Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection

Do you have a flight reservation with Virgin Atlantic and want to enjoy the journey in your favorite seat? Virgin Atlantic seats selection policy is ideal if you have an economy classic or higher cabin booking with the airline. The advanced seating option lets you book chairs even when you check in for the flight.

The basic seat selection policy is the same for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia flights. The airlines won’t let you pick a seat in advance if you are flying at their most restrictive fare.

Keep reading the blog for more clarity on selecting seats on virgin Australia or Atlantic.

How Do I Choose a Seat on Virgin Atlantic?

Passengers can make a virgin Atlantic seat assignment for free anytime till check-in for the flight overs. However, economy light travelers may need to pay to pick a Standard/Preferred Seat. Follow the steps to reserve your chair:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Virgin Atlantic.
  • Further, go to the My Bookings menu.
  • Fill in your first name, last name, and booking reference ID.
  • You can also search by e-ticket number.
  • After filling in the details, press the “go to my bookings” button.
  • Here, you can select your seat from the seat map.
  • Follow the prompts to secure your seat.

Passengers can select standard seats free of charge at Virgin Atlantic even when making a reservation. However, the service is chargeable for Economy light travelers.

When Can You Choose Seats on Virgin Flights?

Passengers flying on Virgin Atlantic can choose their seats depending on the fare class. Only some types of travelers can pick their seats anytime. Refer to the list to understand who can make virgin Atlantic seat selection at different stages of the journey:

Cabin ClassWhen Can You Choose Seats 
Economy LightPaid seat selection at check-in for preferred/ standard seats
Economy Classicfree seat selection anytime for standard seats
Economy Delightfree seat selection anytime for preferred seats
PremiumSelect Premium seat free any time
Upper-ClassSelect Upper-Class seat free any time

Some seat selection virgin Australia & virgin Atlantic might be unavailable due to operational reasons or unavailability. Kindly choose your chairs in advance for a smooth journey.

What Are The Different Types Of Seats on a Virgin Atlantic Airplane?

Virgin airlines seat selection is available for 4 types of seats, depending upon the plane’s layout. You can change your seat anytime on my bookings if you’ve always picked your seat.

  • Extra legroom: To ensure more room for legs in an economy flight, book the delight class of travel. Lite and classic economy flyers can upgrade their seat to economy delight for more legroom seats. As a bonus, passengers get priority check-in and priority boarding.
  • Preferred Seats: Passengers must pay the virgin Atlantic seat selection fee for preferred seats. However, gold, diamond, and platinum members can choose preferred seats for free.
  • Exit row seats: The seats on the exit row offer large legroom space. Passengers below 16 and those with infants can’t pick these chairs for travel. However, passengers are responsible for acting accordingly in an emergency.
  • Unavailable seats: Some front-row seats behind every cabin divider are reserved for those who need cotes, have special requirements or are traveling with infants. You must talk to customer service to reserve these seats on the seat map.

To make a virgin Atlantic seat selection, visit the official website’s booking option or dial customer service number 1 (800) 862-8621 and reserve your chair.

How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Virgin Atlantic Airlines?

When you book seats Virgin airlines, you get three ways to upgrade your seat before arriving at the airport. Otherwise, there is always an option to choose your seat during check-in for the flight.

  • Pay for an upgrade: When passengers don’t have enough Virgin Atlantic points through their flyer program, they can still upgrade their seat or class of travel by paying for it.
  • Upgrade with Virgin points: Travelers can also go for a virgin seat upgrade with points. However, the facility is available only when you choose or upgrade your seats to premium economy and upper-class tickets.
  • Bid for an upgrade: Travelers can use the virgin seat upgrade bid option by retrieving their booking and quoting a price. You can upgrade your seat on Economy Delight, Premium, and Upper-Class tickets.

To seek more clarity on the virgin seat selection fee and upgrades available, kindly talk to an executive at customer service by dialing 1 (855) 253-8021.

Does Virgin Atlantic Give Refunds For Canceling Seat Selection?

Virgin Atlantic seat selection fee is non-refundable when you pay for a preferred seat and cancel the selection later. However, certain circumstances require the airline to refund the fee automatically.

  • When passengers are denied boarding due to over-sales, the airline offers seat selection on another travel date. However, if there is no availability of flights, the traveler gets full refunds and taxes.
  • Also, when Virgin Atlantic cancels your flight, you are re-protected to another flight from another airline.
  • Besides, passengers can seek a refund for seat selection virgin Australia fee when they are re-protected on alternative Virgin flights, and their previously selected seat assignment is unavailable.

Claim a refund for your Virgin seats selection by filling out the online refund form available on the website. Your refund will be processed 14 days after the date of travel.

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