How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Delta Airlines?

Delta Seat Upgrade

Are you looking for options to get a better travel class after securing a confirmed reservation on a flight? Delta Airlines seat upgrade can help you enjoy a luxurious journey. One can get a better travel experience using miles, companion upgrades, or many other options.

As per the Delta upgrade chart, there are upto 7 seat/ travel class upgrades available after you get a confirmed reservation. However, who gets these upgrades first depends upon a lot of factors.

Hence, let’s explore different means of getting these upgrades for a smooth flight.

What is Delta Seat Upgrade Policy?

Experiencing a seamless journey with comforting seat upgrades is a true pleasure when flying with Delta Airlines. Let’s summarize the key points of Delta Airlines’ seat upgrade policy for you:

  • If your flight ticket indicates “Upgrade Available,” you can request an upgrade at the airport. It’s possible to upgrade one service class prior to your travel. 
  • However, keep in mind that seat upgrades are exclusively available to elite members. If you still need to enroll in SkyMiles, consider using a credit card to earn miles for potential upgrades.
  • For the best chances of securing an upgrade, make your request at least 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure through online booking or a phone call. 
  • Provide proof of payment before the flight departure. If you decide to cancel your booking, you can claim a refund for your Delta seat upgrade.
  • If you are traveling with an award ticket and want an upgrade to Economy Comfort plus seating, and all amenities, consider purchasing it from the Delta Sky Club. This option enhances your travel experience while flying with Delta.

How to Upgrade Our Seats on Delta?

One can upgrade their Seats on Delta Air Lines through online and offline methods. You can secure the upgrade during or after booking your flight with both options.

Method to upgrade Delta Airlines seat:

Method 1: Visit the official website

  • Firstly, check out Delta’s official website.
  • After that, go to the My Trips option.
  • Further, enter your 6-digit booking ID along with your passenger name.
  • Next, your complete reservation details will be on display.
  • If your ticket is eligible, you can upgrade your seat on Delta by clicking select seats.
  • You can pay for the upgrade either through money or via Delta SkyMiles.
  • Lastly, use the seat map to pick a preference and complete your transaction.

You can purchase a Delta seat upgrade while buying the air ticket with your miles. Log in to the official website or Fly Delta app, select your ticket, and check eligibility. If you qualify, your ticket will show in the trip summary, where you can use your miles to upgrade the ticket.

Method 2: Contact A Delta SkyMiles Representative

  • Initially, dial 1-800-800-1504 to speak to a Delta Representative.
  • Next, wait for the IVR to connect your call with the right expert.
  • Once your call is established with the expert, request Delta complimentary upgrades.
  • However, you can book any upgrade with the help of Delta representatives.
  • Next, they will check your eligibility and let you know the price range for your booking.
  • After that, they will confirm your upgrade if you qualify and have enough miles for the delta upgrade cost.

Delta airlines seat upgrade bought with miles on official channels are nonrefundable and non-changeable. The upgrade isn’t applicable for voluntary flight changes and new reservations.

Method 3: Use Fly Delta App

  • Firstly, visit the App store or play store to download the latest Fly Delta app.
  • Further, ensure that you’ve downloaded & installed the latest version.
  • Next, log in to your account and find the My Trips menu option.
  • After that, you can upgrade Delta Airlines seat that you pick from the list of bookings.
  • Also, you can check the seat upgrade map and select your choice.

You can complete your purchase by paying through money or miles. Also, one can upgrade their ticket before or after buying the reservation.

When Can I Upgrade My Seat on Delta? 

Passengers flying with Delta have the option to upgrade their seats using these guidelines:

  • Seat upgrades on Delta flights are generally possible up to 72 hours before.
  • Upgrade availability varies depending on plane type and the time when the ticket is booked.
  • Delta upgrades are generally priced at a rate comparable to, or sometimes lower than, the actual seat price.
  • To process an upgrade, passengers must print their boarding pass and carry it to the airport.
  • On arrival at the airport, passengers must present the boarding pass at check-in or ticket kiosks to request a seat assignment change.
  • Minor adjustments may occur based on availability and market conditions, but passengers are notified well before significant changes, allowing them to plan accordingly.
  • Passengers can upgrade their seats on Delta without an additional cost if they are traveling with an infant or a disabled person.
  • Membership in any Delta Airlines program allows passengers to upgrade their Delta seat.

What Benefits of Upgrading to Delta Business Class?

Travelling in Delta Airlines’ business class is a highly worthwhile upgrade in terms of fare class. At airport check-in, the Delta flight experience transforms into one of luxury. Business class travelers can enjoy the luxury of exclusive lounges before departure and numerous upscale amenities during the flight. Delta Airlines provides four distinct levels of business class travel, each offering unique perks and facilities:

  • Delta Comfort+: This level provides passengers with an additional 4 inches of legroom compared to economy seating, along with seats that deeply recline for a more comfortable journey.
  • Delta Premium Select: Travelers opting for Delta Premium Select enjoy wider seats that recline deeply, extra legroom, and adjustable foot and leg rests, akin to recliner-style seating.
  • Delta One: Representing the epitome of luxury, Delta One offers exceptional suites with seats that can be fully reclined into a flat position within a single or double pod. Every seat provides direct aisle access and offers dividers or a full-height door for maximum privacy.
  • First Class: Once the pinnacle of luxury in air travel, first class has now been surpassed by Delta One. It is now available on limited routes, mainly to North America, nearby countries, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Can I Upgrade My Delta Flight After Purchase?

You can upgrade your Delta seat after purchasing a ticket online/ via app/ through reservations. Passengers can spend their miles to get an upgrade before or after purchasing their flight before the plane’s scheduled departure.

Types of Delta Seat Upgrades

As per Delta Airlines policy, there are 7 upgrades with different eligibility criteria. Basic economy tickets are not eligible for any paid or miles upgrade. Checkout which upgrade is the right choice for you:

  • Complimentary Upgrades: You can upgrade your Delta seat from Elite → Comfort+ or First class category (subject to availability). For domestic travel, you can ask for Delta One business class upgrade. Here, better seats are available for free.
  • Global Upgrade Certificate: Diamond Medallion elite members can upgrade their seats one cabin above their current booking for any flight type (domestic/ international) on Delta and its partner airlines.
  • Regional Upgrade Certificate: All Platinum and Diamond members can upgrade their booking to one class above their reservation for all regional flights.
  • Upgrade Using Miles: The passenger can use miles to buy upgrades for selected flights within the domestic operations while booking tickets.
  • Mileage Upgrade Awards: For existing reservations, passengers can purchase upgrades with their miles for selected domestic/ international flights.
  • Complimentary Companion Upgrades: Elite Medallion members can seek Delta seat upgrades free for other companions traveling on the same reservation.
  • Standby Same-Day Upgrade: On North America, Cancun, and the Caribbean’s, passengers can pay a fee to upgrade their seats on the day of departure.

One can get Delta seat upgrades freely if they have someone on the same reservation with Complimentary Companion Upgrades membership.

How to Upgrade Seat on Delta International Flights?

Delta’s seat upgrade policy allows you to get a better seat for free/ charge, depending upon your membership status. The process to acquire an upgrade is the same as mentioned previously, but here are certain things to note:

  • Firstly, you can buy preferred seat upgrades for international Delta flights till 3 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • Also, one can get a Delta seat upgrade for international flights until the check-in window closes.
  • Further, you can pay Delta seat upgradation charges for international flights in eligible flights for limited categories. Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, or Delta Comfort+ categories.
  • Global Upgrade certificates are exclusively available for diamond medallion members to fly internationally/ domestically.

Even if you pay the Delta seat upgrade cost, only a limited class of travelers can seek international flight upgrades.

How to Upgrade Seat to First Class on Delta For Free?

Under some circumstances, you can upgrade your seat at Delta for free. We have discussed these few opportunities below:

  • One can get free upgrades for their companion using Delta reserve and platinum cards. These cards offer companion certificates every year.
  • When one has a SkyMiles Medallion Elite Status, they can upgrade their seats on Delta flights for free. 
  • They must have a diamond/ platinum/ gold medallion membership to get a free same-day confirmation upgrade.

You can also check free Delta seat upgrades eligibility by calling the customer assistance number 1-800-800-1504. Otherwise, dial +1-860-374-7617 and skip holding time.

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