American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

American missed flight

Do you think you will miss your flight and don’t know what to do? Seek the assistance of  American Airlines missed flight reschedule policy and get another flight without paying any charges. By informing the airlines in advance, you can cancel your booking and get a partial/ full refund against it.

American Airlines understands that passengers can miss their flight due to delays in security checks and late arrival at the airport. For example, with the 15-minute rebooking policy of AA, you can book a seat on the upcoming flight of the same itinerary.

Read below to understand what to do when you miss a flight with American Airlines.

What Happens If I Miss My American Airlines Flight?

The American Airlines delay policy states that AA will rebook another flight if you miss a connection because of flights running late. However, when you miss a flight with AA due to your fault, such things happen with your booking:

  • Firstly, if you inform the Airlines in advance that you will miss your flight and can’t make it to the gate on time, they will rebook another AA flight for you.
  • However, the ticket will be a no-show if you fail to call the American Airlines missed flight phone number and don’t show up even after departure. Hence, the air carrier will forfeit the entire booking amount.
  • Moreover, the AA won’t refund any amount spent on additional baggage, seat selection, and other air travel add-ons. 

Hence, the passenger must call the airline executives without fail to take advantage of free American Airlines change flights at the last moment.

What Can I do If I Missed American Airlines Flight?

Delay in security checks, late check-in, and getting stuck in traffic are primary reasons for missing an AA flight. American Airlines will help you reschedule your flight to the best alternative available at the closest time possible. 

  • Firstly, American Airlines missed flight rebooking policy allows you to book a new flight 15 minutes early to 2 hours after the flight’s departure.
  • Also, AA will provide a new flight with the same itinerary when you arrive at the airport on time but miss the flight. You will not have to pay any fee for this.
  • If any, the American Airlines missed flight fee will depend on your fare type and the time of canceling/ rebooking the ticket.
  • When you’ve missed a flight because of a delay or cancellation from AA, they will rebook another flight/ provide a refund at no additional charges.
  • If the passengers check in by the valid window of 45 minutes before departure but can’t catch the American flight, they will rebook you a new reservation.

Lastly, American Airlines automatically reroutes your baggage when you check in for the new flight.

What to Do If You Miss Your Flight on American Airlines

Passengers who are about to miss their flight on American airlines or have already missed it must note the following points. You must know these facts to ensure a seat for free/ at a nominal fee on another flight.

  • AA can arrange another flight provided you inform within 2 hours of departure that you’ve missed a flight.
  • American Airlines Missed Flight Policy may get you listed on standby for the next flight without additional charges.
  • If the missed flight were the last for the day, you would probably get the first flight of the next day.
  • When you miss your American Airlines flight, contact the reservations/ airport office ASAP and define your situation.
  • If a third party/ agency has booked your flight, kindly inform them ASAP.

However, speaking with a representative at American Airlines can help you secure a free food voucher if the delay is due to the Air carrier’s fault. Delay of 3+ hours is compensated, and you can receive upto $700 for the missed flight due to delay.

What Happens If I Miss a Connecting Flight Because of American Airlines Delay?

If you miss your American Airlines flight connection on a single reservation, then AA can help you. In such a situation, you can contact American Airlines to rebook another flight with the same itinerary. Look at these conditions:

  • If your connections are from AA, you will get free rebooking.
  • Also, free food/ lodging facilities would be available till rebooked flight arrives.
  • However, if the connection is with another company, AA has no obligation to rebook the flight.
  • Upon missing a connection from another company, it may consider you a no-show and cancel subsequent flights.

You can contact an American Airlines representative if you have an AA connection and your current flight is delayed. Inform the air carrier in advance and pay a nominal fee to preserve the value of your ticket.

15 Minute Rebooking Policy

You can arrive at your destination comfortably without a fee. From 2022 onwards, the air carrier has launched a 15-minute rebooking policy that helps you get on a standby list easily without any hassle. You can call American Airlines customer service to use these policy benefits.

Passenger Delay Period15-Minute Rescheduling Conditions
From check-in cutoff to 15 minutes after the scheduled take-off.
  • Upon availability, get confirmation on the next flight.
  • You can also book connections.
  • Kindly contact the AA agent at the airport to rebook the flight.
  • Can change co-terminals, can’t change the destination.
The delay between 15 minutes post-departure to 2 hours after departure.
  • Standby rules and fees applicable.

Note: When you miss your American Airlines flight, you can’t use the 15-minute rebooking facility for codeshare/ partner airline bookings.

Get Compensated for Missed Flight on American Airlines

If you face a delay or miss a connecting flight on American Airlines, the air carrier will rebook another flight to the same itinerary. Also, when you don’t get the previous in-flight purchases, such as seat assignments and an upgrade, you will receive a refund.

To rebook your connection/ missed flight, contact an American executive or use the mobile app/ website. You can also talk to reservations regarding the appropriate compensation amount. Sometimes, the passengers are eligible for overnight accommodation and miles/ vouchers for future travel.

Does American Airlines Rebook a Missed Flight?

Yes, Follow the below-mentioned steps to rebook the next flight of the same day and itinerary:

  • Firstly, open the official website of American Airlines on a safe browser.
  • Next, add details such as booking ID and passenger’s last name to log into your account.
  • Review details of the missed trip, immediately cancel it and receive American airlines missed flight credit.
  • Further, select a new American Airlines flight with destination, dates, and passenger details and rebook the flight with those credits.
  • You will receive a confirmation message if you successfully get a reservation for the new flight.
  • Next, check in for the new flight and get a boarding pass. 

When you can’t get through the website to rebook your missed flight, get in touch with American Airlines customer service and speak to a representative. You will get in-depth detail related to American Airlines missed flight refund policy to get the best flight for your itinerary. 

How do I Rebook American Airlines Missed Flight?

You can speak to a live person at American Airlines for rebooking an AA flight by dialing 800-433-7300 (USA & Canada flights). Reschedule your missed flight in minutes.

  • Firstly, dial the American Airlines reservation phone number to reschedule/ rebook your flight.
  • Press 1 to gather information regarding current American Airlines reservations.
  • Press 2 to ask for a new booking/reschedule your flight.
  • Next, Press 3 to seek assistance regarding extra baggage, check-in, boarding, and other in-flight services.
  • Finally, Press 7 to talk to a 24/7 live American Airlines representative and seek a new flight or refund against missed flight cancellation.

To speak to a Spanish representative to rebook a missed American flight, flyers have to dial 800-633-3711.

American Airlines Missed flight Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss my American Airlines flight?

When the passenger misses an AA flight due to cancellation or delay, American Airlines will rebook them for another flight with available seats. Also, when you miss a connection, they will reroute your bags when you check in for the new flight.

Is there a fee for missing a flight on American Airlines?

American Airlines provides a 15-minute rebooking policy where you can rebook another flight with or without a nominal fee between 15 minutes to 3 hours after the flight’s departure. After this period, your entire booking amount will be forfeited under no-show.

Does American Airlines reimburse for missed flights?

Yes. You are entitled to compensation when your AA flight is missed or running late due to American Airlines. However, you have to seek the claim yourself by informing the executives of AA of delays running more than three hours of scheduled departure.

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