Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets?

Plans change – Spirit understands this and thus it offers a simple and decent Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. The airline offers several options to cancel or make changes to your existing booking. Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States, which offers some incredible services to its passengers. Spirit has a fleet size of 153 and it operates its flight services to 77 destinations. If you want to cancel your current booking due to any sudden change, then read the cancellation policy of the airline in detail.

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight

Key Points to Know Before Cancelling Spirit Airlines Flights

You must know the points and facts related to the cancelation policy of the airline before canceling your flight ticket. 

  • Some passengers are eligible for cancellation and making changes free of cost; check out the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy to know the eligibility criteria. 
  • If you are canceling or changing your booking within 24 hours of the initial purchase, then you don’t have to pay any charges for this, but make sure you are canceling a reservation at least or more than seven days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. In this case, you are eligible to get a full refund in the form of travel credit.
  • If any passenger wants to cancel his/her Spirit Airlines Reservations after 24 hours of the purchase, then, he/she will be charged the cancellation fee. A cancellation fee will be deducted from the original amount of your money and the remaining balance will be issued as a credit shell.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes up to one hour before the departure of the flight. 
  • If in case, your new flight fare is less than the original flight fare, then the airline will issue a Future Travel Credit that can be used up to 60 days from the date of issuance As per the Spirit Airlines refund policy. You are allowed to use this credit for your future travel. 
  • If the new fare is more than the original fare, then you will have to pay the difference in fares, including a difference in government fees and taxes. 
  • If you are canceling your reservation online, then Spirit Airlines offers you a $10 voucher per one way as an added benefit. This voucher can be used for future travel if the cancellation fee is more than the value of the reservation. 
  • Please note that Spirit Airlines does not offer refundable fares to its passengers. It helps them to keep airfares low for all the passengers. 

These are the major points related to the cancellation policy of the airline.

Spirit Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

For passengers who cancel their flight ticket on the same day of making a flight reservation, the airline will not apply any charges. The Spirit Airlines cancellation policy for 24 hours is applicable if the flight’s departure is scheduled after one week of flight reservation.

  • As per the 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers who are holding non-refundable flight tickets are also eligible to get a refund for their canceled flight tickets. 
  • Moreover, passengers can secure a refund without any deduction and hidden charges under the policy. 
  • After 24-hour booking, if a passenger cancels their flight, they need to pay a cancellation fee that starts from 90 USD to 110 USD to get a refund. 
  • Passengers should buy refundable tickets as the non-refundable flight tickets do not qualify for a refund after 24 hours of booking.

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How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Booking?

Spirit facilitates passengers with two different options to cancel their existing booking; you can use any of the methods.

Cancel a Flight Through Official Website

The airline likes it when you do things online. Online cancellation is less expensive and it is the quickest method also. Follow these simple steps to cancel your booking.

  • Open the official site of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Click on the “My Trips” option, available on its homepage along with other options like book, Spirit Airlines check-in, and flight status.
  • Enter the last name of the passenger and a confirmation code. You can find your confirmation code in the confirmation e-mail. 
  • After filling these important fields, click on the “Continue” tab to retrieve your entire reservation.
  • Now, click on the booking you wish to cancel and confirm your cancellation.

Cancel Spirit Flight by Calling Live Agents

You can reach out to the Guest Service Agent available at the Guest Contact Center or airport to cancel your purchased flight tickets. You will have to pay higher charges for this because when an agent makes changes or cancels a ticket for you it costs them resources and time. The agents will help you to cancel your reservation without any hassle.

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy allows passengers seamless cancellation even at the last moment.

Cancel Flight At the Airport

According to the Spirit Airline cancellation policy, Passengers are permitted to cancel their flight reservation by visiting their nearest Spirit Airlines ticket counter at the airport.

  • Visit the airport and make a request to the customer service agent and share your required booking details with them. 
  • Explain the reason for your flight cancellation to the representative so that they can raise your request for a refund. 
  • Consider the instructions by the representative, such as giving a refund method or confirming your identity. 
  • After that, ensure that your flight has been canceled and refunds have been processed.

Note: It is essential to learn the cancellation fee when canceling a flight. However, the fee may vary as it depends on the time of cancellation and the fare type.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

  • Passengers who booked their flight tickets from any unauthorized website will not get any refund as per the refund policy for Spirit Airlines. 
  • Besides, Spirit Airlines provides a complete refund to passengers who cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking, and the difference between the departure and the booking date is one week or more. 
  • If a passenger cancels their flight tickets, they need to pay 10 USD as cancellation charges. 
  • Moreover, the airline will initiate a refund within a week when the passenger uses a credit card to make the flight payment and 20 days if another payment gateway. 
  • In accordance with the Spirit Airlines refund policy, if the airline cancels the flight. Then, the passengers do not need to pay any fee to the airline. 
  • In addition, Spirit Airlines may waive the flight cancellation fee when a passenger cancels their flight tickets due to the sudden death of one of their family members. 
  • However, they need to show the death document to the airline to get a full refund.

How to Get Refund After Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation?

Getting refunds from large companies can sometimes be difficult, and people end up dealing with a lot of paperwork, hours of online research, and headaches. Getting a refund from a company is not necessarily tiring or nerve-wracking. There are many companies that make you suffer from forms and questions. Spirit Airlines is one of them. Using the Spirit Airlines refund policy to apply for a refund has a minimal chance since the airline doesn’t provide refundable tickets. Because it helps the company provide low prices, you cannot get a refund from the airline. You can change or cancel your reservation, but you cannot get your money back. Spirit Airlines Member Club is also non-refundable.

There may be a refund exception from the Spirit Airlines booking department if one doesn’t use the ticket because of the passenger’s death during or before the flight. In this situation, they must present a death certificate to the Spirit’s relations department for guests in the form of an attachment. You must forward the required documentation to the help center of spirit Airlines. You can also apply for a refund by sending a letter to the Spirit Airlines customer service department.

Note: getting a refund to the official payment form is possible in case a passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of the initial booking. If they fail to do so, they may only receive future travel credit from the airline. You can further use this credit to rebook flights with Spirit Airlines. The airline, however, offers a generous flight changing policy. Passengers can use the Spirit Airlines Change flight service and change their bookings without any extra charge.

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How much is Spirit cancellation fee?

Cancelation fee is divided into three parts, as given below:

  • Standard Tickets 
  • Flight Flex Tickets 
  • Award Tickets

Standard Tickets Cancellation Fee

  • If the flight cancellation perform within the same day of booking, the airline would not ask to pay the cancellation fee. 
  • Besides, if the cancellation is made online, then the passenger must pay 90 USD as the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee. 
  • Similarly, the airline provides travel vouchers to passengers who are holding Spirit non-refundable tickets. Moreover, these vouchers can only be used for the next booking on Spirit Airlines. 
  • Also, the airline will ask to pay 100 USD if the flight cancellation is made on the offline portals.

Spirit Flight Cancellation Fee For Award Tickets

  • Passengers with award tickets and perform a flight cancellation within 24 hours of booking are free from paying the cancellation fee. 
  • If the risk-free window is crossed, passengers will be responsible for paying 110 USD as the
  • Spirit cancellation fee. 
  • Once the cancellation is made, the flight ticket value will transfer to the travel card for future flight booking purposes. 

What is Flight Flex on Spirit Airlines?

flight flex on Spirit

Not sure about your travel plan? If yes, then add Flight Flex to your booking. This is the modification charge protection, which is available on the Extras page while making a reservation on the Spirit Airlines official site.  Add this option to your itinerary, and you are allowed to modify your booking once, up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight without any charges. You can make changes online only. If there is any difference in the optional services and airfare for the requested alternate flights or dates, then the customer will be responsible for it, not Spirit Airlines. Any difference in fees and taxes is also the passenger’s responsibility. 

  • One can only purchase Flight Flex while making a booking.
  • You can’t purchase Flight Flex for the existing reservation.
  • Passengers can make changes only once after they purchase Flight Flex.
  • Flight Flex may not be available for purchase on all Spirit Airlines flights. 

Purchase Flight Flex and read the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy for the smooth cancellation of your flight ticket.

Fee For Flight Flex Tickets

  • Passengers who are holding Flight Flex tickets cancel their flight after the risk-free period. Then, the airline asks to pay the cancellation fee. 
  • Besides, passengers have to pay 90 USD as a cancellation fee if they cancel their flight tickets on the offline platform.
  • To cancel the flight flex tickets on offline portals, passengers have to pay 100 USD as a flight cancellation fee. 
  • The sole difference between standard and flight flex tickets is that no change fee will be charged on a Flight Flex ticket. 
  • However, Spirit ticket cancellation is the same for both categories of tickets.

Spirit Airlines Compensation Policy

If your flight is canceled or delayed by the airline and departing from an airport in the European Union, then it comes under the EC 261 Law. Besides, EC 261 covers the following:

  • The airline announces flight cancellation at least 24 days prior to the departure. 
  • When the flight is delayed for more than three hours.

EC 261 does not cover the following:

  • Flights do not depart from the EU airport. 
  • Flight disruptions due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, airport strikes, medical emergencies, security threats, political unrest, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spirit give refunds for cancelled flights?

You’re eligible for a refund on Spirit Airlines may depend on a few factors- When you opt for cancellation and whether you or the airline cancel your flight tickets.

  • Under the Spirit Airlines refund policy, if you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of booking, you may get a full refund without incurring cancellation fees. 
  • In case your flight cancels from the airline side, it doesn’t matter which type of fare class you purchased; you’re eligible for a full refund.

How much does Spirit charge for cancellation?

Spirit Airlines’ cancellation fees vary depending on when you make a cancellation request. Please note cancellation must be made at least 1 hour before the certain time frame. 

  • Cancellation made at least 1 to 6 days prior to the deadline costs you 119 USD. 
  • Cancellation made at least 7 to 30 days prior to the deadline costs you 99 USD. 
  • Cancellation made at least 31 to 59 days prior to the deadline costs you 69 USD.

Do I lose my money if I cancel Spirit flight?

If cancellation is made after 24 hours of a certain time frame, you’re not entitled to a full refund. But you’ll get a travel credit for the balance with non-refundable service expenses deducted.

How much does Spirit charge to change flight?

Spirit Airlines’ change fees may vary depending on when you request amends in flight itineraries. Here are the given charges for Spirit Airlines change-

  • Amends made at least 0 to 6 days before departure cost you 119 USD. 
  • Amends made at least 7 to 30 days before departure cost you 99 USD. 
  • Amends made at least 31 to 59 days before departure cost you 69 USD.

Can you change your spirit flight without extra charge?

So long as you’ve purchased a flight ticket at least 7 days prior to scheduled departure dates, you can change your spirit flight without extra charges if the flight is cancelled within a certain time frame after the booking.

How can I change my flight date for free on Spirit?

If you make amends on your flight itineraries or cancel 60 days prior to the date you purchased, your tickets are free of cost. You can make amends for your reservation through the My trips option on the official website. Fill out the necessary details to locate your reservation, then proceed further steps to make amends or cancellation.

Does Spirit flight flex cover cancellation?

With Spirit flight flex, you can make amends to your flight itineraries once through its website up to a certain time frame without incurring extra charges. But Spirit Flex doesn’t offer additional perks at the time of cancellation. You have to pay cancellation charges the same as the standard ticket passengers.

Does Spirit charge if you miss your flight?

In case you fail to catch a flight on time, you must follow the instructions of Spirit Airlines’ no-show policy. The airline lets you reschedule your flight tickets on the same day as the next available flight. However, the airline charges up to 100 USD to 200 USD for missed flight plus the fare difference between original and new flights.

Can I cancel Spirit flight booked with points?

You can cancel a flight reserved with miles-

If you cancel your flight tickets booked with miles after a certain time frame, Spirit will levy you 50 USD to 100 USD charges to redeposit your points. However, if you cancel after 60 days of scheduled departure, you won’t charge a fee.

Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines award ticket?

Yes, you’re allowed to make amends or cancel your Spirit Airlines award ticket. You may have to pay the 100 USD to 110 USD charges per person or any fare difference between original or new flights.

Are Spirit Standard flights refundable?

Please note to provide its passengers with cost-effective fares year-round, Spirit Airlines do not offer refundable fares. But the airline lets its flyers modify or cancel a flight itinerary through the my Trip option on the official website.

How does Spirit cancellation work?

Under the Spirit refund policy, you can cancel your flight ticket and get a full refund if your ticket was booked within a certain time frame of the cancellation request.

Does Spirit refund the baggage fee?

In case the cancellation is made within the certain time frame of the grace period, you’ll receive a baggage refund. However, the baggage fee at Spirit Airlines is non-refundable.

How long does Spirit airline refund take?

Spirit Airlines provide a refund or eligible travel credit within 7 to 10 working days. But sometimes, it may take a little longer due to technical issues and government restrictions.

What does Spirit do about cancelled flights?

How can I receive a refund? If your flight is cancelled due to technical or weather issues, you may receive a full refund without extra charges. If the cancellation is made from your side, you’re not eligible for a refund.

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