How to Change Flight on Frontier Airlines

Change your Frontier Airlines Flight

Frontier Airlines is known for offering the cheapest air tickets for domestic and international travel. However, its Frontier change flight policy is also quite flexible, even though it is an ultra-low-cost airline. Sometimes, you can also modify your date/ time for free.

The Frontier Flight Change Policy lets you cancel a booking for free if you cancel it within 24 hours of purchase, provided you bought it at least 7 days before departure.

Let’s understand when and how to modify your booking with frontier airlines. 

Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

Frontier change flight rules provide details about when passengers opt to change their flight on a future date or time. Make an informed decision after reading these rules regarding flight modification at Frontier:

  • Passengers won’t get a refund of residual value if their new booking is less priced than the original reservation.
  • Travelers who buy tickets from frontier customer service airlines, mobile apps, and official websites can only opt for this facility.
  • All changes to flight tickets are subject to fare differences.
  • Flyers will receive credits against changing their flights on Frontier airlines.
  • When a change fee is applicable, the flyer will receive credits after deducting the fee.

Dial 1 (801) 401-9000 or 1 (860) 374-7617 to know more about the Frontier modification flight process and fee. Get instant help from an expert and resolve doubts.

How Do I Change Frontier Flight?

To modify a flight’s date and other details, visit Frontier Airlines manage booking for online changes or call customer service. From both options, you can use the frontier change flight facility easily.

Change Flight Via Official Website

  • Initially, open the airline’s official website’s homepage.
  • Next, hover your mouse on the travel menu.
  • After that, go to My Trips and click the Manage Trip link.
  • Afterward, enter the last name and confirmation code and press search. 
  • On the next page, click change flights for modification.
  • The site will list your original reservation time and date.

Follow the rest of the prompts till you arrive at the payments page. Fare difference, if applicable under Frontier flight change policy, will show up on the top right side of the page. Pay the fee and save these changes.

Change Via Frontier Airlines Customer Service

  • Firstly, dial Frontier change flight phone number 1 (801) 401-9000. 
  • Next, the IVR will respond shortly.
  • If asked, press the necessary key to choose the preferred language.
  • The rest of the instructions will be available in your desired language.
  • Finally, press the key that lets you use the Frontier reschedule flight policy.
  • Also, dial the number that connects you with an executive.

Lastly, provide your booking details and wait for an answer. The executive will provide fee details and pay for these changes once you agree. You will receive a new ticket with your contact details.

How much does Frontier charge to change your flight date?

The frontier change flight fee depends upon two factors:

  • Time left for flight’s departure at the time of changing flight.
  • Whether the passenger bought Works Bundle and used it once 24 hours before the flight’s take-off.

Take a look at the amount applicable when you are changing a ticket on frontier airlines:

Days Left For DepartureFrontier Change Flight Policy Fee
6 days or less / Same- Day Changes$99
59 -7 days left to depart$49
60+ days left for departure$0

If you use your works bundle to change flights when less than 24 hours are left for departure, normal charges for flight change will apply, as mentioned above.

Can I Change My Frontier Flight For Free?

Frontier Flight Change policy allows you to modify the time or date of the ticket for free under some conditions. Read below to know when you can avoid the flight modification fee.

Case 1: Purchasing The Works Bundle 

Passengers don’t have to pay Frontier Airlines change flight process & policy fee if they’ve bought the works bundle with their flight. If you buy a works bundle with your Frontier air ticket, you get the following benefits:

  • No cancellation fee and the 100% fare amount is refundable as credits.
  • No Frontier change flight fee once per booking.
  • Other perks: Seat selection, priority boarding, carry-on bag, and checked baggage.

Hence, if you use the works bundle from Frontier Airlines, the air carrier will waive the change flight fee, and you only have to pay the fare difference.

Case 2: Book Early, Cancel Early

Travelers who buy their Frontier Airlines tickets early are at an advantage. If passengers cancel their ticket 60 days before the plane’s departure, they can use Frontier change policy for free.

The entire booking amount will be available as a refund as credits with an expiry date. Kindly book your tickets by that time to avoid paying the rebooking fee again.

Case 3: Tickets Booked With Miles

Change flight destination/ time/ date is free for bookings using miles. However, the change must happen 8 days before the plane’s departure if you wish to avoid the flight change fee.

Same-Day Change Flight Policy Frontier

Same-day change flight policy lets you modify a ticket’s time and date for the same calendar day. You can reschedule your flight for an earlier or later flight on the same day. 

  • Passengers must pay a same-day frontier airline flight change policy fee of $99 for this facility.
  • Seats for earlier/ later flights are subject to availability.
  • Works Bundle isn’t helpful if the passenger modifies the ticket when less than 24 hours are left for the flight to depart. 
  • Travelers can’t modify the cities between which they are traveling.

How do I modify my flight same-day on Frontier Airlines? Call reservations at 1 (801) 401-9000 and pay this facility’s same-day change fee and fare difference.

Frontier Change Flight – Frequently Asked Questions

How to change my flight with Frontier Airlines?

For Changing Flights on Frontier via Mobile App or official website:

  1. Go to the My Trips/Check-In option at Travel.
  2. Fill last name and confirmation code, and press search.
  3. Click change flights and make changes to the date and time of your flight to modify your ticket.

How do I avoid Frontier change fees?

How do I change my flight on Frontier Airlines without a fee? Modify miles tickets for free when 8 or more days are left for the flight to depart. Also, cancel the ticket atleast 60 days before take-off to avoid the change fee and receive the full booking value of your ticket in credits. Else, you might have to pay a $99 fee.

Is there a no show fee for Frontier?

Failing to show up for your flight before the scheduled departure will lead to forfeiting the entire booking amount. Hence, there won’t be any value. To avoid it, try change flight at the airport and save some of your money if your flight is worth more than $99.

Does Frontier give refunds or credit?

All tickets are non-refundable except the WORKS bundle ticket purchases. You will receive a refund for the original payment when you cancel it within 24 hours of purchase, and its departure is scheduled more than 7 days from now. All other tickets upon cancellation or flight change receive credits after deduction if any. 

How do I talk to a person at Frontier Airlines?

Dial the Frontier Airlines customer service number 1 (801) 401-9000 to change your flight via a live person. The executive will find you an alternative ticket for the same destination and a different day. You can also place a same-day flight change request with them, and they will let you know the accurate charges.

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