American Airlines Name Correction Policy

American airlines name change policy

Did you make a mistake with your booking? Have you entered the date or name incorrectly during the flight booking process? American Airlines provides appropriate online booking and change facilities. There are better customer service solutions that can help you manage your flight easily. Therefore, when you feel a little suspicious and are not sure how to change the name on your ticket, check out the American airlines name correction or change policy. you will get complete assistance to accurately change the flight and the passenger’s name.

American Airlines Name Correction Policy

If you ever need to change the name on your American Airlines Booking Flights you can do so by visiting the official website of American airlines.

Please read the policy and instructions thoroughly before you plan to change.

  • If your ticket is eligible for a refund, you can easily make any type of changes you wish and there won’t be any charges incurred as long as there is no difference in fares.
  • In case you have a non-refundable ticket there won’t be a flight change possible.
  • You have to enter the complete details of your flight in the American Airlines manage Booking section and make changes to your flight. If you face any error during the process contact American Airlines booking and speak to airline agents for quick assistance. 

American Airlines Name Change Process

American Airlines Name change is a simple and easy process where you can make changes in your name on the ticket. You just need to follow the following steps below:

  • Firstly you need to visit the official American Airlines reservations website and then log in using your credentials.
  • You can also enter the manage booking section and enter the information of your booking in the correct details such as your booking reference and last name on the flight.
  • Now click on the Manage button and choose the booking you wish to change the name for.
  • Now select the flight change option and enter the new name you want to change to and click on edit to apply these changes.
  • Once you change the name, hit the save button to confirm your changes.

If you are not able to process any of the above-mentioned things you can contact American Airlines en Espanol and talk to an airline expert for quick assistance. They are available 24/7 and are highly trained to help you solve all the issues.

The airline is responsible for its customers’ satisfaction and hence guides all the agents to provide the necessary help as and when needed. You can visit their help page to find the contact number and dial it to speak to one of the available service providers. 

How to Change your Name on American Airlines Tickets?

Suppose you are an AA customer, and you misspell your name while booking flights. In that case, you can request a name change. But “how can I change name on American Airlines ticket?”, if this is your concern, we have a solution for you.

Well, inserting a name incorrectly is a common error while entering details and many passengers make this error. However, AA follows a specific policy to help you fix this. Hence, no need to worry if you have entered the name incorrectly in the booking. American Airlines will ensure you get an appropriate solution.

Furthermore, there are various methods to change the name on your American Airlines ticket. And you are free to choose any particular way as per your requirements. Below are some of the basic ways to make name changes on your American Airlines booking.

Change or Correct Names online

Suppose a passenger has issues with the name, like misspelling a name or entering a nickname instead of the actual name on their AA ticket. In that case, they can request a name correction or change service online from the website.

The American airlines name change policy allows them to change their name on the ticket through the online flight change service. Hence, they can simply access their flight bookings by logging in and choosing to change the flights.

Moreover, if you can not see the change flight option, it means your flight booking is not eligible for online changes. In that case, you can call the airline agents to request the change.

AA name correction over the Phone

When your flight ticket is not eligible for online changes, or there are some concerns that you need to discuss with an expert, call AA agents. You can simply request a name change by contacting the American Airlines representatives in your region.

You can simply get in touch with an AA representative by locating the contact us section on their official website. Further, in this section, you’ll see the respective contact number to dial from your phone. 

Finally, you can connect with an airline representative and request the name change on American airlines. However, note that the on-call flight changes are subject to a particular fee. And you must pay this flight change fee. Besides, it’s better if your new flight’s departure time is within 12 hours of your call.

Change or Correct Names at the Airport

If there is an issue with your name on the ticket and you have just realized it at the airport, no need to worry. You can still make name changes/corrections at the counter. 

You don’t need to fret at all and just speak with an AA representative at the ticket counter. For instance, the agents will be there to rule out any error they see and even help you solve it.

Besides, you can ask them for options for any flights that are leaving within 12 hours to your original destination. And they will charge a little change fee which you can directly pay at the counter. P>S. don’t forget to ask for a new boarding pass, if the agent doesn’t offer you by himself.

American Airlines Fees to Change Name on Ticket

Similar to any other airline in the industry, AA also charges name change fees from the passengers. During COVID times, the airline waived the flight change fee for flights outside of North America and South America. However, it’s still not sure whether the airline completely waived the cost or not.

In contrast, for any ticket changes, passengers have to pay the fare difference. Besides, if the new fare is less, your difference amount will be funded as a travel credit on your account.

Furthermore, under the American Airlines name change policy for minors, there is no need to pay anything. The airline offers name correction and changes free of cost for such passengers. However, the passengers need to pay a 25 USD processing fee to make major name corrections.

How Do I Change Misspelled Name on American Airlines Tickets?

Suppose your name spelling is wrong on your American Airlines ticket. In that case, you wonder, “How to change the name on American airlines tickets?” But the matter isn’t just about the name change!

There are times when the spelling mistakes are minor, and you need to shift a few letters here and there. Meanwhile, the other times, the names need major corrections. So, each time the way is different. And you need to comply with the AA name correction policy for this.

Usually, most airlines defer that changing a single character in the spelling is possible without a charge. Furthermore, ensure to note that just simple errors of characters can be changed for free. Read more to find out about American Airlines name change policy.

Follow the process below to change the misspelled name on the ticket

  • Firstly log in to the website using your PNR (Passenger Name Record) and make the changes to your departure details.
  • Latter, you can call the American Airlines contact number and speak to the airline agent. Further, the agent will advise you about the corrections in the name that they require.

Process to change my last name on a AA plane ticket:

There are various ways to make changes to your name on the booking. However, the best way is to speak to someone at American airlines change name on ticket in the concerned department. Here are the steps to change the last name on your flight ticket.

  • Firstly check whether your AA ticket is refundable or not.
  • If it is, simply cancel the original booking and reebok under the changed name.
  • However, you can even call the airline to request a name change from an airline expert.
  • Next, you have to submit the photo ID proof, which exactly matches the name you need on the ticket.
  • After that, you can simply purchase the new ticket under the correct name and leave the last one aside.

These were the absolute ways to make changes to your last name on an American Airlines Booking.

Can I transfer my American Airlines ticket to another person?

American Airlines does not allow passengers to transfer their tickets to another person. However, they do allow you to book the ticket for another person. But you have to first cancel your existing ticket and then book the flight for the new person.

In other words, you need to cancel the AA ticket, which sometimes incurs a 150 USD fee or more depending on the type of fare you have. After that, you will receive a travel credit, and you can use that to book a flight for the person you wish to transfer the ticket to.

Furthermore, you can call the airline agents or visit the official website and follow the instructions to cancel your flight ticket and then rebook. Also, when you rebook your flight over the call, you need to pay 20 USD extra with your flight chargers.

How to distinguish between AA Name Correction and Name Change?

American Airlines name correction is where the airline asks the passengers for their TSA ID proof to match the name with the government photo ID. This is generally to deal with the misspellings, legal names, secondary or last names, married or divorcee names and inverted names, etc.

However, the name change is like changing the ticket from one person to another. But this is not allowed on the airline.

How to change the name on AAdvantage accounts and award flights?

Suppose you have an AAdvantage membership on American Airlines, and you need to make name corrections. In that case, you have two ways to change the name on your ticket.

  • Here, you need to manage your AAdvantage account service and choose the Name/Address change service on the field.
  • After that, provide the AAdvantage account number or your dignified username. Also, enter your last name as per your membership.
  • Now, enter the password, and you’ll see a form to upload the certificates and photo IDs that allow you to enter the new name accordingly.
  • Next, note that when you do not have your AAdvantage account information about login, call the dedicated customer service.

Finally, they will send you an email where you can reply with your necessary documents and the change that you need in your ticket booking. Moreover, under the American Airlines ticket name change policy, the agents will help you change the name within a few days.

Steps to make name changes on AA tickets due to Marriage

Did you change your name after marriage? Or is there some addition in the name? Now, suppose you booked an AA flight before the wedding, and now you have the flight scheduled. But your name has been changed, and you need corrections. In that case, you can request a name change from the airline.

Follow the steps below to make changes to the name after your marriage

  • Have you applied for a new passport in your maiden’s name to spend your honeymoon at another location?
  • You got 12 months starting from your wedding date to get a passport absolutely for free.
  • As per the state air travel department, you may think of it as a gift.
  • Furthermore, most of the airlines do not update the ticket name and charge a full price for the new ticket.
  • Hence, if you have concerns that your partner will make a mistake on your name while booking, buy travel insurance.
  • This will save you from penalties.
  • However, TSA does not accept marriage certificates as identification proof.
  • Hence you have to take your driving license or related TSA_approved documents to board the flight.
  • Also, if possible, book the honeymoon package under your maiden’s name.
  • And you know that your marriage certificate takes two weeks from the wedding date.
  • Hence you may be traveling with the ID proof as to your maiden name.

Finally, when you book the flight tickets under your married name, you can use that ticket as proof to speed up your passport process. And American Airlines will also issue you a boarding pass as soon as possible. The minimum time for the processing is one day at the regional passport center.


Henceforth, when you wish to change the flight ticket or wish to make name corrections, make sure you know everything far in advance. Also, call our airline agents for more data on American Airlines name change policy. They’ll be available 24/7 to provide you with the best assistance.

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