Flight Credits on AA- How to use flight credit American airlines?

American airlines credit card

Have you canceled your Aa flight and received a credit in your wallet? Or do you have flight credit as compensation from the airline? Well, you must be wondering how to use flight credit American airlines? As no matter, your flight was canceled due to COVID or some other reason; you can use the travel credit with ease if you know its basics.

American Airlines offers travel credits for all the passengers, mainly when the airline itself cancels the flights. However, there are some exceptions for passengers with a higher cabin booking or a higher AAdvantage membership level.

What are the different types of travel credit by American Airlines?

Before you move on and try to visit the website for American airlines use a flight credit, there is something you need to know. There are mainly three types of different credit options that AA offers as travel funds. Furthermore, they are usually given on canceled flights travel vouchers, flight credits, or trip credits.

Flight Credit

On canceling an American Airlines Booking, passengers initially get a flight credit amount which they paid for their flights. Using this amount, you can only book flights for the passenger who was originally traveling on the ticket that you canceled.

Furthermore, your flight credit will always connect to your original ticket number of 13 digits. Henceforth, you have to provide this ticket number to the onsite agent to redeem this flight credit.

Besides, the agent will ask you the record located of 6-characters, but you can not count on it. They might not reflect flight credits on your AAdvantage account. Therefore, confirm this from an agent before you cancel a flight.

Trip Credit

Trip Credits are similar to travel vouchers. However, they are not identical to the flight credits. Because flight credits are the original base value for your flight that you canceled.

Before the passengers received a travel voucher for giving up their seat for a flight that was yet unsold. However, now, they receive a tip credit. Also, if you plan a new vacation with your flight credit but have a remaining balance, this becomes your trip credit.

Furthermore, to redeem this amount, you have to provide the airline agent with the trip credit identification number via email. Also, you can purchase tickets for anyone you wish using the trip credit.

Travel Voucher

The airline used to issue travel vouchers to the passengers for any remaining flight credit that had been left after the redemption. Besides, the airline also offered vouchers to compensate the passengers when they gave up their seats.

Previously, those were physical vouchers. However, now they provide e-vouchers to the passengers. Moreover, these vouchers are like gift cards but with an expiry date. And you can use them to book air travel for anyone.

How to use American airlines flight credit?

When you cancel your flight with American Airlines, you receive an email with all the information you may require. This includes the ticket number as well. And you need to keep this safe to refer to when you rebook the flight.

Besides, Suppose you are a passenger with an AAdvantage account, and your booking had this number registered at the time of cancellation. In that case, you can log in to your account and view the total flight credit available in your wallet.

Follow these steps to use the flight credit

  • Firstly, you must locate your canceled flight using the record location and the 13-digit ticket number.
  • Now visit the official website of AA and open the Manage Trips/Check-in section and choose to view the canceled trips option.
  • Further, find your trip by entering the details, and you may see the available credit on your Trips page.
  • Next, again visit the book flight section and find a new flight for yourself. 
  • After that, enter the payments screen and select the “Add Flight Credit” option.
  • Later, provide the ticket number of the trip you originally canceled and apply for your flight credit.

Finally, if there is a remaining balance, use the credit card to pay for it. Furthermore, if you need help in rebooking the flight, you can contact the American Airlines Espanol team for help.

Moreover, our expert team is also there to offer you the best help with whatever you require. And if you need more just find the official contacts with the help of our professional representatives.

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