their destination may arrive at the boarding gate 20 minutes before the scheduled flight arrival time. Only in US airports, the designated adult must take out the security pass from the airport ticket counter to greet the child at the boarding gate. Further, the American Airlines agents will hand over your kid to the designated adult on confirming the identity and form at the boarding gate.

American Airlines UMNR fees

American Airlines charges $150 (not including tax) for unaccompanied ancillary services. This fee applies to the applicable adult fare and does not include snacks or meals purchased during the plane’s stopover.

However, with one exception, every unaccompanied minor will be charged. If two or more unaccompanied children (direct or extended) from the same family travel on the same American Airlines reservation center flight, the fee will only be levied once. 

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