Volaris Seat Selection Policy : How to Choose Seats?

Do you want to make your air journey more exciting and comfortable? Opt for the Volaris Seat Selection Policy to make your flight a memorable experience with premium and comfy chairs. When upgrades are costly and regular chairs are uncomfortable, the seat selection policy gives you the best comfort at affordable prices.

The volaris premium seats are available for selection at budget prices, quite cheaper than seat assignment charges in other airlines. By paying just $10, you can find a premium seat of your preference at Volaris.

Let’s explore the policy and fee of volaris plane seats assignment.

What is Volaris Seat Selection Policy?

The Volaris seat policy allows you to reserve a seat from 4 types of chairs during or after booking your flight with the airline. Hence, the policy will enable you to buy a seat under the following conditions:

  • During Reservation: Add a seat selection combo at Volaris during reservation. However, you won’t get the first row or emergency exit seat in this package.
  • Pre-flight: If you already have a flight reservation with volaris, you can go to My Trips, volaris a320 seat map/ any other map, and pay the respective charges. 
  • At the airport: You can also confirm a seat when you arrive for check-in at the airport for the flight. You might not have to pay any fee to choose a chair from the available ones.

To book your volaris first-class seats, kindly visit the official site or call customer service and pay the required charges. 

How to Choose & Select Seat on Volaris?

To use the Volaris Seat Selection facility, you can visit the official website, call customer service for assistance, or book your seat at the airport during check-in. Follow the methods below for a better understanding:

The Official Website

  • Firstly, check out the official website of Volaris.
  • Next, click the My Trips menu available on the menu bar.
  • Further, fill in your reservation code and last name.
  • Click the go to my trips button to retrieve your booking.
  • Click the link required to select/ change your seat with Volaris.
  • Find your preferred seat with the volaris seat chart.
  • The chart will also show the price for each seat.

Lastly, pick your required chair and pay the volaris seat selection fee. You can find the confirmation for your seat assignment in your contact details, such as email id and phone number.

Via Customer Service

  • Initially, dial the volaris phone number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
  • Wait for the IVR to start an automated response.
  • Choose your preferred language (English/ español).
  • Further, dial the required key to initiate Volaris Seat Selection Procedure.
  • Seek assistance from an executive to buy your desired seat.
  • The professional will ask for your booking details and let you know your eligibility.
  • Choose from the options and pay the volaris charge for seats.

You will receive a confirmation email along with the ticket having details of your new seat. If you are yet to make a reservation, customer service will buy you a ticket for the destination and book your seat together.

How Much Does Volaris Charge For Seat Selection?

The Volaris Seat Selection process fee goes upto $ 600 MXN ( ~ USD 40) per passenger per leg of the journey. However, the price may fluctuate during high demand. Hence, we advise passengers to make seat assignments in advance.

Seat TypeWhen to purchaseHow To PurchaseVolaris Seat Price (MXN) (Upto)Volaris Seat Price (USD)


First-row seat  Booking/Pre-FlightCall/ Web$366 MXNUSD 18.55
At AirportAt Airport$600 MXN USD 30.40
Quick seat (rows 2 to 5)  Booking/Pre-FlightCall/ Web$259 MXN USD 13.12
At AirportAt Airport$500 MXN USD 25.34
Extra space seat (Emergency exit seat)  Booking/Pre-FlightCall/ Web$290 MXNUSD 14.69
At AirportAt Airport$500 MXNUSD 25.34
Front seats (6th row- till the last row and before the 1st emergency exit) Booking/Pre-FlightCall/ Web$232 MXNUSD 11.76
At AirportAt Airport$450 MXNUSD 22.80
Regular seat (First back section)  Booking/Pre-FlightCall/ Web$187 MXNUSD 9.48
At AirportAt Airport$400 MXNUSD 20.27
Back seat (Second back section)Booking/Pre-FlightCall/ Web$170 MXN USD 8.61
At AirportAt Airport$350 MXNUSD 17.74

Volaris Seat Selection Fee for international flights ranges upto USD 35 to USD 60, depending upon your choice of the seat from different preferences. To get the best seats on the volaris plane, talk to an expert at +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) or +1-860-374-7617 and buy your reservation at low prices.

What Seat Should I Choose On A Volaris Plane?

There are 4 types of preferred seats in a Volaris Airlines flight that passengers frequently pick during seat selection. However, depending on the plane type, there might be 6 categories of seats. Here are the commonly available chairs during seating assignment:

  • Premium: These are the seats on row 1. These chairs offer extra space, early boarding, and fast exit upon arrival. More legroom makes these seats costly.
  • More space: These are the emergency exit seats. Such chairs offer extra space for your comfort.
  • First-off: These are the seats in rows 2 to 5, also known as Quick seats. The seat selection fee at Volaris Airlines for these seats is between $13- $16. You will be among the first to exit upon arriving at your destination. 
  • Standard: It allows you to pick from an aisle or window seat. Thus, you can avoid the middle seat.

If you are Volaris first class seat, you have to pay the highest amount on seat selection than other travelers for different categories.

What are the Restrictions to Emergency Exit Row Seats in Volaris Seat Selection?

Some passengers of Volaris Airlines are not allowed to opt for emergency exit seats, also known as extra space seats. Due to security reasons, the following types of passengers are not permitted on these seats:

  • Domestic/ International travelers with pets.
  • Pregnant woman
  • Minors who are less than 15 years of age.
  • Flyers with visual, auditory, cognitive, or speech impairment.
  • Passengers who are traveling with babies.
  • Lastly, those travelers who have any medical condition or illness.

Volaris Airlines offers emergency seats to those who can assist the cabin crew in the face of an emergency. It is clearly defined in the Volaris Seat Selection Fee and Policy rules that the passenger sitting at this seat may be asked to occupy another seat if the need arises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pick your seat on Volaris?

Choosing a seat in advance isn’t necessary with Volaris Airlines. However, use the Volaris seat selection facility. You can book your desired seat in ultra-low-cost airlines at nominal prices and enhance your in-flight journey experience.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on Volaris?

Yes, indeed. If you want to reserve a preference for seats for your journey, you have to pay a Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Policy fee and book your chair from standard or premium choices. However, you will still get a seat if you don’t pay for it. 

What is premium seating on volaris?

As per the Volaris Airlines seat selection policy, premium seats are the chairs available on row one of their planes. These offer the maximum space and legroom. Besides, these front-row seats are also the costliest as they provide early boarding and exit. 

What are the best seats on Volaris?

According to the Volaris seat selection policy chart & maps, premium seats are the most spacious chairs located at the front of the plane. You must pay the highest fee to secure these seats. Hence, you can board the plane early, get access to the overhead bin, and exit the aircraft early upon arrival at the destination.

Can I change seats on Volaris?

Can I change or choose my seat on Volaris Airlines at check-in or after booking? Yes, indeed. While using the online check-in facility, you can change your seat, subject to availability. Before check-in, you can visit the Manage My Trip option available online.