How to Request Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance?

Request Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Anyone can face inconveniences or health issues, and it isn’t in our hands. And we need to make things happen instead of going with the flow. However, you cannot travel free when you are not in perfect condition. Still, there are some solutions for you. Another equally important thing is that most US airlines do offer special assistance for their customers. Besides, these services are meant for those unable to move because of health problems or passengers with different abilities to ensure that their journey plans are intact and proceed smoothly. So, do you wish to know about Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance to fly onboard?

Furthermore, When it comes to Turkish Airlines, the airline’s professionals will pay special attention to patients, disabled passengers, and other passengers. Turkish professionals are determined to provide such passengers with maximum comfort during travel without any restrictions. Therefore, if you are also considering booking through this airline in this situation, here is what you need to know about Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance.

Necessary Terms & Conditions to follow for Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance.

Below are the main guidelines for the Turkish Airlines wheelchair policy that you need to know before booking. You can perform limited physical exercises.

Turkish Airlines flight boarding restrictions

  • Due to international flight rules, Turkish Airlines does not allow every patient to travel on its flight and avoids any health-related risks.
  • Passengers who do not have any infectious health problems or travel restrictions imposed by doctors can take Turkish Airlines flights. However, they need to provide relevant medical documents within ten days before the scheduled departure in order to receive medical assistance and wheelchair services.
  • Passengers with partial impairments or temporary mobility restrictions can choose to travel on Turkish Airlines with or without companions, depending on their health conditions.

Physically Handicapped if walking with Companions.

  • Passengers with physical disabilities who can manage their personal needs on Turkish Airlines Flight booking can travel with their companions. 
  • On the contrary, those who cannot handle their own personal needs will have to travel with their companions during the trip. 
  • Furthermore, according to Turkish Airlines guidelines, passengers with intellectual disabilities must always be taken care of by a companion during the flight.
  • Passengers with hearing and visual impairments must travel with their companions. However, if passengers are only hearing impaired, they can travel without a companion and medical documents.

Taking Medical instruments or medicines onboard?

Besides, Turkish Airlines even allow a few basic medicines and necessary medical equipment on its flights. Therefore, you can request major services, including wheelchair assistance. Nevertheless, passengers can also choose to bring their customized cum doctor-approved equipment and medication on Turkish Airlines flights.

Steps to book a wheelchair on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines transports passengers who need stretchers or wheelchairs from their special benefits for flight attendants. However, travelers must request a wheelchair or stretcher through the Turkish Airlines booking. Besides, they may make this request within 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. That’s it.

  • Dial the phone number for the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking desk and follow the on-call instructions to get in touch with a travel expert
  • Discuss the booking details with an expert, then make your wheelchair request with the help of a travel expert
  • Confirm the request and receive the confirmation email from the airline
  • Turkish Airlines gives priority to passengers who request wheelchairs and other special services from the airline. Resultantly, they can complete check-in procedures, passports, and boarding procedures.