Ryanair Change Flights Policy

If you have booked a reservation with Ryanair, you are in luck the airline has a flexible policy Ryanair change flights policy. With Ryanair Change Flight Policy, you can change a flight’s destination, date, time, and other minor errors till 2.5 hours before the flight’s departure.

Moreover, you can even change the name of a passenger till 24 hours after the flight’s take-off. Even though it is easy to change Ryanair flights, certain regulations are in place.

Hence, let us read the conditions and policy fees to make an informed decision while changing flights.

What Is Ryanair Change Flight Policy?

Yes, you can change your flight tickets with Ryanair online and offline till 2.5 hours before the flight’s departure. To modify it offline, kindly contact the reservations. For online changes, visit my bookings section.

‘Ryanair Change Flight’ Policy Details

  • Passengers can change flight route and date upto 2.5 hours before departure.
  • Also, they can change the name on a ticket till 24 hours before take-off.
  • After 24 hours of grace, travelers must pay the Ryanair flight change fee. 
  • Also, flyers can’t change a domestic flight to an international flight or vice versa.
  • For flight changes post check-ins, passengers must uncheck first and recheck for their flight.

24 Hours Change Ryanair Flight

  • Passengers who’ve booked flights directly from the website can change their flight within 24 hours of booking for free. 
  • Within the policy, flyers can change the date and flight time and reverse the routing.
  • Passengers need to pay the applicable fare difference for changing flights.
  • However, you will get a Ryanair Change Flights fee waiver during this period.
  • Besides, the airline won’t refund the fare difference if the new fee is lower.

Note: Some flyers might need help making changes, or their booking is ineligible for a change. Read the terms & conditions of the Ryanair Flight Change Policy to find out.

How Can I Change Ryanair Flights Online?

Follow the steps below to change a Ryanair flight online via the official website. The method will work only when you’ve bought the ticket directly from the airline.

  • Firstly, visit the official RyanAir website.
  • Further, go to manage booking Manage Your Trip.
  • After that, click change your flight and pick a ticket you want to modify.
  • Next, change your reservation’s date, destination, or other details.
  • Further, review the new information and proceed with changes.
  • On the payments summary page, check the price details.
  • Click confirm changes and add payment details.
  • Finally, click Pay Now to finalize the updates and receive details of the new flight.

Can I change my Ryanair flight for free? Surely, you can. Modify your reservation within 24 hours of purchase and avoid paying any fee for changing your ticket.

How Much Will It Cost to Change My Ryanair Flight?

The airline will charge you a Ryanair flight change fee after 24 hours have passed to your reservation. Hence, to avoid Ryanair flight change fee, you must act promptly and change it within 24 hours. Beyond the grace period, the following charges apply to modify your booking.

Mode Of ModificationCharges ApplicableHow are they applied
Online flight change€/£45per passenger, per one way flight
€/£90per passenger, per round-trip flight
Via Reservations€/£60per passenger, per one-way flight
€/£120per passenger, per round-trip flight

Apart from the flight change fee, the difference in fare will also be charged per person per trip.

Terms & Conditions For Changing a Flight With Ryanair

Passengers can’t change certain flights online due to Ryanair Change Flight Policy restrictions. Besides, there are some modifications that you can’t make at all.

  • Travelers can’t convert a flight from domestic to international and vice-versa.
  • Also, you can’t change one person’s itinerary in a multi-people booking.
  • Besides, one can’t make partial changes to one flight only (changing an airport).
  • When you’ve applied a Spanish large family discount/Spanish resident discount.

Can you change flights on RyanAir? Use the online chat service or talk to someone at Ryanair by dialing the customer service number +353 15825932.

How Can I Change Flight After Checking In Ryanair?

With the Ryanair Change Flight policy, you can modify a booking even after checking in for the flight. Ryanair is one of the few airlines that allow changing a ticket after check-in. Process:

  • Go to manage booking Manage Your Trip from the official website.
  • Select your desired flight to change.
  • Enter alternative travel dates.
  • Further, pick the new flight from the list.
  • Click continue to confirm the flight change. 
  • Finally, the passenger will be unchecked from the previous flight.

As per the Ryanair Change Flight Policy rules, you must check in for your new flight and print your boarding pass. Failure to do so will attract an additional €55 check-in fee at the airport for the new flight.

What Is Flexi Plus on Ryanair?

Ryanair reservations with Flexi plus fares allow you to modify a flight for free on the day of departure. You will only need to pay any applicable fare difference. Facilities:

  • Passengers can change to an early flight upto 40 minutes before the new flight’s departure for free or at the airport 1 hour before the new flight’s take-off. 
  • To change to a later flight, flyers can make changes till one hour before departure of the original reservations.
  • Same-day changes will not attract any Ryanair Flight Change Policy fee.

However, the change in fare is still chargeable; you can only avoid the flight change fee with the airlines.

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