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Lufthansa AirlinesFounded in 1955, it is the leading airline in Germany and is listed as one of the world’s largest airlines. Lufthansa’s airport hubs are located at Frankfurt and Munich Airport,

Lufthansa is also one of the founders of the airline alliance called “Star Alliance.” The Star Alliance is one of the most essential airline alliances globally, with more than 25 different members. Lufthansa provides various services on four continents.

This is the first choice for travelers all over the world. It has approximately 300 aircraft and provides services to more than 75 countries/regions. If you want to join Lufthansa, you can call the Lufthansa Booking phone and reserve seats. Booking air tickets with Lufthansa is easy; you only need to confirm some details and pay for the ticket.

How to make a flight reservation with Lufthansa?

For booking air travel with Lufthansa Airlines Reservations, follow these simple steps:

  • First, log in to their website and find the book tickets option.
  • Insert the required information and directly pay to secure your tickets without having to spend time in the queue for reservation. 
  • Suppose you encounter trouble while making a Lufthansa booking. In that case, you can either connect to the customer service or dial their booking phone number. This way you can receive the necessary guidance.
  • You can use this number to solve all of your queries regarding flight booking,  flight delay, seat modification, or any other sort of issues regarding the airlines. 
  • This service center contact number is used for service inquiries as well as for flight bookings and group bookings. 
  • Even though, when you book flights directly from the Lufthansa official website, you can get an extra 20 USD discount on every ticket. Plus, the Lufthansa Reservations phone number is there for you throughout the day for a whole week.

What is Lufthansa Reserve with a Price Guarantee facility?

To ensure that you reach your destination completely safe and hassle-free during the current COVID-19, you get practical support from the airline when making Lufthansa airlines flight booking, performing check-in, and onboarding your flight. Use the Lufthansa app and search with your android or tablet for the desired trip, which you can also book with the app then. You can reserve a flight online with a price guarantee as well for that just follow these steps:

  • First of all, choose the flight that you wish to take by following the general flight booking process.
  • After that, below the selection, you may see the flight booking option as “Reserve with Price Guarantee” select this option.
  • Now, to reserve the flight, you only need to provide the Credit Card number.
  • Then, you can make your travel plans and discuss them with the other traveling passengers under your itinerary.
  • In return, Lufthansa may keep your flight for you at the price guarantee on the fare for 48 hours.
  • And after you are sure to fly, you can make the decision final by booking the flight you had reserved. You may find it under the My booking section and the fare will be the same as you first reserved.
  • However, do remember that it is totally impossible to use a promotional code or voucher after using this service. Besides, you can not use the Cash & Miles service as well when you have used Reserve with Price guarantee option.

Lufthansa Airlines manage Booking option. 

If you have a vacation planned and are willing to make a Lufthansa booking, you should know about the airline’s manage booking facility. After booking a ticket with Lufthansa, you can easily modify it as needed. Anything you want to do after booking a ticket can be done with a fantastic tool for Manage booking.

What does a manage booking facility Offer?

Coupled with the most convenient booking facilities, Lufthansa Manage Booking System can provide passengers with easy itinerary modification services. Using this tool, passengers can:

  • Make Changes to Flights
  • Cancel flights or make refund requests
  • Seat upgrades or seat change requests
  • Add extra benefits to your booking
  • Change the date of your flight or time

Besides, there are many other options available that you may explore later. But for now, let’s find out the way to manage your bookings ahead.

How to manage your Lufthansa Airlines booking?

In order to use the Lufthansa Manage my booking facility, you can follow the below-mentioned simple series of steps and modify accordingly:

  • Open the official website of Lufthansa Airlines on your preferred device.
  • After that, choose the “View and Amend Flights” section from the main menu to make certain changes.
  • On this new page, provide the Booking confirmation details as well as your last name as per the ticket.
  • Now, click on Submit and continue.
  • You will see Your Lufthansa Flight booking details.
  • Make the desired changes in your flight details as per allowed.
  • In the case of seat up-gradation, pay for the difference in fares.
  • After you do the steps and pay, you will receive a confirmation message with your updated details.

You can only manage your flights after you have successfully made a Lufthansa Flight Ticket Booking. For further assistance, you should contact their customer service and seek ex[pert help. They will help you through the booking procedure and answer all your queries.

What are Lufthansa Travel Class facilities?

Lufthansa First Class: Lufthansa’s First-Class service assists with little things about which you won’t have to worry. They are for you and will provide a personal assistant and a guide to the gate of valet parking at the airport. The moment you arrive at the airport, you will experience the hospitality and feel the ease with Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Business Class: These tier passengers are allowed to do priority check-in; they can take more baggage. Also, they have access to lounge services by Lufthansa. Thus, you can take advantage of privileged boarding and get more personal space. 

Lufthansa Premium Economy: Premium Economy Class passengers can check two baggage items of weight 23kg each at no additional cost. They can enjoy the lounge facility by paying extra fees.

Economy Class: The Economy Class of Lufthansa is adequate on all short, medium, and long flights. Whereas the facilities and seating arrangement varies from short to long-haul flights

Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Lufthansa Airlines allows unaccompanied Children to travel with them on their planes. The airline clearly understands that the Children need immense care, and if you are making them a Lufthansa Booking, you can leave all your worries aside. They will be in the best care. Your children’s needs are well-taken care of at Lufthansa Airlines. They keep in check from the moment you bring your kid to the airport up until they are safe in the hands of guardians. 

Unaccompanied Minors Travel Rules

  • Children between 5 and 11 years old can fly unaccompanied only when using Lufthansa special services or traveling with someone over 12 years old. 
  • However, children between the ages of 12 and 17 who travel alone can also be cared for at the request of their parents. 
  • Please note that there is no childcare unaccompanied minors service allowed in the event of flight uncertainty. Thus, Unaccompanied children between 12 and 17 years old will not receive any special assistance.
  • Lufthansa’s special services ensure that children and their relatives feel well before take-off, during flight, and after landing. 
  • On arriving at the destination, the flight crew will hand your kid to a staff member. This member will then take your child to meet the person who picks them up. P
  • Besides, you may rest assured that your child will be immediately picked up by a transfer staff at his destination airport.
  • Suppose the flight that you choose is a Lufthansa operated flight, you can contact the respective airline directly and determine the rules. This may further help you send your children unaccompanied with the airline.

You can only make a Lufthansa Flight Booking for Unaccompanied Minors via their Service center available near you.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage

Suppose you are in the Economy and Premium Economy tier with Lufthansa Reservations. In that case, you can take one designated item of carry-on luggage free of cost, while if you are in the Business and First-tier, then you are permitted to carry two things. Each piece of luggage must not weigh more than 8kg and should be within the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Besides, all the passengers are also allowed to bring on one small item of baggage, for example, a baby or travel cot, when flying with a child or a mobility aid without any charge.

Checked Baggage

For Economy Light, passengers are only allowed one item of carry-on baggage free of charge. If passengers wish to check a bag, they have to purchase additional baggage.

However, For Economy Classic & Flex Class, one item of free checked baggage with a weight not exceeding more than 23kg is allowed.

For Business Class, Lufthansa passengers can take two checked baggage with weight not exceeding more than 32 kg each.

For First Class, passengers can take three items of checked baggage weighing no more than 32 kg each.

Special luggage and Sports Equipment

If you wish to take with you huge sports pieces of equipment on board, then it is mandatory to check the airline’s weight and height policy for luggage. You can check in your Standard sports luggage (such as a regularly sized bicycle) for a fee. This fee varies according to your flight’s destination.

Lufthansa Check-in 

Online or web

Passengers can check-in for their flight booking on the official website of Lufthansa Booking. This is possible using the My Trips/Check-in option on the site. You can simply click on the top-right corner of the main page and provide your travel details.

For instance, the page will ask you about your confirmation number and last name as per the ticket to check-in for the flight. Besides, the online check-in window opens 23 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. Hence, you must check-in on time.

At the Airport

Apart from the online check-in, passengers can also perform check-in using the conventional way of visiting the airport. You can simply visit the airport check-in counter at least 2 to 3 hours before the flight departure and proceed with your travel plans.

Automated Kiosks

In this service, the airline sends you a boarding pass directly to the text or email on your mobile phone. This is possible beginning from 23 hours prior to the flight’s departure to up to 3-4 hours earlier.

What is Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Lufthansa airlines provide the facility of online booking as well as cancellation to its passengers. It can be availed as per the requirement. If you wish to cancel your ticket, you can easily do it via the Lufthansa Airlines Manage booking option on the website. The cancellations are made according to the Lufthansa cancellation policy. The essential pointers of the system are:

  • For all the tickets, either a refundable or partially eligible ticket for cancellation in Lufthansa airline, if you want to get a full refund for the booking amount you paid, it is necessary to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  • After 24 hours of the purchase of a ticket, you have to pay a certain amount as a cancellation fee. The amount of cancellation may vary according to the time left for departure.
  • As per Lufthansa cancellation policy, the service of cancellation is only applicable to the unused tickets.
  • Once the ticket gets canceled, a request for a refund can be raised according to the refund policy of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • When you enter the booking code and last name, the itinerary will get retrieved, which can further be canceled as per requirement.
  • To get more information about the cancellation of your Lufthansa Reservation or any of the other services of the airline, you can contact customer service, and The representatives of the airline will assist you more efficiently. They can be contacted using the details provided on the Lufthansa website.

Lufthansa airlines inflight Services

  • Lufthansa is an excellent air transport company that provides passengers with many services, like checking flight status, ticket booking, reviewing the arrival time and departure details, check-in options, and receiving amazing customer service help, etc.
  • Depending on your travel class/tier, you can get certain services and facilities. Passengers can also enjoy onboard entertainment services, such as movies, songs, etc.
  • The Internet facilities provided by Lufthansa Booking for its passengers is the world’s first airborne broadband Internet service. You will get charging ports for laptops and many other facilities. Therefore, if you plan to travel, please make a Lufthansa booking before the booking is complete and get a Lufthansa ticket immediately.
  • You will love the entertainment options we offer you, especially on long trips: in the Lufthansa video program, you can see the latest feature films, popular TV series, and fascinating documentaries. 
  • If you want also play short video games on our entertainment console or listen to your favorite music.
  • You can also use the Lufthansa Flynet to bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the Internet and fly there. 
  • Besides, you can also enjoy delicious meals and a bunch of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with your Lufthansa Airlines Reservations. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything. By making a Lufthansa booking, you can enjoy a safe and fun trip on Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Pet Policy: Is Lufthansa flying pets now?

Are you thinking about flying with your pets onboard with Lufthansa booking? You must know that the airline does allow your pets to travel with you. However, you must carefully read the related guidelines that enable you to take pets on board.

For instance, the airline has imposed strict restrictions for taking snub-nosed dog breeds. This took effect starting from January 1, 2020. However, you can still fly with your fury animals if you carefully follow Lufthansa Pet Policy. Read more to find it out.

Transfering Pets to the USA: Importing

If you are trying to import dogs to the USA from countries that have rabies risk, there are some restrictions. You may find detailed info on these CDC restrictions on the United States disease Control center’s website. Further, you may refer to the Lufthansa airlines official website and know more about US pet transportation.

Pet Transfer Rules

The pet transfer regulations depend on various factors like the type of animal breed, its weight, size, etc. Besides, all these factors affect the cost of pet transfer as well. Read the pet transfer guidelines below to clearly know how to transfer pets without any hassle.

  • You can either transfer pets in the cabin or in the cargo hold. Moreover, only two pets in the cabin and two in the cargo hold per passenger are permitted.
  • Furthermore, if a passenger has two pets of the same breed and small size, they can travel in the same container.
  • A pet must be at least 15 weeks to travel in and out of Germany, 16 weeks for the USA, and at least 12 weeks old to travel from other locations.
  • The maximum weight of a pet along with its container may not exceed 8 kg weight.
  • The pet may be completely harmless and odorless. Furthermore, the container must be spacious enough for the pet to stand and move.
  • Do not feed your pet anything throughout the flight, and make sure the pet doesn’t make any noise inside.

If you comply with all the rules, you can take your pets on board with you. Furthermore, you can visit the Lufthansa official website and plan your travel with your pet at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lufthansa flights currently affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

Passengers who are flying to Germany should provide various documents because the authorities may check them both ways. Similarly, all the passengers may inform about any liabilities that will be necessary upon arrival. Besides, in preparing for the trips, every traveler should know that the high-risk or virus variant areas are prohibited for travel.

Where does Lufthansa fly to?

Lufthansa airlines have been currently offering flights to over 300 destinations in around 100 countries yearly. Besides, you may find point-to-point flights within Germany and the United States, and other major countries.

Does my reservation qualify for Lufthansa Frequent Flyer points?

You may enter your program number and the name under the membership name into your account. After that, you will see whether you have the Lufthansa Airlines Frequent Flyer benefit qualification. Further, when you book your vacations on our website, you get frequent flyer rewards. Henceforth, if your flight booking qualifies, you may contact the Lufthansa Booking department to confirm whether you may receive your points or not.

Do you get Pyjamas in Lufthansa business class?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines announced this right after the launch of their business class cabin. In Spring 2018, the airline offered mattresses, pajamas, and duvets on their long-haul flights. Besides, the new amenities had a brand-new design and company that offered luxury benefits.

Are drinks free on Lufthansa flights?

Lufthansa Airlines offers its passengers a choice of various beverages like coffee, wine, fruit juice, etc., on board. Further, you can expect to receive a wide range of complimentary beverages. Also, the airline gives you a choice between hot and cold drinks, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. So, you can be wise with your choices.

Is Lufthansa good for the long haul?

Though Lufthansa generally offers standard and premium economy flights, they have some good long-haul options with business class. Plus, the economy and premium economy also have plenty of food options on long-distance flights. Therefore, you can be a mileage program member and try booking long-haul flights with Lufthansa Flight bookings.

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Air Canada Canceled our flight due to delay and last-minute we booked Lufthansa. First, our ticket was on hold but somehow we got the seats booked. The plane arrived and it was time to board. The boarding process went smooth and we boarded the plane after going through all the formalities. The flight was great. I felt turbulence for a bit but the overall process went by smooth. I enjoyed the meal that I ordered inflight and was able to use the WiFi for a while. This was unexpected yet a good one. I will fly with them again if got the chance.